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  1. Why in this hotel in one of rooms spawns a big amount of zombies? I day ago i scared out all my pants when see it Untitled2.mp4
  2. Forget. That will be unbalanced and hard to fit to game
  3. When more fobias will be added? Like fear of dark
  4. Lambda65

    MiZe en Scène

    Будет мейби когда-нить
  5. Add animations for pacifist perk, when character holds weapon unproperly or does not understand how reload firearm weapons.
  6. Add an improvised candle lantern what crafts from two tiny metal sheets and candle. As fuel uses candles.
  7. Add possibility to be infected after eating spiffo's burger. It will be appropriate with PZ lore
  8. Negative trait what decreases efficiency of all anti-unhappienes and boredoom actions for 50-40%, and increases all sources of depression by 15-30% it will cause player to monitor their actions to avoid taking unhappienes. (Sorry if my english is bad)
  9. Lambda65

    Zed Paddling

    When writable signs wiil be added?
  10. Make rain wash away blood from walls and ground! It is logical and useful.
  11. Make rain wash away blood from walls and ground! It is logical and useful.
  12. Hello there! Project Zomboid have a lot of camo clothing. So why they don't helps to be hidden? *Like if you move along the grass with camouflage, then the chance of being noticed by zombies is lower *(In MP) When pvp is on - camofuflaged player's nickname over head will dissapear *Add forest ghillie suit what will be looking as a grass sprite
  13. When camofluage system will be added? (No, seriously - there are too many military camouflage clothes)
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