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  1. That looks awesome. Someone must have spent a good while building it (or is that just blueprints?). A large ship/yacht, was actually 1 of the ideas I was thinking about earlier in this thread haha. Mine probably wouldn't be quite as intricate as that, unless I worked on it for at least few weeks. I never used any of the Mods before, so I know I'm missing out on tons of different items. I actually made this and the other thread, just to let people know that they can build on or over water, incase they didn't know. Another (easier idea) was going to be a huge upside down pyramid or hourglass. Building a greenhouse would be nice. I'd need full size windows, but I forgot if we have glass roofs and skylights, or if plants will grow indoors, but there's probably a Mod for that too. Sometimes I just make a simple floating base over water, with 4 window frames in the center of the room that has the floor missing, so that you can climb down the sheets into the water and fish. It would be fun to completely cover the map with floorboards a couple levels up, but it'd take too long and probably not have enough trees. I really just want to be able to go mining, add a basement to some of the houses and climb the ladder on the side of a building, like the one at 11903 x 9810.
  2. I'm copying the entire save folder, so if you need any other files, let me know. Edit - including a copy of the console file and latest save.
  3. Version 41.46 no mods. The game froze and I had to force it to close through taskmanager. I have quite a lot of items at 12475 x 8920 campgrounds, inside and outside the house. Walking to bottom left corner while inside the house and looking at the stack of items I have there, the game froze. Sometimes this will happen, when walking towards the bottom window, or near the open doorway on the right. I've been chasing down this error for almost 2 years. I deleted the old console file and got it to freeze again. Here is the clean console file with the error. As of right now in the game, I can make this error happen everytime. This is what it says, along with a copy of the clean console file. ERROR: General, 1606727024904> ExceptionLogger.logException> Exception thrown java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Comparison method violates its general contract! at TimSort.mergeLo line:777. ERROR: General, 1606727024905> DebugLogStream.printException> Stack trace: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Comparison method violates its general contract! at java.util.TimSort.mergeLo(TimSort.java:777) at java.util.TimSort.mergeAt(TimSort.java:514) at java.util.TimSort.mergeCollapse(TimSort.java:441) at java.util.TimSort.sort(TimSort.java:245) at java.util.Arrays.sort(Arrays.java:1512) at java.util.ArrayList.sort(ArrayList.java:1454) at java.util.Collections.sort(Collections.java:175) at zombie.iso.IsoObjectPicker.ContextPick(IsoObjectPicker.java:302) at zombie.ui.UIManager.update(UIManager.java:987) at zombie.GameWindow.logic(GameWindow.java:246) at zombie.core.profiling.AbstractPerformanceProfileProbe.invokeAndMeasure(AbstractPerformanceProfileProbe.java:71) at zombie.GameWindow.frameStep(GameWindow.java:719) at zombie.GameWindow.run_ez(GameWindow.java:637) at zombie.GameWindow.mainThread(GameWindow.java:464) at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745) console.txt
  4. Regular sandbox map, 41.46 no mods. I always play vanilla, but I've been thinking about looking for a mod to make bows and arrows (not crossbows). I don't know why there aren't any in the main game yet, seeing that we can throw molotovs. It's the big mansion people were talking about in another thread. Location is approximately 10630 x 9210 https://map.projectzomboid.com
  5. I threw together a quick smaller maze, just to show what it would look like. I should have chopped down the 2 trees on the far left. If I took my time to do it properly, it's very hard to tell which floor is the real one, especially if I had walls and a full base floor built, since the lighting would be different. You can see in the last picture, if I put a couple more floorboards going to the staircase on the right side (which is actually 1 floor down), it would look as if you could walk up them. Maybe you can walk down the stairs on the left? you never know The first guy went splat while I was walking around getting ready to take a couple screenshots.... Edit - If you don't add the walls, the maze is "outside" and snow will cover the walkway, making it invisible since it will match up with the snow on the ground. At night, it's a pain to walk around on it if you don't have a light. If you place floorboards underneath the stairs, the long legs won't be there.
  6. I never kept much of anything, but I was able to grab a couple pictures and a small story from the 1 discord site I was on a few years back. I'm always making something out of the ordinary, so I guess I could start to keep some of it to show other people finally. I have a couple ideas for bases that I will be working on soon though. I'm not on Twitch or anything yet, but I keep thinking about streaming something on the Indiestone discord one of these days. Here's a story I made back then. I was talking in discord about zombies never coming to my base, then a helicopter and a second one showed up a few minutes later. Just then, a small problem arose... Actually 6 of them (serious) I climbed up to my roof to see what the noise was. It was starting to get dark outside, but at the edge of my property, I saw faces, faces of people that I've seen throughout town, except they looked somehow... different. I stood alone on my rooftop wielding an old shovel, that I had found a few weeks prior, waiting for the inevitable. During that time, it began to rain (serious lol), the sounds of their moans and growls, like some bastardized version of a wild dog and the creaking of the rusted door on my old Masterson Horizon combined together, it was horrible. Then I heard the banging on the logs I had placed around my property as a barricade to ward off animals, because they always seem to get into my crops. Through the night I waited, my clothing slowly becoming soaked from the rain that fell for, which seemed like hours on end. The sound of the banging against those logs, it was like war drums of some unholy army sent to take over the world... I finally regained my composure as the sun crept over the hillside once again. I thought to myself, this shovel is so rusty, it would probably break as soon as it hit anything harder than dirt, so I pulled out my brand new stainless steel kitchen knife. (I was in the middle of making a late dinner when I started hearing noises outside). Now, on the roof I had made a small window, so that I was able to watch the sunset as I sat up there, sometimes while grilling a rabbit or squirrel, maybe a fish now and again. I attached a few old pieces of cloth that was lying around and made my way over the wall..... First picture was a floating base I had before I set it on fire (along with most of Muldraugh lol), when they were resetting the world. Second is just showing a big kill number that I had on multiplayer.
  7. You can build a complete house "raft" also seeing that is is on ground level, including having an indoor section. Just build it as you would a regular house. Use a generator, etc. Grab an antique stove to cook and purify water, go fishing, put down some dirt on the floorboards and grow your own crops, etc.. You wouldn't be able to forage there, or have traps work, unless you left the area. Actually, if I remember correctly, bird traps will work if they are on the roof and you are down below. Just make sure that you have some extra planks laying around, incase you ever want to go back to shore. Or keep the staircase on the raft with a path and window, then you could use a sheet rope to come and go. The raft I made is on ground level. You only need to be careful that you don't fall while building the path over to it. I do enjoy making the floating houses very much, especially up as far as it will let me build them. Sometimes I build long paths and drop down from windows onto the roof of buildings. A few years ago in multiplayer, I made a huge maze. The higher you go, the floor is 1 spot to the side of the floor below it. I had everything lined up so that when you reach a higher floor, it looked like there were multiple staircases and paths leading all over the area and if you didn't know the correct path, or brought a sledgehammer with you to check for open spots, you could fall very easily, especially if there was snow. Nobody ever reached the top where my person lived. There were many bodies lying around the base. (Another time in multiplayer. For this 1, the only thing on the ground, was the beginning staircase.) It was an area in the middle of nowhere in the forest that had a staircase going up 2 floors, along a path to a window, down a floor, long maze path, up 2 floors, over farther, down a floor and across the roof of a small 5x5 floating house that I used for wood and paper storage, to multiple windows (climb through the correct one or fall), that took you into a small maze building with pitfall traps around corners and fake doors with zombies trapped behind them until the door opened or they broke through, since they couldn't open doors in that multiplayer Then finally up a sheet rope to a room on the highest floor you could go to. If someone ever made it that far, I still had a fake base setup with a lot of random junk in crates and a false wall behind a bookshelf that you had to destroy, to enter another maze with many dead-ends. Finally, 1 of those dead-ends was yet another false wall you had to destroy to reach my actual base. Which included multiple generators hiding around the outside of the building that you had to walk along 1 tile wide ledges to get to, which were also behind a few windows that you had to climb out the correct one, or you would fall to your doom and close to 400 cans of gasoline hiding behind false walls. Or, you could just use a sheet rope to come and go from my actual base. It was fun to build haha >:) The funny thing is... even with the hidden walls in this newer version, I can still make it.
  8. I don't know if any of you ever tried building something like this before, but the zombies can't go through water. Just like in my other post (crossing the East river), I built floorboards going from the second story of a building over the water. I made a window with a sheet rope, climbed down to the water. Built some floorboards and a staircase that connected to the side of the window. Walked over to the building and destroyed all the hovering floorboards on my way back to the raft. You can get stuck in the water. It will let you walk around on the one tile, but if you can't climb out, or build your way back to the shore, your character will eventually starve.
  9. I've slowly been starting to play this game as more of a "wilderness survival" instead. Gathering up a lot of seeds, antique stove, and anything else I feel like bringing and slowly build my way across the main river on the far East side of the map. Basically going completely off-grid instead of living in town or close to it. (If you start from the top of a building or stairs, then create a long path, make a window on the far side with a sheet rope. Climb down the rope and build stairs back up to the path, you can use a sledgehammer to destroy the path and leave no trace that you ever made it.) To this day, noone has ever found any of my bases in multiplayer. I figured I would try this, seeing that I've already made numerous floating houses, mazes with traps, giant fortresses, drawn pictures on the map, etc. I've even built stairs up a few levels over a fence, then a path through the sky across a large field, just so that I could sneak into a window of the college, without zombies attacking everytime I tried walking or driving over to it. (Which actually worked very good and I made off with close to 500 kg of food before any zombies even showed up haha.) I haven't explored much of this side of the map yet, but I don't think there's any foraging areas or buildings. I'm just wandering around for now. Next game I will be planting crops, fishing and trapping to survive. I did this with zombies turned off, so I don't know if they would even spawn over here. Incase anyone wants to try this, it takes around 277 planks or so, to make enough floorboards for a 1 tile wide path, depending on what section of the river it is. Eventually, I will make it wide enough for a vehicle to cross. Maybe I will build a small town over on this side of the map. It would be nice to see something added to this side of the map someday. Have any of you tried this yet?
  10. Grelko

    fishing nan%

    Do you happen to be using both unlucky and resilient traits? I had this same problem months ago because the traits were conflicting. Back then I was using 4.138/ 4.139, but now I'm playing 4.145 and it still happens when I use both traits. Edit - Also, the forum link to the post still doesn't work properly. It just shows the picture of the link that you (can't) click on.
  11. I checked another item to see if I could get it to happen again. I made a salad using 1 beef jerky and sat it on the floor. Once it stopped being "fresh", I added salt, pepper and another piece of beef jerky to it. Each time, it got worse and worse.
  12. Edit - This only happens if you are able to add "poisonous berries" also. If you only have regular berries, it stops at 6 like it should. Edit - All you need is one salad, you don't need multiple for this to happen. Edit - You don't need regular berries, just poisonous ones. I dropped the regular berries on the ground and moved away from the area and was still able to add ALL of the poisionous berries to 1 salad. I was making a fruit salad by adding "random berries". I had more than 1 fruit salad highlighted in my inventory and kept adding random berries to it. I clicked on "berry salad", so that it highlighted both of them instead of the individual one that I was going to add the berries to. Normally the maximum would be 6 berries. If i do this, I can add as many as I want. After adding 18 berries it stopped letting me for some reason. I ran out of the poisonous ones, but still had 43 regular ones. It might do this with other recipes also, I didn't check. Edit - the first picture looked a bit odd, so I came back to say that I clicked on "berries" but had my mouse over the salad, so that it showed up also.
  13. If you completely empty a foraging zone, then walk slightly into the foraging zone next to it and try to forage, your character forages one time and stops. This doesn't happen if you go a couple feet farther into the next foraging area, just close to the edge between two of them like they slightly overlap by one or two squares.
  14. 41.39 no mods After making a pot of soup and cooking it, I made 2 bowls of soup. I put them into the stove and cooked them again. It doesn't raise the -hunger anymore from cooking it that second time (this works properly) Before I cooked them for the second time, they lost "fresh", but I don't think that made a difference on letting me cook them again. Edit - after they re-cooked, it showed "burning", so that works properly also.
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