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  1. I've seen this happen to a few of my food items also. I haven't tried making any recipes lately to see what causes it yet, but if I remember correctly I was making a sandwich at the time also. I can try to test this later. I don't have any ham, but I do have squirrel, fish and many other foods to make sandwiches with. On a side note, if you use a lot of the same ingredient, it will start making the food "boring". Like a fruit salad using 6 of the same type of berries. (this part works properly)
  2. Actually, my character is using the Unlucky trait. Edit - I haven't seen any perishible foods anywhere else, but in lunchboxes so far.
  3. 41.39 no mods I have the game set for 12 months after the apocalypse, but just found a lunchbox with a "fresh" banana in it. I took the lunchbox from the cupboard into my inventory, equipped it in my secondary hand, then switched to it and took the banana. (I'm explaining this part because of what happened with the other lunchbox.) I also found a lunchbox the other day that had an apple in it, but when I moved the lunchbox directly from the cupboard to the floor to look inside, the apple disappeared. I have the world options set so that there shouldn't be any fresh, or perishible foods at all. Except the items that I get from farming. I'm guessing that for certain objects, the game doesn't look inside a container + inside a container. However, if you find a garbage bag inside a trash can, or plastic bag in a cupboard for example, you CAN find items in those.
  4. I knew about that already, thanks for the info. It might help other players. Sometimes I completely turn off zombies, or set it to very low. Currently, instead of "low 0.35", I have it set at 0.05. I might make a couple hundred stakes and mortar/pestles while leveling carpentry, but I don't need more than 1 mortar/pestle and almost never use the stakes. It would be easier just to burn them instead of chopping down even more trees since they don't grow back as far as I've seen. I put a lot of them on corpses and buried them along with many stone hammers and axes, or even spears since those take up room after they are broken. On a side note - You can't burn maps and you can't use the "hand torch" as a flashlight for the lamp on pillar. Plus you can't move or dismantle the lamp on pillar.
  5. I checked to see if it was throwing the error with other types of clothing, because it was "favorited" when you tried repairing it, but that didn't cause any issue. I'm wondering if the "deputy jacket" itself could be causing this, except I don't have one to test with.
  6. I haven't had any problem repairing clothing yet. I'm using Windows 10.
  7. I think you might mean the "double wooden door" to let vehicles through perhaps? It uses 12 planks. I was talking about the small wooden gate that you can find on farms and around gardens. I checked the list again and can't seem to find it, unless it lets you build a gate between two pieces of fence if you right click on the spot? I haven't tried that yet, since my fence opening is against the side of the house.
  8. At the beginning of the game while the electric is still on (if you didn't set it to instant shut-off), the inside of a building is normally heated to something like 71.6F. After the power goes out, the temperature drops to whatever, depending on the time of year of course. For my character in November, it was 40.6F in the house. If you set up a generator and turn it on, to give electric to the building again, the heat doesn't come back on. Edit - I wouldn't expect the heat to work in player made bases though, just the pre-made buildings.
  9. Besides food adding calories, it can also lose calories the same way. I just think of it as, they dropped a piece on the floor (less), or there was food stuck to the bowl from the last time they ate (more), since we don't need to wash the dishes haha.
  10. I was putting down floorboards and had a plank in my secondary hand. I had a few more planks in my inventory, but once It showed that I couldn't make anymore floorboards, it still shows the plank in my hand. Edit - after equipping something else in my secondary hand, the "fake" plank disappears. I've had something like this happen before when a "stone hammer" broke while placing floorboards also. The hammer broke and turned into a plank that I was still able to use like a hammer, to place floorboards, until I removed the broken hammer from my hand. Also, I've come across a sound bug, when using a saw. If I remember correctly, (Edit - I tested it) have a hammer in your primary hand, right click and saw planks, then lay floorboards, it will still use the "sawing" sound effect when nailing down the floorboards. Edit - Have the saw in your inventory. I didn't try with a garden saw, just the one that looks like a hacksaw. It also does this if the saw is in your secondary hand, but not if it's in a bag.
  11. Edit - I think that I had them eat right before going to the bottom right corner of the house, to grab the pair of gloves, then going to the little side room to get the needle and thread. Then walked to bottom left to get ripped sheets to be able to patch the gloves. Then back to the side room to put away the needle and thread and was going outside for something and that's when it froze. I can't remember for sure, but they have a duffel bag on their back and a double holster on also. They have a few tools, maybe a water and lollipop in the duffelbag plus a few other items, but nothing in the holster. It seems to have froze when they were walking from the little side room towards the window/door where the mini fridge is. It actually happened 2 more times yesterday, right in that same general area and heading towards the window. The needle and thread were in their main inventory after unequipping their "hand axe" It froze a total of 3 times. The first time is what I posted, but I can't remember what I was doing for the second freeze. I know they were walking from the top left, to bottom left inside the house along the wall. The third time, they were making about 200 "Stakes" to raise carpentry, then walked towards the door to go outside (possibly crossing in front of the same window). When I restarted after that time, since they already got a level in carpentry, but the game went back a few minutes, they still had the 200 or so "tree branches" but the stakes were gone. They DID still have that level of carpentry. Edit - It'd be nice to be able to use the wooden stakes or mortar/pestle in the fire place. When it freezes like this, it looks like the "time of day" goes backwards by a good bit. I remember it being day time, but after it froze it was the middle of the night, so maybe it starts the day over at 1 Am or so? (I didn't catch the time), but the save file was only back a few minutes. ------------------------------------------------ This is what the house looks like and what "should be" most of what they were wearing and carrying at the time also. The window curtains were closed, but the door curtain was open. I opened them all to let in more light for the pictures, so you can see everything better. I believe I had a fire going in the stove each time. In picture 1, They were leaving the little side room and heading towards the door, to go outside. I had them walk south towards the window and that's when it froze. The crate I put beside the antique stove is full of food also. The bags on the left by the window have a lot of empty bags in them. The ice machine and mini fridge are almost full. Plus a lot of gasoline, charcoal, car parts etc, outside. It also shows their main inventory and gear. Picture 2, is what's in their duffle bag. The other pictures, is just to show what all I have in the general area. Including a ton of twigs and branches in the house by the antique stove. Edit - On a side note, I tend to edit my posts quite often. So, if you are reading them, you may want to refresh the page for up to 15-20 minutes, because I re-read and sometimes reword or even add certain things as I'm thinking about it.
  12. Here is the link to the previous "frozen food" bug, that I posted.
  13. I was cooking up some fish and saw that after it was finished, it gains -hunger (this part works properly) When I turned it into "fish salad", it gained calories, but lost the extra -hunger. It used the entire filet. It also gained -unhappiness, which might be a fair trade-off, but the added calories would be a bug. Edit - The calories added was around 2.4%, but I used another piece of fish that had less -hunger and it added approximately 13.3% more calories. Edit - I was still able to use the fish, even while frozen, by choosing "add random fish" (If it has the snowflake symbol, then you can't add it) ---------------------------------------------------------- You can also see the "frozen food" bug, that I posted the other day in these pictures. I noticed that the bug only seems to happen with partially frozen food. Adding more information to the previous bug... if the food is completely frozen and raw, it will show "cooking" or if it's already cooked, then it will show "burning", but as far as I've seen, it doesn't actually start filling up the bar, until it's completely thawed out first. (Link in second post) Edit - As long as the food still has the "snowflake" symbol, then the bug doesn't happen.
  14. Seal-A-Meal came out in the 1970s. I'm not sure how good it was compared to todays standard though, so it could have the food last 1/2 or even 1/4 as long as the player made jars of food would. https://americanhistory.si.edu/collections/search/object/nmah_324350 Patent 4,021,290, May 3, 1977, Kevin R. Smith, Dazey Products Company, for “Bag sealer apparatus” Edit - More history for anyone that would like to read about them. https://medium.com/@fujisotex/history-of-vacuum-sealing-technique-fd8f68a52b3b
  15. Seeing the nutrition value of "player made" jars of food would be nice also. Just to clear things up, I meant that I would like to see the -hunger on these type of cans, before opening them.
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