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  1. I found the tech demo here if you want to try it out: https://www.moddb.com/games/project-zomboid/downloads/project-zomboid-tech-demo-014c
  2. I don't think slow zombies like we have here are really coordinated enough to stand on such unstable ground as a pile of shifting moving bodies. although seeing massive hordes trample and create crawlers would be interesting.
  3. Good thing they come out of the water already in pairs! Now you have an infinite source of footwear.
  4. My suggestion for slow driver and speed demon is to have it change acceleration and turning speed instead of just faster or slower. That way they would be worth considering one way or another. Right now I always take sunday driver because it's kind of a positive trait atm.
  5. Hey I want to make it so shotguns only target one zombie. Can anyone show me how to do this?
  6. "this is how you died" -Killed by a Black Bear while fast forwarding foraging.
  7. This is a good idea. You could also do the same thing with cells that have a lot of player made stuff, bringing the population around those areas higher than others. It would be cool to see gunshots and other loud sounds temporarily increasing the population cap as well. Then we can simulate zombies hanging around the area they last heard sounds even after we wander off.
  8. I've had it happen with crowbars a little bit but it's not as bad there. Spears are the largest issue because they make it hard to justify using your precious back slot to hold one when it carries so much risk.
  9. Sometimes when attacking with a spear or some other weapons while moving backwards the character will stop moving completely to make an attack and while unable to move or cancel the animation the horde will surround and kill you. My suggestion is to never play an animation that stops the character when moving backwards, it doesn't make sense for me to stop backpedaling when I am in danger. In return the damage you deal while moving backwards should be significantly reduced since there is no solid footing or balance to the swing. That way we won't be caught in situations that feel unfair, but
  10. Just a little pedantic, but duct taping a flashlight underneath a semi-auto pistol wouldn't work. Every time you fire the slide would go back to chamber the next round either breaking the duct tape or, more likely, jamming the pistol. You also wouldn't be able to chamber the first round to begin with.
  11. There is a wooden gate, I'm not sure where in the list it is but you'll need double the hinges and knobs you would need for a door. (and I think 12 planks)
  12. Just the title. When I backpedal with spears I'll sometimes stop and do a thrust attack while standing still. It makes it really hard to use spears because of the the random chance of a bite because your character decided to stop and stab. I think it would be nice if your character always did the swing attack animation when backing up, that way we can retreat reliably.
  13. Vunder is right on this one, if they are going to be three round mags then they should be internal and loaded like the shotgun. Otherwise make them five round magazines. The noise factor alone is enough balancing for the rifles.
  14. I don't know any off the top of my head but cabbages are also broken because they grow so fast. Irl they take longer than tomatoes (between 80 and 160 days depending on the type). It makes sense to me that 9 seeds should never produce more than 9 cabbages.
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