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  1. I was thinking, why not just add nifty/handy little features to houses? Things such as: -Some random houses contain safes or lockboxes. You can set combinations for them, so other players or NPC'S cannot steal any materials within. (Unless they know the combination) -When it is raining outside, water can get on windows, reducing your field of vision through the window very slightly. -After an undetermined amount of time, some stairs within houses have a chance to creak when walking on them. This can alert nearby zeds, but is very unlikely to. -Throughout the course of time, houses and furniture will accumulate dust. Not sure if this would have an effect. (Maybe disturbing the object that has dust on it will reduce your vision and stamina slightly) Well, that's all that I could think of at the moment, but you get the idea.
  2. Bit of a long shot, but I had an idea, that would allow you to use certain items on zeds, so they can't bite you anymore. For example, if you had an item, such as a plastic bag, or a lampshade equipped in your primary, then you could perform an action to cover the zombie's head with said item. A plastic bag, for example, would provide ample protection from a bite, as the zombie would most likely tear through it, but a thicker item, such as a lampshade would have prevent the zombie from biting you entirely. But the zombies would still be able to scratch you. This way, if you have said items, it could greatly increase your survivability, but you still have a chance to be killed. This is only an idea, and it isn't refined, but I thought it would be nifty.
  3. Boomspark


    Hell, I wish we could at least use them as makeshift gloves or something. Or, even better, I wish we could use them as sock puppets to reduce boredom. Something!!
  4. Simple Equation Zombies + Weapon = Blood. But, yeah, I can see where you're coming from, maybe add a slider in the settings to measure how much blood there is.
  5. I was thinking of a new profession available to start with, called the Electrician. I was thinking that one of the main uses for this new profession would be for the player to be able to rewire alarms. Rewiring alarms would require wire, and various other materials. That way, if any zeds should break through your defenses, the alarm would go off, and alert you. Of course, this would have some drawbacks, as the surrounding zombies would begin to swarm you. Along with this new profession, there would be new traits! Tinkerer: Allows you to scavenge electronics to look for various electronic items, such as batteries and parts to rewire alarms. ​Electronically Inept: Lower chance of finding parts when scavenging electronics, and very small chance to start a fire when rewiring alarms. (I'm talking about a 2% chance or lower, because even then, that's still pretty harsh.) Welp, that was my idea! Now....about those wet towels...
  6. Quite A Dapper Chap, I Do Decree!

  7. Better yet, add different Spiffo models. Maybe a fancy one with a top hat, or one that looks like a pirate. Sweet jesus, I would love it even more.
  8. Boomspark


    When the nights are lonely, and there is a high chance of me dying, Spiffo is there. When I am slowly dying of infection, Spiffo is there. Sadly, Spiffo can't talk. Please make the Spiffo toys have a pull-string so we can hear his fabled voice, or some amazing sound effects. Please add this boredom reducing feature. I. Would. Enjoy. The. Hell. Out. Of. It.
  9. Just Getting Started

  10. Maybe add some ceiling fans to houses? Personally, I hate walking around with a shirt off to cool off, so I was thinking that in the early months of the game, while there is still power, Maybe you can turn on fans to cool off?
  11. I have always thought that the original death animation was a little bland. Just falling forward/backward seems a little unrealistic if your getting eaten alive by zombies. So, I was thinking about different animations when you die, based on a system of which section of your body was last damaged. For example: Taking damage to the throat/head: The character would clutch their throat in agony, then fall limp. (The reason I added head is because I am not sure if your throat can be damaged in game.) Taking damage to any part of the torso: The character would hold their torso, and begin to sway heavily before falling down. I could go on, but I think you get the general idea, here. I think it would be more realistic to die in these ways.
  12. We all know the grim feeling of watching your character slowly succumb to fever, be it from getting bitten, scratched, or from standing in the rain too long (Didn't your mother ever tell you to NOT do that?). And something I was wondering about was, why not add more severe and heart crushing effects to the fever!? Maybe your character begins to have a pale tint about them, or they begin to visibly sweat? Maybe they sway more when they stand still as opposed to the vanilla animation when they stand still? Or just maybe, their temperature begins to drop, or rise, depending on the situation. And they begin to maybe groan more, or breathe more heavily, making you less stealthy? I just think it would be neat to have a few of these features in the game. It would really emphasize that you do not want to get infected. And if they do? Then I hope that they enjoy what few days remain ahead of them. >
  13. Oh man, just found about this! Dying is gonna be more painful than it ever was before. Unless, you know, you're eaten alive by zombies. Then it's the same amount of pain!
  14. Would the devs consider on re-adding the mechanic of when you die from infection, you rise back up as a zombie? I always thought it was a nifty little touch to the game.
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