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  1. The update to 3D Zs killed the performance of this game sadly.. It was possible before to have massive hoards with little to no slowdown... I also read that the move to 3d was to IMPROVE performance... That didnt go well...
  2. I found an M-14 with full 'condition' and after a few pew pew sessions its down to 1 quarter condition... I own and shoot guns regularly and even my shittiest cheap guns don't just fall apart after a few hundred rounds... Let us manage them by having to clean them ect. Not have the break after 500 rounds... Also the axes are hilariously weak. An axe will become blunt looooong before it breaks so let us maintain them first. Make them last longer but require sharpening because at the moment the condition system is unrealistically silly..
  3. There are far too many animal sounds now. It sounds like im at the freaking zoo.... All i hear are animal sounds layered on top of each other...
  4. Hi all. I have packed up a park bench into four boxes but how the hell do I reassemble it elsewhere? I cant even pick up all four boxes at once..
  5. I have not and now I feel silly. Thanks mate.
  6. Hi all, at the moment corpses rot away to nothing in weeks… this is bad for many reasons. Obviously as it’s not realistic it leaves visited areas bland and immersion breaking and stops you going back to pick up items or clothes ect from them. Could we change this to like 6 months?
  7. Hi all, I raided the army base in the newest beta and there where no M-16s.. I’ve seen a list of in game weapons that included an M-14 and sniper rifles. Are these in the game at all to find?
  8. It’s not just you mate.. there’s a crappy sounding reverb on all outdoor sounds…
  9. Would it be possible to create a mod that just brings back all the original sound effects? The noiseworks sound update has ruined the game for me.. cheers
  10. This should be an option! The new sound are so immersion breaking...
  11. I am not a fan of the new environmental sounds... Too many animal sounds and they sound so 'out of place'... The nighttime owl sound is laughably bad and the cars sound so bad, really muffled..The night time ambiance sound is like white noise.... And running over dead zombies makes no sound now. What the hell are noise works playing at?? The original sounds where so much better! The whole soundscape is so bland and muddy now there's no punch to any of the sounds... FIX! Thanks. Your loving fan, Jim.
  12. I agree.. The noiseworks environmental effects are absolute garbage compared to the original sounds. The old sounds had depth and subtly. These just sound out of place and stuck on. NOT GOOD!!
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