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  1. Once you'd pull up the sheet rope, you couldn't go down if you destroyed the stairs, and once you're at the bottom and the sheet ropes down, they can destroy it if you got rid of the stair case so that still wouldn't work anymore. And you can basically already do this by removing rope every time you climb it and adding it when you need to go back down. At this point there's plenty easier ways I've found to cheese the game, like making maze-like platform entrances or just enough layers to mess up the zombie path-finding. This idea is more of a convenience than a game changer, you co
  2. That's what I imagined, it could probably get by without a lot of programming, like a sprite like that and an animation like the one when you take something out your pack (or no animation at all) would fit into the game great.
  3. I've found a few different recipes that I personally thought should have ingredients as options that were not present. There was only one that I would mainly like added, however, and probably the most logical out of what I've found. I'd love to be able to make tuna salads, especially when I have an abundance of crops and cans of tuna (it seems to be more common and used in less foods). Two other minor suggestions is the ability to add ingredients to soup (canned soup in pot is a complete meal, no optional ingredients) and fried eggs. I had eggs and pans without rice or noodles for
  4. With the semi-recent mechanic of the zombies destroying sheet ropes, I have a suggestion to simplify use of these. Currently, if you want to pull the sheet rope up behind you on your way in, you must completely remove it. Due to this, I now keep a hammer a nails next to the windows with sheet ropes to easily remove/add them. My idea is to have a way to pull the sheet rope up without having to remove it and re-nail it in. It would work well under the right-click menu that allows you to remove/close curtains and close the window. This only became necessary after the zombi
  5. When filling gas cans from a pump, if you have enough empty gas cans, you can continue to fill them well above the 50kg limit. I had my character carrying 90kg of gas when I finished. (v41.50)
  6. Currently stir fry is the only food you can prepare that I've found you cannot put in bowls for some reason. It would be less of a hassle to work with making stir fry if it was not limited to a frying pan or griddle pan. I'm suggesting this because I believe it is unintentional and just has not been put into the game yet.
  7. I guess I could try this with a van or something. I think the trunk of the car I'm driving only has 12lb capacity, however I know this model of car should fit at least a couple bodies in the trunk. I'll test this on the seats though.
  8. It was an old version, however I don't think this was a bug, at the time I was under the impression that the lucky trait gave you about 4% chance of surviving a bite. This was over a year ago. Googling this will find mixed results, however those with several hundred hours have reported surviving.
  9. I have survived 3 bites and several scratches on a character with no infection. This was out of like over a hundred bites, but it is still possible.
  10. Definitely agree with this one. I used to have a mod for this that also let you choose which category came up first, so you could just cycle through your items without any scrolling. When I updated the game and had to stop using it I realized just how used to that I had gotten.
  11. Carrying corpses to the field next to my farm house gave me the idea to load them in the trunk of my car to transport them faster. I didn't see an option for it, so I came here. This would make the cleanup process much faster for people who keep their bases corpse-free. It's also be fun loading a car full of zombies and setting it on fire. I figured this had been suggested before, but I didn't find anything relating to this, so I apologize if there's a reason this is not in the game.
  12. It really depends on the person. One of my friends can't pull off a single pull-up, while my bed is a loft I pull myself up onto every day. Keeping in mind that the average American is not very fit, this could be a thing you need a minimum amount of strength for. To be fair hanging definitely would tire you out over time more than pulling yourself over in one motion. However, I think you should attempt this in real life to see what I mean, while looking for more than a couple seconds would certainly exert you to a certain point, a quick peak wouldn't take nearly as much effort.
  13. I actually figured out how to do just that. Check out this post.
  14. More organization would be nice. Like when I grab a trowel, watering can, and some seeds to farm. It'd be nice if these were somehow separate or easier to find from the rest of my inventory. I've heard they plan to overhaul the whole UI eventually.
  15. When disassembling containers, they must be empty first. When breaking down lines of crates at McCoy's to reach the ones in the back, others have probably found it is tedious to drop everything for every crate. My idea was on option, similar to the "Transfer All" in your inventory. In the same place that button is, in a container, there could be a "Drop All" button which drops all items in the container to the floor. This could be helpful for unloading cars/moving houses as well.
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