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  1. Do someone remember health status of other characters in PZ tech-demo? I think there should be option turn back there boxes and easily see other players injuries (To heal stillneed to "check health")
  2. Add "Fear of hights" perk. It's will not be a "Free point" perk - because character panicing on second floor, being nearby windows on 2+ floor, being nearby stairs - do not allow to normally sleep and live on second floors.
  3. Zombified players should have show their nicknames, just a little addition what adds more cruelty to game. Just knowing that it your friend or enemy...
  4. Make option to turn on Better spectator mode - when your character back to life as a zombie - there will be his nickname above character head, and also you can see the same what zombie hears/feels/see Just a little update with zombie have their original nickname above they heads - give a lot of emotion, because its not "Just a zombie" - Some time ago it was your friend or enemy... Just think about it
  5. Higher strength should make character push zombies that almost bite you faster
  6. Hmm... I also wrote about implementing Fear Of Dark, it can be challlenging after lights turns off
  7. Uhh... "since it's essentially free points until/if you get hurt." - but if you get hurt - you cant sleep without sleeping pills))0
  8. Implement Fear of Death (Thanatophobia) - Character will panic if his health lower than 100%/90% - the lower HP he has - more panic and stress character will have
  9. Lambda65

    Search and DeZtroy

    How much "bad sight" perk will affect new foraging system? Will "bad sight" perk give more points after this update? When scotophobia (Fear of the dark) will be added? - It will give more purpose for candels,desklamps Keeeβ
  10. Lambda65


    Я имел в виду что это было бы кул по атмосфере для людей шо выживают по овермного времени
  11. Lambda65


    Nu... Daže ne znam...
  12. Lambda65


    I also said that, it would be very cool feature, especially for players that survies 3-24 month
  13. Port some interface,sound,textures,non 3d-models content to stable branch of game, while people waiting MP for 41 build
  14. Forget. That will be unbalanced and hard to fit to game
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