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  1. Metal doors and sh*t? You can't strip materials off them and bring it with you so I'm not sure if it's a good idea. It would be better if you can just dismantle air ducts and use metal sheets to barricade windows and doors to give them massive extra hp.
  2. Sly, you mean those things like 'cheval de frise' to keep zombies out?
  3. You can make them live longer by tweaking the sandbox options. Just because you're halfway to becoming a zombie doesn't mean you are one, you're still a living person so it makes perfect sense that they still see you as FOOD. But movement penalty does sound good tho.
  4. Gotta be destroyed? I don't think so. All you have to do is use a hammer/ wonderbar/ cat's paw, planks can be re-usable but you WILL bend the nails tho.
  5. I was just talkin bout the nervous breakdown caused by intense stress, not depression. Also, some people get PTSD after going thru traumatic events [e.g. combat, accident, natural disaster], causing hypervigilance and even sleep disorder. But yea, Livio's right. Seeing sh*t would be too crazy, auditory hallucinations should be realistic enough. Depression only messes with the sleep habits, motivation, concentration, fatigue and appetite.
  6. I would like to see some kind of hallucinations caused by intense stress, you see zombies that aren't really there. Move closer then poof they're gone.
  7. I play with my earphones on, the scream is pretty loud and it's still going after you hear the death-horn or whatever the hell it's called. It would be nice if the devs add some flesh tearing sound to spice things up a bit, not just the munching.
  8. A totally related question: Have you guys tried fishing in the mall pool? I wanna know if there's any fish in there, lol.
  9. Yeah they are pretty sturdy and flexible, I don't know shiet about wood tho so I don't think I'd know which one to use tbh. My WC instructor bringed ours from China (well, he asked the guys he's training with when he's over there to send them, planes ya know ^^), I think those are made with some kind of oak from china, I could be dead wrong tho... But, I think they need to be flexible to absorb impacts when training against other poles/staffs, or circular movements being brutally stopped during martial forms, so if you're sole purpose is to thrust straight forward through skulls, the flexibili
  10. They're also called staves. A fighting staff [or 棍/槍] is specially made with stronger wood types like maple, purpleheart or even quality indian rosewood so they're so sturdy and not likely to break. In order to deliver enough impact force, the staff needs to have enough mass too, which means the user must have certain strength in order to effectively use it in a fight. As you can see, the Wing Chun master looks pretty exhausted at the end of the video. Not to mention the insane amount of training in order to master it. A martial art noob with nothing but brute strength would only tear his
  11. When I saw the topic name, I was like "Is it gonna be ZAMN style dish throwing?". Lol.
  12. Well said, kitchen or hunting knives are too flimsy to be used as spear heads. Strong vibration would break the tip very easily, just like dropping a kitchen knife on the floor. Using these blades as spear tips is very ineffective as they're not directly connected to the stick/ staff like real metal spear tips. Even if the blades are super-sturdy, some of the thrusting power would be absorbed by the duct tape as the blade is attached to the side or the stick and it's not completely straight. Spears should be added to the game, but only as an improvised tool for fishing. You know, the shap
  13. The first time I saw this game on steam I was like "Ughh, another zombie game? Really!? Too many zombies games these days." I don't really like mindless chopping or shooting zombie games, even the ones with fantastic graphics. I thought this game was one of them so I didn't really pay attention to it coz it's not even a full-release yet. Then I watched Robbaz's playthru... instant purchase.
  14. Excuse me, What is the generators holy grail ? It's some sort of instruction manual called "How to use generators", found one in a garage.
  15. OK, punch me. I looked, lol. An unrelated question, how do I use my generator? Edit: Nvm, I've found the holy grail.
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