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  1. There was a guy back in the day who broke two years by hiding in a building with a ton of food and sleeping tablets. He basically hibernated the whole time. Not sure if that sort of thing still works, but once you reach a month or two the rest is fairly simple as long as you're careful.
  2. There is a wooden gate, I'm not sure where in the list it is but you'll need double the hinges and knobs you would need for a door. (and I think 12 planks)
  3. Just want to agree, this game is easily my favorite game ever!
  4. Just the title. When I backpedal with spears I'll sometimes stop and do a thrust attack while standing still. It makes it really hard to use spears because of the the random chance of a bite because your character decided to stop and stab. I think it would be nice if your character always did the swing attack animation when backing up, that way we can retreat reliably.
  5. Vunder is right on this one, if they are going to be three round mags then they should be internal and loaded like the shotgun. Otherwise make them five round magazines. The noise factor alone is enough balancing for the rifles.
  6. Just eat foraged berries or mushrooms and you'll lose weight without the negatives from hunger. I've never tried going hungry for longer than a day or two so I'm not sure if it still kills you.
  7. I don't know any off the top of my head but cabbages are also broken because they grow so fast. Irl they take longer than tomatoes (between 80 and 160 days depending on the type). It makes sense to me that 9 seeds should never produce more than 9 cabbages.
  8. Fact is the calories don't make sense with most of the food in game, it's unclear how much food we are actually looking at and that makes it hard to use common-sense when making survival decisions.
  9. I agree, I think the yield and growing time should be balanced, longer growth time, but less yield, with higher calories for each individual veg. That way when we make a massive vegetable soup we can actually maintain weight, but it wouldn't be overpowered because of the growing time and yield.
  10. Sanctus


    It was released in 1993.
  11. I've experienced this, if you go to main menu and back into game it should fix it. Edit: I just saw the bit in you original post where you mention this. feel free to delete this post, I don't know how to do it.
  12. Looks to me like the lamp is technically connected to the outside wall of the house and thus has electricity. The machines are not and thus don't have power.
  13. I usually have hundreds by the first week, so you might be looking in the wrong places. They tend to spawn in trash cans and warehouse buildings, I don't know if I've ever seen them on a corpse.
  14. That's interesting, I like the game the best after the water and power go out and I have to supply those things on my own. I agree that we should have this setting even though I wouldn't use it, if it's simple enough and lets people play how they want then why not?
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