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Found 24 results

  1. For some reason at 1:06:18 of this playthrough I died: I start rapidly losing health even though I'm not encumbered, fractured, bitten, or anything and then at 1:08:29 I die in the driver's seat of my truck. All I was doing was moving inventory. What happened?
  2. When a character you've keept alive for very long dies, that can entail huge losses on skill levels grinded, yet if you choose to create a new character in the same world, in the same save, the new character is created with the exact amount of trait points than the previous one did, even though, in theory (RPing), that character has already been alive in that world ever since the first character also was, so their start should have a small amount of trait points more than the previous one since they already survived by themselves for a while. tl;dr after a character dies, the next character should get a small amount of bonus free trait points in the character creation, both for Multiplayer and for continuing in a solo play world. The amount of points would be calculated based on how much total XP was accumulated on the character that died + any amount of bonus trait points received from even older dead characters (so it is cumulative). This is a measure to make it more valuable to create a new character in the same "world" that your old character just died in instead of starting a new play from 0 in day 1 or create a new world. This is also extremely valuable for MP servers where since there is no way to accelerate time passage, the losses due to death are extremely higher and in a small server of friends, the death of multiple players may even "kill the server". The idea isn't really to remove the penalty of death, but to give some level of reward to the player on his next character that is related to how much he advanced on his previous characters and to consider the fact that the new character has already "survived alone" for a while. You aren't rewarding death nor removing the death penalty, but just rewarding the player for having been able to survive for a long time and advance the character in a world infested by zombies. That can also be a toggable mechanic on the settings when creating the world/server for those that don't want it. The new character will still be much lower in skill grades than the previous ones and the death will still have a considerable penalty, just that if you were able to survive for long and raise your skills by a lot, your new character will at least have a few free trait points extras for you to create, since the game is a lot later in time, there are no more transmissions on TV and there are a LOT more zombies around, since the amount of zombies also grow with time, so in no way, shape or form is this any OP mechanic in any way, but just a loss mitigation balancing issue that also fits the scenario lore-wise. Without a function like that, the new character actually starts way worse off than the first one since you won't have any TV shows to raise skills like carpentry and there are a greater number of zombies, possibly even be closer to a helicopter event if that haven't happened yet or if it is set to happen "sometimes" instead of "once", which is what I meant with a death killing the server or making it better to start a new world from 0 instead of continuing on an old world.
  3. Hello makers of a great great game!! I had a very funny end-game lately and wanted to share it with the devs so maybe it could be "properly implemented" (quotation marks definitely intended). I turned into a zombie while driving at a 100 MPH to get to a medical building only to be popped out of the car and start to wonder around (as usual hehe). death-while-driving.mp4 Would it be something to add to your roadmap to make the player turn inside the car... it eventually stops (based on speed of course) and then he gets out (smashing the window?)? Thanks for your time and keep up the great work!
  4. Hi all, here's from a client player on a "host" server in the latest build: "The car was stuck on a corner not where you guys even were. And the zombie slowly broke the window and killed me. And I couldn't get out of the car because it said it was moving." From host and other clients' perspectives, he was sitting in the car with us at a location down the road until he died and his corpse appeared just outside the car (a long ways away from the position he was seeing). Anyone else seeing this kind of thing? Playing current stable branch, half dozen UI mods. Server log here and will update with his client log if/when he sends it to me. 03-01-22_19-02-42_DebugLog-server.txt
  5. Just encountered an unkillable/untargetable zombie after loading my save in riverside. Playing on Builder mode. Character would just swing bat through zombie without making any contact. However, zombie was able to bite/lacerate me.
  6. Not sure if this was addressed earlier. If it was, let me know. With that behind, I suggest icing on roads to form as a result of freezing temperatures after a rain or fog. I'm pretty sure there's a grip mechanic regarding tires so shouldn't be hard to implement (hopefully, I'm not a dev). This would add a bit more realism and challenge to driving a car. Imagine just casually driving and then losing control which ends with a glorious crash. Well technically even water on a road should decrease the grip in some way. Dirt roads could get muddy as well, slowing a car down. What is your opinion on this suggestion?
  7. I think the human character and zombies death animation should be corrected. For example, when we shoot and kill a zombie, it lies directly on the ground. but I think it must first gush blood (from where we hit), then slowly fall down (like the twd game), and when the character is killed by the zombie, I think blood from the zombies bite (even if he bites without dying). Finally, I think the corpses should it not pass through the wall. should lean against the wall. yes, it's not as easy as wanting to do these things, these are just suggestions and things that will make the game more beautiful if it is done. good work pz team to all of you with love ❤️
  8. I was being chased by a horde in the suburbs of Muldraugh, so I jogged through some trees to try and lose them and got a small cut on my neck and nearly bled out within three minutes, the damage that accumulates from minor scratches on your neck is horrifying and feels unbalanced.
  9. Session was being played on Survivor mode, build 41 beta. Had a laceration on my arm and on my leg, was jogging away from a small mob that noticed me, trying to find a safer spot that I could rip my clothing to bandage myself. Decided to move closer to the woods edge, then circle around in between two trees, was jogging with shift. Then suddenly there was a crushing sound, like the one it happens when you get damaged, and boom, my character yelled and death animation happened, then the "dead - high risk of becoming rat food" or something like that showed up as a status. I think I might have bumped onto a tree? Not really sure. I didn't had enough damage, was still into slight I believe, didn't check the health status more than a quick peek after being damaged. Death was instant. The lacerations happened due to a zombie that latched onto me from behind.
  10. So I had a thought while reading the previous thread "Another Death From Old Age Thread" and had an idea about negative traits that could add in certain medical conditions. I do know we already have asthma in which should be updated a bit to include wheezing/ hard to catch breath after a run, maybe even the implementation of inhalers or even nebulizers which would help asthma related issues over a longer amount of time than just an emergency inhalers 'quick fix' method (Been thinking of the addition of inhalers for awhile now though and was going to talk to Hydromancerx about adding this into Hydrocraft if possible, I did already make the art for it lol) Anyways ill get back on topic, a few other ideas for this could include having heart problems, such as needing to take heart medicine on a daily basis, now that would prove to be quite a challenge and realistic one at that for a zombie apocalypse. also brings up the idea of adding prescription medicines that can only be found behind the counter in pharmacies in smaller quantities and also in hospitals in larger quantities. With having a weak heart it should be noted that long lasting situations of panic could possibly cause a heart attack (a lower chance of this occurring with daily medicine being taken as prescribed) another problem would be eating crappy foods, greasy, salty you get what I mean lol. Now the risk of heart problems could also be decreased with exercise, medicine, eating good food (if possible lol, it is a zombie apocalypses, its not like fresh food is regularly available, but you know what I mean ;P ) . A few other negative medical traits could be things like the following: Arthritis: things that could help would be steroid shots, pain killers/reducers various steroidal creams. What negative effects it could cause would be not being able to run long distances without joint pain, climbing fences/sheet ropes slower, moving inventory items slower (but not as slow as the 'All Thumbs' trait) and possibly -1 to strength and less knock back using melee weapons. C.O.P.D.: Medicine that could help would be similar to asthma medicine but I think there is daily medication you can take as well and also in some cases people with c.o.p.d. need a machine that hooks up to there nose that pumps air in to help them breath so they can sleep (my grandfather needs to use this). Some negative effects could include a persistent cough, not anything major, but you know just coughing every now and then. not being able to run long distances without having to rest, coughing while resting and hard to catch breath. Those are just some ideas. figures I had a bunch of others in my head while I was thinking about it, and now that I'm actually typing this up I cant think of any other haha figures, but I digress. I think this would add quite a bit of challenge to the game especially if you were to play a randomized character and realized "Oh shit! he has a heart condition and only 9 pills left! ". That would cause some hectic situations to arise i'm sure lol, And I know I'm not supposed to say the N word on here but...wait...hey not THAT N WORD, ya crazies... , I'm talking about the ever elusive 'En Pea Seas'! I think it would be awesome to have a group and you realize that, (hmm we'll just call him Bimmy...yes...Bimmy...) Bimmy is disoriented, kinda walking slow and out of breath and he tells you he's run out of his blood pressure/saline/whatever medicine, so then Jimmy walks up (he's the group nurse/Doc) and takes his blood pressure/blood sugar and its DANGEROUSLY low! ~DUN DUN DUNNNN! and would ya look at that! BOOM! there's a quest for ya! "Go find Bimmy some blood pressure/saline/whatever medicine before he's zombie food!" Just an idea but hey I think it could work quite well, also there could also be positive medical traits as well, I just don't have any on my mind right now since I jut thought of that lol. They could also be in a separated list than the regular kinds of traits, like have a list for positive and negative Medical traits, Skill traits, Personality traits, ECT. Anyways i could probably keep typing for hours so im going to end this idea here before I think of even more things to add lol, this is my first suggestion I've posted here but let me know what you all think! EDIT: Damn I should have made the title of the thread just "Medical Problem Based Traits" or something along those lines, sigh my bad haha, My idea kind of developed while I was typing it lol
  11. There're many sources of danger in the weedy and foresty areas which we don't see in this game. I'll try to make it short and type in short point forms. Alright, here are a few suggestions: 1. Wood nettle and poison ivy These plants are pretty common in NA. Nettle and poison ivy causes severe physical irritation including burns, itches and rashes. 5% chance of triggering when walking into a tree in forest areas. 5% chance of triggering when foraging [threats nullified at lvl.5 foraging] Park rangers are immuned to these negative moodles on start. Wood nettle charateristics: - Rashes - Pain [1 hours] - Itch [1 hour] - The above symptoms may last for more than a day if that person has sensitive skin - First-aid [Wash with water, tweezers to remove sting, vinegar to wash the affected area] Poison ivy characteristics: - Poison Oil [8 hours moodle, needs to be washed with soap, water & dish towel] - Rashes on skin - Intense itch - Incubation period: 1/2-6 days, if not cleaned. - First-aid [Wash with water, use water and alcohol to wash or rashes will spread] 2. Rabies Once hunting is implemented, there s/b stray dogs and other wild animals that would attack humans. 25% chance of contracting rabies if animal bites are not disinfected properly. Characteristics: - Requires soap and large amount of water to wash the wounds - Incubation period: 2-12 weeks, if wounds are not being treated properly [s/b made shorter in-game] - Reduced speed [Due to partial paralysis and muscle spasms] - Nervous breakdown >>> Deliruim - Insomnia - Hydrophobia [Consuming water triggers intense pain and panic] - 100% Fatal 3. Tetanus I'm not so sure about this one cause most of us have had vaccines and sh*t so catching it won't be easy but I think it s/b added to the game just for the hell of it. Higher chance to trigger if stabbed by knives and cut climbing thru windows. Characteristics: - No cure - 10%-20% chance of dying - Massive muscle spasms [Can cause bone fracture, disable movements] - Fever - Jaw stiffness [Cannot eat, needs muscle relaxants] 4. Bear traps I'm sure there are plenty of randomly placed illegal traps in the wilds by hunters. These things are hard to spot, especially the inexperienced. Requires trapping lvl 3 to spot and disarm. Characteristics: - Critical lacerations - Massive bleeding - Intense pain - May cause bone fracture - Disable movement - Can be disarmed and reused 5. Wildfire High-temperature and dry seasons can lead to wildfires, lightning strikes and other sources can start an uncontrollable inferno that burns down miles of dense forests. Random wildfires would make it challenging or even dangerous to live in the woods. 6. Venomous snakes I've heard there're cottonmouths and copperheads in KY but again I'm not so sure about that cause I don't know sh*t about the population distribution of these snakes. Can they be found near Muldraugh? In Z-apoc times like these, you can't just drag your ass to ER and have serum injection, so getting bitten by poisonous snakes can be fatal. 7. Tornadoes & hailstorms We all know that storms can cause flood, tornadoes and hailstorms. A hail with the size of a grenade is more than enough to kill a human. One must seek shelter when a hailstorm hits, it's also considered to be a major threat to crops and they can smash windows if they're not being barricaded. As for tornadoes, I'm not sure if devs are going to like this as it might involve making tons of new textures for destroyed property and the visible range in game is quite limited so it's hard to spot a tornado coming. It's just a suggestion. I'll add more to this list.
  12. I don't really know if i did not understand it properly, or it simply don't working. Once i set INFECTION MORTALITY to NEVER, out of curiosity. TRANSMISSION was normal, BLOOD+SALIVA. In my opinion this have to work like you can be infected, but not killed by it. But it was the same story like set to 2-3 days. Once bitten, fever, zombified then death by huge health loss. Everyone noticed this too? Is it bug, glitch, or only misunderstood setting?
  13. It's inevitable, one day you loot a house, forget to check a room, run into it and discover one or more zombies, you do manage to fight them off, but you discover that you were bit. Now what do you do in such a situation, when you know that the end is near?
  14. I'm new here but I've played the game for awile and I've read disscussions on the thread. Nobody seems to have thought about this and I'd love to see it in game. Burials/Burnings When NPC's are out, I'd love to see something about how the group(and your charater) will feel. What if... When an NPC survivor dies, and you have the body, you can bury them. In the game, we will be able to burn corpses of zombies so when survivors are added we should be able to do that to their body's too. For a burial, we can dig a hole in the ground (like with farming) and if we have the body in our inventory, we can put the body in the hole as a sort of grave. Then, for a headstone, you could get a plank or something to put by the grave. If it's wood, you could carve in a few words for your fellow survivor. Example, "R.I.P. Billy Bob You were a jerk" or whatever you want really. For burnings, you will hold a ceromony and burn the body there. I'll talk about ceromonies in a bit. These can help other survivors move on depending on personality.Ceromonies If you are in a group, you can hold a ceromony for the dead survivor. You and your group would go and say some kind words about the dead victim at a the grave or before you burn the corpse. At the ceromony, survivors can talk about the fallen, depending on their relationship with them and events that took place even (That's a stretch) they will say different things. Example, Survivor 1 hated Billy Bob so he says "Can't say I'll miss him." or something while Survivor 2 loved Billy Bob and says stuff like "He saved my life, he will be missed"Wishes Another interesting feature would be that some charaters will want to be buried or burned in death. You could come across this in conversations and stuff or a survivor might be in a graveyard and say "I'd hate to be buried in a cold dark coffin." And you may remeber that if you want to bury them and decide to burn them instead. This would depend on personality and maybe if the survivor has a certain religion.Wrap Up Overall, I think this would be a great feature for role playing in a group. You could have a small (or large) graveyard at your base of fallen survivors. This would add some depth to charaters and I think it would be great. This could be added after survivors have been released too. Note: All these options to do with the dead would all be optional (You may just want to leave the bodies where they are or you might not even have recovered the body... Who knows?)
  15. I wanted to point out that it is too obvious to the player when you are infected from a zombie scratch or bite. When you are not infected from a scratch, you notice right away because: 1. You are not gradually losing health 2. Your character does not become anxious My suggestion is that a scratch or bite should be less immediately obvious and should be more of a mysterious outcome until one is sure that they are not infected. Whenever one gets scratched or bitten, they should become anxious regardless if they are infected or not.
  16. I have always thought that the original death animation was a little bland. Just falling forward/backward seems a little unrealistic if your getting eaten alive by zombies. So, I was thinking about different animations when you die, based on a system of which section of your body was last damaged. For example: Taking damage to the throat/head: The character would clutch their throat in agony, then fall limp. (The reason I added head is because I am not sure if your throat can be damaged in game.) Taking damage to any part of the torso: The character would hold their torso, and begin to sway heavily before falling down. I could go on, but I think you get the general idea, here. I think it would be more realistic to die in these ways.
  17. My suggestion is on how to deal with player death, "reincarnation" and interaction with NPCs. So I have been pondering this, Having died many times in the Sandbox mode and loading up the same map to go find my stuff lying around; the concept of NPCs as part of this seems like it might become an issue. If the player dies and he has a large posse hanging around his base, if he comes back as a new character, the NPCs would have no idea who he is. He would have to develop all new relations probably be kept out of the base "he built" (in another life). My suggestion would be instead of starting out a new character every time you die, if you have a group of NPCs, could there be an option to take control of one of them instead? That way it makes a more contiuous story of your group survival. This could lead to awesome situations where you lead a team into an infested area, get swarmed by zombies but only one of the NPCs manages to get out before the horde turns everyone into horderves. I realize this may qualify under the "ending other than death category" but I would argue it does not. Your character still dies, you just get to choose whether to continue on with the story of your group or start a whole new character. Let me know what you think on this... and sorry if someone else already suggested this. EDIT: Also, there could be an "ironman" check box option at game startup that prevents you from being able to respawn on a map at all. This way, everyone can be happy. EDIT EDIT: It should also be noted that this would only be a Sandbox setting as the other modes would be more hardcore and you can not change settings in Survival anyway.
  18. To mark where the fallen spent their last moments. I'm thinking an ability to right click>Build>GraveMarker/Cross/Whatever. It would use 2 planks and 2 nails. just a simple wooden cross that could be placed standing out of the ground (think fence post) that you could put where you previously died as a memorial, or just use to make your home/fort/shack look more imposing. A neat thing that might be able to be with this is have them attract Zeds the same way a campfire does. Or maybe attract them if you have more than 3 built in close proximity. Don't know if it could be done (My modding ability consists of item creation and recipes. Strictly .txt script work. haven't figured out the Lua...) but I think it would be nice to have a mod for.
  19. So ive got a decent idea for a mod. Im pretty much a novice at proggraming but veeerrrryy extremely interested in learning so if there are any devs that are looking or interested in this let me know because you can have full credit for this i dont care i just wanna see it working. Also Lua doesnt look too difficult so i might pick up of the books on it that i have, but anyways back on topic. I want to make a reaper sprite, with a sythe and most likely infinite health (Maybe not though for the civies you fight) and basically what you do is look for survivors and try to kill them. You can command the undead, say as your going to your target you can recruit undead that is nearby and they will follow you and also once you reach your target you can do things like release a horde. You are just death and that is what you are looking for. This will be awesome for the people who are looking for a zombie game that is only about murder, murder, murder. The great thing about this too is that there can be alot of personal additions too this too. Imagine if your a reaper you can do almost anyting so teleportation is there, raising the dead, etc, etc. Im gonna try and make a reaper sprite on my own so for any experienced proggrammers out there any help is appreciated and hopefully i can get this up and running, because i wouldnt know where to start with proggraming the reaper. Hopefully this catches the eye of someone though because i feel like this could be a great addition to the PZ family
  20. Hi, I'm messing around with zeds and haven't succeded at checking if a zed is dead. Here's what i'm doing : -- spawning of a zedlocal zed = getVirtualZombieManager():createRealZombieNow(fromx, fromy, fromz); zed:setFakeDead(false);zed:setForceFakeDead(false);zed:PathTo(tox, toy, toz, true);table.insert(zedTable, zed);And to check if one have been killed : for _,v in pairs(zedTable) do if v:isDead() then print(v:toString() .. " is dead"); -- other stuff endendv:isDead() never returns true (of course I killed the zombie before triggering the function). I tried to check the objects on the IsoZombie square to find a IsoDeadBody, but it is not on the same square (it's also an ugly way to solve the problem ). Thanks, Kyun EDIT : if I don't kill the zombie with my axe and use v:Kill(nil) instead then v:isDead() do return true. Weird.
  21. It rains so often that once you have 2-3 water barrels your set for the game. For a game that asks how will you die? Water, a necessity for life. I believe is to easy to obtain. While rain itself is a threat to get you sick. I ask what about a drought or other types of dynamic weather? I remember playing before water barrels where implemented. It was so important and stressful to make the trip to the farm (to have well access). The fear of dehydration has been taken away since the rain barrels have been implemented. I'm not suggesting taking the rain barrels out. I just feel like some balancing needs to be done. My suggestion is to either make the rain barrels harder to craft: more materials or rare materials. making them pouris or something. i'm sure there are other good ideas floating around to solve this Secondly, Implement some dynamic weather like drought, snow or falling cats lol
  22. So... yeah, I was casually cooking a steak on a stove (with a pan) and... I burnt it and ate it. Just so I don't repeat the same mistake, I'm guessing I have to take the steak out of the stove AND THEN eat it, right?
  23. Hey guys, just wondering what your closest call on Project Zomboid has been, as in the closest you've come to nearly being killed and managing to survive? Mine would be in my current save when I first made it into West Point's town area, however I was being chased by a horde (I say horde, but it was more like 20-30 zombies), and so I ran into one of the buildings in the town, all the zombies starting breaking the windows so I ran to what I thought was a back room (one with a window to get out), but it was a damn closet, and I ran straight in there without thinking and what a surprise, there were 3 zombies in there. Had a massive struggle with these three, got scratched twice in the process but managed to dispatch them. However the windows had broke so I ran out of the closet and towards the nearest window and managed to leap through it before all the zombies that were pouring into the building got me. I was out in an alleyway, the remainder of the horde at one end and at the other was 3 more zeds. I chose the three zeds, managed to dispatch them and ran for my life, stopped to bandage myself and then settled down in the Food Market's apartment. I got sick, feverish, but I survived. Very very close call. I did however kill the rest of the zombies later on from that horde. And to this day I'm still living in that apartment. So what about you guys? What are the closest calls you've had?
  24. "Humm, di dumm, dumm, looting is my thing, deep-uh-meep-meep, looting like a mindless sheep, not looking where I'm go..." "Oh... Uh, hey. Say, you look familiarz, have I seen you somewhere before?" "Uuuruuuurrrrghghhhhhhhggh!!" "Im not comfortable with hugging..." "GRrrrRRRRrrrr!!" "Look, stay away alright!!" "GrrarrrrghhhhH!" "OK, THATS IT, DIE YOU CLASSY LOOKING GUY!!!" *Splat!* "Uurrrr..." "..." "Oh hey! Look at all this stuff you was carrying! Nice!" ---- Enough strained silliness. My suggestion is this: In sandbox-mode, when you die, your world is still the same, right? The houses you looted stay looted, the zombies killed stay killed, the smashed windows stay smashed, the boarded up doors stay... well, boarded up. There is just one thing that changes. The corpse of the character you played in your last play-through has vanished! Along with all the stuff he/she managed to loot! My idea, that I humbly ask the community to offer feedback on, is that you can travel to the location where you died in your last play-through, and kill your zombiefied former self! And get some of your loot back! (Not all of it, because, hey, balance). To make it a bit harder, the smell of (relatively) fresh human meat has attracted a lot of zombies (which is why your former self is always a zombie even if she died from bleed-out, starvation, etc, as opposed to zombification.) Your former self is just the same as any zombie, nothing special, only that he/she carries some of the stuff you were carrying previously. This idea sound familiar? Yes, OK, I shamelessly ripped it off of "ZombiU" a game for the WiiU that I much enjoyed. Still, I think it is a nice twist to the sandbox mode What do you think? (I hope this hasn't been suggested before, I tried searching, but couldn't for the life of me think of single words to summarize my idea. Old corpse, player corpse, etc., didn't give me any results.)
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