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  1. Exactly, this function exists for sheet ropes it shouldn't be too difficult to do with fences.
  2. This is something small, but it'd be cool if removing a muffler would change the sound played for vehicles to what an actual straight-piped vehicle would sound like, as it increases the vehicle noise but audibly you cannot currently tell.
  3. That is true, but it does not pan the camera very far compared to using the right bumper (or right click on a mouse) and still does not help much while driving at a high speed.
  4. I know this is a workaround and I have done this, however it is not always possible and I'd like to have a bit more leniency with what I can plumb without making those sorts of compromises.
  5. Currently to plumb a washer or sink the rain barrel must be one story above. I understand it's probably meant for it to be gravity fed, however with plumbing in real life you don't need much slope for it to work, there is different tricks in construction that don't require you to have all the water come from above the house (the water main is underground). I am not a plumber but after walking through a couple houses being built (I am in HVAC) it is extremely easy to figure out and doesn't require much knowledge or experience to be able to do. With that being said there could be a tradesman trait that gives you a perk that lets you place rain barrels behind and gives you some metalworking skill as well. It is pretty annoying to try and plumb a sink in your house and you have to have high level carpentry to build a staircase to the roof just to make it work.
  6. With a gamepad, I am unable to move the camera to look ahead with the bumper, I am not sure if this is the same with keyboard and mouse but the ability to do so would save me from a lot of crashes. I currently cannot drive very fast as I can't see very far ahead unless I stop accelerating or sit still. I vaguely remember this working before so I am not sure if it is a bug or if it hasn't been added.
  7. After opening a radial menu or interacting with something, you are unable to look around for a couple of seconds. When I have zombies around me and I need to take pills or equip a weapon, I need to not touch the sticks or any buttons for a second before it will let me look around again.
  8. A very helpful option would be a button you can press to stack any items in your inventory to nearby chests that have the same items. For example, if you have an inventory with shotgun shells, they stack on top of the shotgun shells in a chest next to you. Terraria does this and it's super helpful and makes unloading after a trip way less tedious. A similar option would be to restock your inventory, like if you have a couple sheets in a chest and then in your inventory, it will stack all the sheets on top of the ones in your inventory as well as anything else you have in your inventory that is in nearby chests. There is a mod for this, however it does not work in splitscreen or with a controller.
  9. Being able to change what button does what on a controller would be really nice. Or binding new keys instead of other ones. For example when your gun jams, you have to go into your inventory to rack the weapon. I use JoyToKey to make it so when I click the right stick, it's bound to the keyboard's X button allowing me to rack it. Without doing that it is dangerous because I'll be surrounded by zombies and when I open the inventory half the screen is covered up so I end up getting bit by a zombie I cannot see (I also suggested a UI opacity option). I also sometimes use it to turn a flashlight on and off with a button, as some controllers have more buttons than others (buttons on the backside).
  10. Sometimes when trying to get the attention of a giant group of zombies to get them away from a building I'll hop in a car and honk the horn a few times. The only problem is if you press honk a couple times, you won't be able to get out until every action is completed. This has killed me before because I was sitting there waiting for my character to finish honking and was surrounded before I could escape. I'm not sure if it is different for keyboard and mouse but it happens on the vehicle wheel for the controller.
  11. Currently when on splitscreen opening the full map will cover both sides of the screen and it cannot be adjusted. I'd like to be able to use it without annoying the other person playing, there's no option for it currently.
  12. Under the sandbox options you can make freezers keep food fresh for a long time but there is no mod to make them stay good forever. I spent the first in-game month collecting frozen meat and put freezers in my house just to find out it'll go bad eventually. It would be helpful to have this option for people who want it and like to stock up on meats and vegetables in the beginning.
  13. Was playing Zomboid with my girlfriend and got annoyed not being able to see half the screen with my inventory open. Went to search for a mod for it and the first google result was this post. Would still love this add a feature or a mod.
  14. Once you'd pull up the sheet rope, you couldn't go down if you destroyed the stairs, and once you're at the bottom and the sheet ropes down, they can destroy it if you got rid of the stair case so that still wouldn't work anymore. And you can basically already do this by removing rope every time you climb it and adding it when you need to go back down. At this point there's plenty easier ways I've found to cheese the game, like making maze-like platform entrances or just enough layers to mess up the zombie path-finding. This idea is more of a convenience than a game changer, you couldn't exploit it in a way you couldn't already do now.
  15. That's what I imagined, it could probably get by without a lot of programming, like a sprite like that and an animation like the one when you take something out your pack (or no animation at all) would fit into the game great.
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