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  1. Noise Maker and Remote Trigger Ranges

    Normal, I think.
  2. I've been playing PZ off and on for a few years, but I just now got my electrical skill up to level 3 for the first time and made a noise maker and attached a trigger to it. I paired it with a V3 Remote I had found and went to go test it. Found a lone zomboid near my base and set it in a nearby empty house to see if I could lure it inside, went to the safe side of my wall and tried the trigger...nothing. Turns out I was too far away, but there was no feedback at all to indicate this. With some testing, I found that I needed to be within 14-15 squares/units (meters?) to trigger it (turns out this was on the wiki, lol), though the audible distance seemed to be a bit more (could still hear it for a bit while running away after triggering), so that's nice. However, the range at which it would attract a zombie seemed much lower. Inside the house (doors and windows broken, very small house near Cortman Medical), with the zombie maybe 6-7 units away on the outside, it made no moves. Then I moved it much closer and out to the driveway, which worked to attract the zombie, though I didn't think to check the distance before I killed it to reclaim the noise maker, so I'll need to venture out to test further. My initial assessment is that the effective range of the noise maker is much too limited. I think it should draw zombies from any range within the audible radius, perhaps with a lower chance to attract them the farther they are from the device (idk, maybe it does work that way and I haven't tested it enough). Upgraded (louder) versions which would draw zombies from a farther distance would be a great addition, too. The ability to place them on a table/counter (like TVs, Radios and lamps) or to trigger them while they are inside a container (or held by another player, lol) would both be really sweet, too, though I imagine the latter would be much more difficult to implement. The range of the remotes seems a little low, but not too bad. All in all, it's a fun little gadget which I'm looking forward to playing with.