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  1. Yeah, getting through the spine can be very unreliable, how much a weapon cuts tends to be exaggerated on most depictions, that's why I insisted on that. When cutting the head of an animal you mostly serrate the edge against the neck, most human decapitations work the same way, cutting a head clean off was something of an art form in the old days, to do that on a battlefield required extreme ability and or luck. Also the technique to use a machete when compared to a sword are so different that I get upset just thinking about it lol (not really), a machete works more like an axe and a swor
  2. Yeah, I agree with that, I'm pretty sure I've gotten dirty just sitting in the same place reading over a carpet inside the house lol
  3. Yes, I've read that you get slowly more resistant to panic by time passed, it has a cap of a month or two I think. Brave or desensitized traits can't be developed though. The fun part however would be to have that associated with time around zombies (not just surviving) or zombie kills, and having it affect stress buildup would also be cool.
  4. Yeah, that's true! Hadn't though about the interaction with smoker trait. You'd definitely have an adverse effect from being covered in blood too. Uhmmersive AF.
  5. Do zombies smell? Since they are rotting they should actually smell quite a bit. I've always wandered, wouldn't a person know there's something rotting behind a door? The stench of a rotting human will fill an entire house, and even leak out if doors and windows aren't pretty airtight, it would be nice if you could get a mechanic or trait (could develop over time or not) where you feel the smell coming from places with rotting food, corpses and zombies. It would add to sight and hearing as a way to spot possible zombies around you, and could be subtle enough so that you need to be paying
  6. Yeah I'd very much like this. As of yet, character growth seems underwhelming on some aspects. We are not talking about RPG hero type stuff or anything, but realistically an expert is quite fearsome when compared to a noobie, and you don't get so much of that feel right now. At the beginning of the game your character should struggle significantly more when climbing fences and the like, your first few zombie kills should be an atrocious process, but you'd quickly get considerably better and afterwards improve with diminishing returns. The neurological gains in efficiency when performing a
  7. Unless you are carrying a substantial amount of weight or are physically unfit, crouching shouldn't cause any major problems. Back problems are mostly caused by static positions maintained for a long period of time, or lifting weight with your back muscles instead of your legs. This doesn't apply if you already had back problems of course. In the game you crouch with a pretty decent form except when sprinting if you have a backpack (lots of perpendicular force applied to a straightened and horizontal spine doesn't do you any favours), so you would instead mostly get your quads very fatigu
  8. I think you need to cut the spine, not just the throat, that's far more challenging. Somewhat effective? Yes, I have both machetes and a real Nepalese kukri (the ones that aren't for tourists) at home, and while the weight of the blade and the thickness would do considerable damage to a skull, you always run the risk of having it stuck when you punch through the bone, axes work just like that too, that small delay can be deadly, and isn't a concern with blunt objects. Spears can also end up lodged and make removal difficult (not as often), even practice arrows (they don't have a barbed he
  9. I just had to say it! Blades are wonderful weapons when used against living creatures because they help you in the task of making sure someone or something's blood stops being inside them. With zombies, cutting is useless unless you pierce through the skull (yeah maybe you can cut tendons and whatnot but it's still not as efficient). Blades need cleaning, sharpening and oiling to stay in decent condition, and don't even get me started on what cutting dry bones (zombies often aren't all that fresh) does to a sharp edge, you'd need to go through the loud process of sharpening the blade ever
  10. That looks wonderful! Lol, it's a very funny coincidence that you did pretty much what would be necessary in-game. Part of the fun of country life, being able to repurpose and recycle almost everything.
  11. I might do some testing later cause I want to know as well, I found different opinions when I searched for that. I'll let you know once I check. Came back from testing, it seems like there's no damage to tires, breaks or suspension from what I observed, maybe it's different at high speeds, but at moderate speeds I didn't see any of the part conditions lowering.
  12. I know right! We make pizza every saturday night at home, between the small amounts of wine and beer, and not having home made bakery/pasta if I were my character I'd be hanging from a tree branch lol. It's like, buddy, you are a master at cooking, how come making home made pasta with rabbit, tomato, and carrot sauce is black magic for you. I know they'll get to it eventually and that devs are busy with other things... but someone has to set the priorities straight goddamnit! (jokes of course)
  13. Yeah, depression should be actually dangerous, slower at tasks, higher risk of injury, less or no self defense reflexes (you know when a zombie comes at you and your character struggles to free themselves), a refusal to step on the car breaks could also be depictive of self neglect but players themselves already do that all the time haha. If it seemed like your character just doesn't want to live that much, that's when you got it right. While suicidal tendencies are not always present, a lack of willingness to live is pretty characteristic of depression, managing to pull it off realistica
  14. Hello! I'm from Uruguay in South America. Down here extensions of arable land are usually far larger than in most other places so planting for seeds, and from seeds can be more convenient at times. Beyond a matter of scale and convenience I'm not aware of the difference in productivity comparing both methods, I could ask around if you want. In the game I'd guess going for the seeds approach is a simpler way to have a universal criteria to all crops. Yeah, the surface of crops needed is incredibly small. I planted a whole bunch at first thinking the yield would be lower and then end
  15. That happened to me on the first playthrough, was quite confused why the sink refused to fill my water bottles lol. I had already read about such things so it wasn't so much of a delightful surprise (still thought I had like 2 or 3 weeks not 1). Electricity is more important than water though, you can live off stealing water from the neighboring houses for quite some time until you get water dispensers and boil cooking pots. If you choose riverside and the lucky trait however, getting a generator and a stash of fuel by the first week is easy stuff. Adding a minimum would make it le
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