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  1. Yeah, getting through the spine can be very unreliable, how much a weapon cuts tends to be exaggerated on most depictions, that's why I insisted on that. When cutting the head of an animal you mostly serrate the edge against the neck, most human decapitations work the same way, cutting a head clean off was something of an art form in the old days, to do that on a battlefield required extreme ability and or luck. Also the technique to use a machete when compared to a sword are so different that I get upset just thinking about it lol (not really), a machete works more like an axe and a sword more like a knife than what they work like each other. Chopping and slicing are very different types of motions, and they have very different advantages and disadvantages. What really convinces me about the blunt side of things aside from maintenance and lower skill level needed though, is that skulls aren't fresh in zombies, the bone isn't alive, and that makes it far more brittle to impact. Having shattered a dry human skull with a hammer myself (for science reasons), I can tell you dry bone is easy to smash, fresher bone can be trickier. Aside from that, any weapon heavier than two kilograms will generally tire someone very quickly, so the bigger toys could prove challenging to anyone who isn't an absolute beast in both aerobic capacity and muscular strength.
  2. Yes, I've read that you get slowly more resistant to panic by time passed, it has a cap of a month or two I think. Brave or desensitized traits can't be developed though. The fun part however would be to have that associated with time around zombies (not just surviving) or zombie kills, and having it affect stress buildup would also be cool.
  3. Yeah, that's true! Hadn't though about the interaction with smoker trait. You'd definitely have an adverse effect from being covered in blood too. Uhmmersive AF.
  4. Do zombies smell? Since they are rotting they should actually smell quite a bit. I've always wandered, wouldn't a person know there's something rotting behind a door? The stench of a rotting human will fill an entire house, and even leak out if doors and windows aren't pretty airtight, it would be nice if you could get a mechanic or trait (could develop over time or not) where you feel the smell coming from places with rotting food, corpses and zombies. It would add to sight and hearing as a way to spot possible zombies around you, and could be subtle enough so that you need to be paying close attention in-game, representing keeping your senses sharp in the case of your character. It could work with visual cues like "smell lines" of a very transparent color coming from the source, or just an indicator that reads what your character is smelling (you'd play hot/cold with it), it would even let you know if there's a large horde in the direction the wind is coming. In real life you can smell corpses at a significant distance if the wind is coming from the direction of the carcass, for a corpse the size of a human this is very considerable, for several humans, well...go figure. If you've ever smelled a truck of rotting bones in real life (they are used for jelly) or a dead cow out in the countryside, you know how powerful the stench is. A horde would be smelled from kilometers away if the wind comes from its direction, and it would add a lot of immersion for the player to learn of an incoming threat in such a primitive way.
  5. Yeah I'd very much like this. As of yet, character growth seems underwhelming on some aspects. We are not talking about RPG hero type stuff or anything, but realistically an expert is quite fearsome when compared to a noobie, and you don't get so much of that feel right now. At the beginning of the game your character should struggle significantly more when climbing fences and the like, your first few zombie kills should be an atrocious process, but you'd quickly get considerably better and afterwards improve with diminishing returns. The neurological gains in efficiency when performing a task is tremendous at first. It happens even in relatively simple movements like lifting weights, when a person begins lifting weights for the first time, they "become stronger" far quicker the first few weeks, not because of their muscle development, but because of the formation of neurological engrams, the brain learns of the most efficient ways to activate the muscles necessary for the gesture, from then on gains are slower because they will depend on muscle tissue. If at some point in the future devs are interested in revising and modifying character progression, this sort of stuff would add both realism and feeling of struggle and success. Panic and stress resistance is great because it would show the psychological aspect of cerebral development, you start to have more moderate adrenaline releases when faced with danger, you become efficient at the task of staying safe, it becomes second nature to sleep with one eye open. Early game should feel like a real hurdle, nightmares every other night, stress and panic build up more often (no time to get sad or stressed though lol). After the helicopter passes, you'd have become a different person both in-game and as a player. Players who never make it that far are lacking something in order to make it, in-game zombies are people who were lacking something in order to make it. If your character, if you, manage any sort of success in that bleak scenario, it's because you were a fast learner of the rules that apply to that world, and that character should feel it in their bones as much as you do.
  6. Unless you are carrying a substantial amount of weight or are physically unfit, crouching shouldn't cause any major problems. Back problems are mostly caused by static positions maintained for a long period of time, or lifting weight with your back muscles instead of your legs. This doesn't apply if you already had back problems of course. In the game you crouch with a pretty decent form except when sprinting if you have a backpack (lots of perpendicular force applied to a straightened and horizontal spine doesn't do you any favours), so you would instead mostly get your quads very fatigued. Crouching a lot should give you muscle soreness on the legs, living in a place where we mostly have riparian forests (they tend to be very short trees with thick closed vegetation), I have crouched around quite a bit, and after you get the right form and if your back muscles aren't weak or shortened (as in a sedentary person), you just get your legs punished and that goes away in a short time. A bad back trait could be quite fun however, someone who already has back problems will definitely have a terrible time crouching around, and that backpack full of stuff isn't peachy either. Knee problems could work similarly at a gameplay level.
  7. I think you need to cut the spine, not just the throat, that's far more challenging. Somewhat effective? Yes, I have both machetes and a real Nepalese kukri (the ones that aren't for tourists) at home, and while the weight of the blade and the thickness would do considerable damage to a skull, you always run the risk of having it stuck when you punch through the bone, axes work just like that too, that small delay can be deadly, and isn't a concern with blunt objects. Spears can also end up lodged and make removal difficult (not as often), even practice arrows (they don't have a barbed head and are far easier to remove) sometimes end up embedded into objects (or living creatures) and can be challenging to remove, this small delay would be potentially deadly given the circumstances. Given enough people, a wall of pikes might be the best, but for a lone person or a small group, a shield (or something functionally similar) and a mace, would produce the best results, they aren't all that heavy, around 1,5kilos mostly. And I'll emphasize it again, the maintenance of long blades is a massive oversight by most depictions, they lose edge at a ridiculous speed when in constant use, and very few blades are made of stainless steel so rust will be a certainty without proper cleaning (a mace doesn't mind the rust so much).
  8. I just had to say it! Blades are wonderful weapons when used against living creatures because they help you in the task of making sure someone or something's blood stops being inside them. With zombies, cutting is useless unless you pierce through the skull (yeah maybe you can cut tendons and whatnot but it's still not as efficient). Blades need cleaning, sharpening and oiling to stay in decent condition, and don't even get me started on what cutting dry bones (zombies often aren't all that fresh) does to a sharp edge, you'd need to go through the loud process of sharpening the blade every time you came back from cutting zombies, and that's if the edge didn't chip. So where that leaves us is that the actual legendary zombie killer would never be something like a sword, katana, machete, and also not a heavy and tiring tool like a wood axe, it would in fact be... a mace, no, not a sledgehammer, a small mace. A mace requires little to no maintenance, just clean it a little bit and you are peachy, they are actually light compared to most tools (the principle behind them was to create considerable striking force through moderate weight and a fairly high swing speed) and they were designed to deal blunt damage through armor. The superior weapon to find in a zombie apocalypse is a medieval or renaissance mace, zombies don't guard themselves from blows, so the great disadvantage of the mace which is its predictable movement has no downsides against them. In conclusion, zombie movies and games need to step up their skull bashing game, no slicey dicey, smashy crushy. This message is sponsored by the Flanged Mace Enthusiasts Club.
  9. That looks wonderful! Lol, it's a very funny coincidence that you did pretty much what would be necessary in-game. Part of the fun of country life, being able to repurpose and recycle almost everything.
  10. Yeah, depression should be actually dangerous, slower at tasks, higher risk of injury, less or no self defense reflexes (you know when a zombie comes at you and your character struggles to free themselves), a refusal to step on the car breaks could also be depictive of self neglect but players themselves already do that all the time haha. If it seemed like your character just doesn't want to live that much, that's when you got it right. While suicidal tendencies are not always present, a lack of willingness to live is pretty characteristic of depression, managing to pull it off realistically would add some real grittiness to the game experience. We could go the other way around too, and make your character happy if you keep their living standard up for a long time, giving you a bit more leeway if you have a character with a stress inducing trait. I don't have a cigarette for 9 hours and my character is already going around crying in corners lol.
  11. Hello! I'm from Uruguay in South America. Down here extensions of arable land are usually far larger than in most other places so planting for seeds, and from seeds can be more convenient at times. Beyond a matter of scale and convenience I'm not aware of the difference in productivity comparing both methods, I could ask around if you want. In the game I'd guess going for the seeds approach is a simpler way to have a universal criteria to all crops. Yeah, the surface of crops needed is incredibly small. I planted a whole bunch at first thinking the yield would be lower and then ended up freezing a whole bunch of food (gotta love gas station pop fridges) I think that for now even if they don't want to get into more complex mechanics around farming (I'd sure like that though) reducing the yield and fixing their nutrition and shelf life to more realistic values could probably make farming more interesting. According to the new update notes, watering crops won't be as painful in the future lol. I think they have more planned for the nutrition system (proteins don't do anything for example), and if it's fleshed out more, having a variety of crops and food sources might be more necessary in the future. Imagine getting scurvy if you lack some vitamin intake lol, rosehip tea would be an excellent source of vitamin C and we already have the plant as forage, it's all coming together I tell you. Another wild idea, having you steal a whole bunch of windows to make a greenhouse for winter, I'd love this. We made a small greenhouse at home and it's pretty awesome, it's like having tropical weather for plants that don't like the temperate climate around these parts.
  12. Actually, planting potato for seeds is very much a farming practice, it's usually practiced only on very rich soils, and its extremely profitable, of course it wouldn't be necessary at all in the game given the low scale of the crops you plant. I think potatoes are kind of weak compared to their real life counterparts because it would be too good gameplay wise. Potatoes take months to rot if they are stored in proper conditions, they are plentiful, and they have a considerable amount of carbs, what else could you need? A good piece of information to realize how dependable they are is the Irish Potato Famine. The Irish depended so heavily on potato crops that when they happened to catch a pest and most harvests were lost, the entire country suffered from a severe famine, and that children, is one of the many reasons why we don't do monoculture, cause its a surefire way of screwing ourselves. The Dutch learned that one with tulips lol. Wheat would be an interesting crop to add because it's a staple of civilization, we make flour, we make malted cereals for spirits and ferments, the thing is freaking magical. You can make dough with nothing but water and flour (the game has a yeast dough recipe but no simple water+flour pie dough recipe). It would provide those very needed renewable carbs we are in dire need of nowadays in game. You exchange laborious crafting, for flavor, immersion and good food. I think making making crops realistic would be too elaborate, planting season, harvesting season, specific soil, which one is a climber (however its said in English, the ones like tomatoes that need sticks to grow properly), which one needs more shade, etc. So to make up for the lack of difficulty we instead get weaker agriculture, a fair and reasonable trade. Getting corn and wheat however, even if weakened, would add the possibility of so many recipes that it's definitely worth considering. Make corn flour in your mortar and pestle, make tortillas, do some Mexican cooking, make bourbon, alien crop circles, enact a Pocahontas movie scene, the sky is the limit.
  13. While GPS would be out of the timeframe, some rare military maps of the whole playable area could be nice, right now you kinda have to guess where you are once you leave towns, a big map with somewhat useful annotations could be a real treasure to find, especially to people who don't remember the entire map by heart.
  14. The psychological aspect of real or fake alarm signs would definitely make for interesting gameplay decisions. Might be harder to implement because alarms are random, so figuring out how to spawn or despawn those signs automatically would be necessary. The other way would be to spawn an actual device someone with electrical knowledge could even disable, but that's even more elaborate.
  15. The door blocking might be difficult to implement but if it can be done it would certainly make up for the time invested with cool stories/videos and the whole drama around it in multiplayer lol. Speed bumps would make for hilarious vehicle losses, and it would probably work like corpses in the road do I'd guess. Finally the distraction trash would be pretty awesome I think, they already added molotovs, so a throw function for other things could be worked up from there (devs probably have that kind of idea in mind). It would add very tactical use of resources like timers and alarm clocks, a noise maker for the more improvised survivor kind of thing. I imagine that when they add animals, catching one, sticking a noise making thing on them and letting them go could be a very chaotic and entertaining possibility, like a soviet anti-tank dog for the zombie apocalypse.
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