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  1. I think there's a map somewhere that you can "pick up" and place anywhere you want, but it's a map of the entire US iirc. But I agree, hanging maps on walls would be aesthetically pleasing. Also been able to leave notes in cork walls (giving paper another use) would be nice
  2. I agree, metal doors should have a lot of durability, they should be much harder to knock down compared to a normal house/cabin wooden door. Garage doors, imo, should have the most durability. Also I want to add that different types of doors should make different sounds when opening/closing I'm on the fence regarding the windows though. I agree that maybe you need tools to open up certain windows, because sometimes it feels too easy to break in into houses/warehouses/whatever just with your bare hands!.. on the other hand, not being able to silently break into a house because you don't have a crowbar (which, honestly, it's not a very common item after all) will make gameplay a bit tedious, considering that early game you don't have the necessary tools and that will limit your looting options, also having to carry tools just to get windows opened will become a burden pretty soon... I dunno, not a terrible idea though, maybe I'll implement as an option, you know, like cars have "simple use" option...
  3. Torenico

    "Interesting Times"

    Stay safe out there! You guys are great at surviving the zombie apocalypse, but this is the real deal. Do it for yourself and for your loved ones!
  4. I haven't been able to hear footsteps (on concrete floors) for a couple of updates now. All other footstep sounds (Gravel, grass) are fine... Any ideas?
  5. Hello I've noticed I have some lag/stuttering while going through here-ish: https://map.projectzomboid.com/#0.24534448357417113,0.21766058488464032,8.68035003259794 When I'm driving from the south, coming from Rosewood, around that area I have some near constant lag that doesn't go away until I quit to main menu and then reload the save. Also, when traveling that area from the north down south, towards Rosewood, the map takes some time to load, the map loads before me, it's all black, if my character/car hits the black area it completely stops. Before reaching the black edge, the car will slow down by itself. It's rather annoying because sometimes it takes a couple of seconds to load completely. It also happens when I travel to the Gas Station and Gun Store up north. Also the main street of Rosewood is very laggy now.
  6. It's simple: Cars are a VERY useful asset to move things around, but the storage options are limited to the interior. You know cars can equip racks on their roofs to carry even more stuff, used by those who would like to transport a bicycle or some bags/boxes containing whatever they want. You should be able to equip one of these racks into your car, the visual model would be updated to show them. This way you can make your vehicle even more effective at transporting junk. A dream come true would be displaying exactly what you're transporting, for example, if you're moving a wooden table, an actual wooden table would be displayed at the racks. Racks could be found already installed in cars or at gas stations/auto parts/warehouses. Thanks.
  7. Or you can use it as fuel for your fire hehe
  8. Torenico

    Super Survivors!

    Hello Some of my survivors are displaying debug-like speeches and options. I can get them to follow around but the UI is riddled with this weird text. I also had a few survivors just getting stuck inside cars, the only way to "unstuck" them was to move as far as possible so that when you come back, they move towards you.
  9. Torenico


    Hello, first things first, I love the game. It is by far the best zombie game I ever played, and the most survival-ish as well. Now, I'd like to suggest if you guys could do a slight rework on some of the roads that connect different towns. For example, the road that goes north starting from Rosewood is quite large, but it turns to the right abruptly. When you are going at high speeds it's easy to crash when you enconter a curve that is 90°, especially if your car does not have the best brakes. There are roads that do not turn in abrupt 90° curves, and that's a good thing. If you could do the same for all major roads, that'd be great! Nothing else, thank you so much for your hard work PZ devs!.
  10. Torenico

    Super Survivors!

    Is there a way to stop my wife from eating all my food?. She eats a lot, my supply was running low even though I looted several places and was well equipped to last for like two weeks without raiding.. Well, she is dead now, but she ate quite a few of tuna cans. RIP, tho. But still, amazing mod!
  11. Hello, new player here. After the latest hotfixes in the IWBUMS build I'm experiencing some weird flickering. It happens on the "edge" of my character vision, it flickers mostly at night. It did not happen to me before. Any thoughts?.
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