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  1. I was playing today when I accidently hit rename. Clicked okay and it worked as it should. Great speedy work guys.
  2. I just had the same bug when after trying to save a character build I was asked to name it. Unable to get rid of the renaming box I could not go back or forward and so had to tab out and quit the game,
  3. Renaming Bug - UI not working The UI for renaming items does not disappear for me. Upon selecting rename the UI appears and I can type normally, I hit "OKAY" and the name of the item changes but the UI remains. Hitting cancel also does nothing. I can move the renaming box about but not get rid of it. Attempting to rename the item again opens another box which acts the same. Attempting to rename a differant item opens yet another box. Quiting and reloading gets rid of them so its not a gamebreaking issue but its still a little annoying. The items I have tried to rename where School Bags and Duffel Bags. Not sure if you already know about this, if you do sorry for the spam. Also I want you to know I am loving the latest update! Looking forward to what comes next. Thanks for all the work.
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