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  1. That'd be alright but the food doesn't vary in size or weight in game. Every potato is a carbon copy of every other potato, which is fine because it's a game, I just assume each potato is a completely average potato. I looked up the calorie count of the average single potato because that's what the game tells me I have. It doesn't really make sense for the game to track calories per 100 grams while telling my I have a single potato of size 0.2. However 100 grams of potatoes has even more calories than a single potato does. Potatoes are at around 200 calories for 100 grams. About half as much as an equal amount of sugar. Grape leaves are a little less than 1 calorie per gram so your number is pretty accurate there for 100g. I'm not getting hung up on grape leaves or potatoes but they do explain my point fairly well. In the game I'm better off eating -4 hunger grape leaves than -18 hunger potatoes, even though the potatoes should provide much more energy per unit of food. And that is what any player would assume as well. Here is where I found potato energy density if anyone cares: https://bodyrecomposition.com/nutrition/what-is-energy-density (interestingly, fat has nearly ten times as many calories as potatoes) I'd actually like it if they increased the calorie count of potatoes and other veg to be more accurate while increasing the grow times to be a bit more realistic. That way it wouldn't be unbalanced but you could still sort of maintain weight with that kind of diet.
  2. On standard settings zombies will always form into groups of around that size. It should be the same for any single player game you run unless settings are changed in sandbox. There are settings for how large the groups can be, distance between group members, and distance between groups. The standard settings go for medium sized tightly packed groups about 20(ish) squares from each other.
  3. The vegetables the you farm are basically useless because even if you eat constantly you can't maintain weight. The issue I believe is that the calories counts of all these foods are vastly underestimated. A potato in game has 70 calories, in real life they have around 160. Why do grape leaves and potatoes have the same calories? Cabbage in game has 178 calories, in real life they have around 240. Radishes in game have 1 calorie?! In real life they have around 15. Lettuce surprisingly is accurate. Make it easier to maintain weight from your garden please! It looks like the non-perishable foods/stuff you find in shops have way too many calories as compared to real life. A slice of apple pie has 67 calories, but a slice of pie in game has over 400! It's probably another kind of pie but that is pretty high for a single slice.
  4. Well that's my all time record! Kind of wish I'd backed up the save but I don't know if I'd consider it fair then. Really fun to make it to that point, the map looks so cool when erosion is maxed out.
  5. I really liked the images of Louisville from the dev blog but it made me curious about one thing. From what I understand Louisville is not a part of exclusion zone that we are inside of. So will it become available after the quarantine breach? Or will the lore adjust to include Louisville in the zone? If the former then will we eventually have an actual fence marking the edge of the zone? Will the military shoot us once NPC's are added in? It would be really fun to go to the gas station the reporter is at towards the end of the first week and crash the party too.
  6. It'd be fun to see a massive landfill behind my house. I like this.
  7. Has anyone noticed that the weapons stuck in zombies are incorrect now? Zombies will appear to have hunting knives or machetes in them but they are actually scissors and butter knives etc. Also I'm running a character that mains spear and it can be hard fighting even one on one due to the animation stutter. It just needs a pass and some testing to get it nice. It'd also be nice if your character only did the slice spear attack when backing up. It doesn't make much sense to me for my character to stop and stab while trying to retreat.
  8. Just the title. I fell through it by accident on one of my games.
  9. My double door still isn't opening. Do I need to destroy it and rebuild it? edit: yes you do and you need a sledge hammer to do it.
  10. I just reached three months which is absolutely a first for me. It turns out that the best way to survive for three months in apocalypse difficulty is to be absolutely terrified of zombies. I refuse to go into the dense towns and have been scouring the farmland for the stuff I need. Although I did eventually work up enough courage to empty the gigamart. That was tense. Gas runs are probably how I'll end up dying, the stations are always packed and I need to run a noisy generator to get fuel from the pumps.
  11. It's a known issue that'll be fixed soon.
  12. Just a follow up to my previous post: Windows doesn't have any way to tell that you want two keyboard/mouse sets to have different inputs and that presents a big problem for using keyboard/mouse for player 2. There are emulators that trick your PC into thinking your mouse/keyboard are a controller but those would cover up the problem more than fix it and there is no way to have a second mouse cursor anyways. The good ones aren't free either. Linux users might build something for it eventually (they always seem to) so that may be the way to go if it ever happens. It would probably require a mod for Project Zomboid and a program that can separate inputs in a way that windows can't. Long story short, it is difficult to do on Linux and almost impossible on windows as far as I can figure out. If anyone has had success with this on any system let me know, I'd love to hear it!
  13. The character I'm currently on has beaten my previous record even for pre build 41 and I was wondering how I am actually doing compared to the average survival time. Currently at 2 months and one week Apocalypse difficulty Mods: Armored vests, crossbow, Def's Long Term Survival, Lock-picking. Just. Lock-picking, Sawn offs, silencer, spears: Twine and Leather binding, Chipped stone spearheads I started in west point and booked it out to the three houses by the lake to the northwest pretty early on. I've made my base there and am trying to prepare for winter as I've never made it that far and I'm not sure what to expect. I've attached a photo of my base as it stood a week or two ago. Let me see your bases and tell me how long you've lived!
  14. Those are a lot of good points, it would certainly be easier to implement the animations for the interior of the van the way you suggest. It doesn't sound like it would even be that hard to implement now that animations are in and car interiors are being worked on.
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