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  1. Managing the inventory is painful sometimes, so why not automatize tools, rss and ammo? I mean using tools while they are still in your bag, not only main inventory. With more time to get things from the bags to the hand of course. Or reloading, while ammo are in the bag too(with auto-open ammo box of course). It would be nice.
  2. OMG... what for? You hate youngster language?
  3. As far as I understand: "Everyone is infected" is the walking dead setting, where no matter how you die, if your brain is still intact, you will come back as a zombie. Other than that, nothing else happens. So, if you die in your safehouse, because you accidentall ate those deliciously looking white berries you found in the forrest, your new character will run into your old char, who now has developed an unhealth appetite for your brain, should you choose to get to your old safehouse. This seems to be working correctly. As I just tested it with a new char who chugged down two bottles of blea
  4. Um... every digital watches have build in date. Those watches i saw in the mall, was digital.
  5. Not to mention Agony moodlet. And cutting off your limb may lead to quick bleed-out.
  6. Don't think your quite understanding what I'm saying. Hard of hearing does affect your vision from behind, and other than deaf it doesn't actually affect your "hearing" at all practically. Short sighted only affects how far you can see and the fading. You can see plenty far enough even with short sighted, and it doesn't affect your close-up vision at all. As far as panic, I normally don't take on more than 4 either, and still don't have a problem taking them down, even at extreme panic. It was just the combination of panic + hard of hearing, reducing my behind vision to basically nil, th
  7. Yes, if you have Hard of Hearing + Extreme State of panic, a zombie can literally bypass your entire perception radius to the point that hes already in the biting animation from behind before he "appears". Granted, you could say it was my fault for getting that high of a panic state, but what I had "thought" was previously clear behind me was not, and a zombie came from behind while fighting 2 in front of me. Needless to say, I don't take hard of hearing anymore unless I absolutely need 2 more points that I can't get from elsewhere. Short Sighted is a much safer investment. I don't trust
  8. It may be realistic, but... if you chop your leg off because of scratch/bite, then your char is dead meat. With broken leg car can't run and moving like a snail. But without leg... crawling? No way. That is the same with arm. Without one arm you can't build anymore, and some other actions too. Weaker attacks with bat in one hand and so... that can be brutal disadvantage. Those mutilations can be fun in one condition. If your char can tie a chainsaw instead of his hand, like Ash Williams
  9. That is correct, guys. I reading this request everywhere, but no dev commented it till now. Maybe they planing to do it with 1.0 version. Let's hope...
  10. I used to take that, but now I try to avoid it if at all possible. From what I understand it does affect the vision behind you, and has led to a few deaths from a zombie coming up from behind while panic'd with this trait and getting bitten. Traits really need a detailed description at some point IMO to help evaluate them properly, and to fully understand how they affect certain mechanics. You died from attacks from unnoticed attacks from behind? Wow, this didn't happened to me. Mostly i die from simple scratch/bite, where virus takes control. And some deaths by being a hero and figting 6
  11. Map is very pretty and rich, but i noticed problems with user maps. They haven't set areas for foraging. I like doing it, if lack of axes, or food.
  12. Conspicious is good for free points too, but not recomended for beginners and non-warriors. Some said Clumsy too, but i won't take it. If in the safehouse, i want to be safe and relaxed. With more sounds, some wanderer zeds may hear me inside and start to ram doors or windows. I hate this sound, it gives me creeps
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