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  1. Definitely a better idea than using the crowbar, just because of the skill stats.
  2. Let us use the crowbar to pry open locked windows and doors instead of just using an axe to break down doors and destroy them forever.
  3. With multiplayer coming for IWBUMS 41 I think it would be a good idea to add more character customization options such as different faces for each gender and perhaps a few more hairs and facial hairs. This is a good idea because it means not everyone in multiplayer will have identical faces if their gender is the same and will allow for more difference in player characters making each character more unique and memorable. Another addition to add to this idea would be different clothing to make your character look cooler, one small addition to do this would be to make a wear zipped or unzipped o
  4. Well there's a helicopter event in game. Doubt there are survivors flying that around so I guess there would be some type of military still alive.
  5. I'd make it only drops at town locations and is marked with a red smoke or something so players can see it. Its a tricky one since you cant really go off coordinates on this game. Unless you add grids to the game maps and say its getting dropped in grid 2A or something.
  6. You saw the title. Main idea is to make radios actually have use instead of attracting hungry zomboids to your local bungalow. Airdrops would be a random event and could be a civilian aid airdrop, or a military aid airdrop. These would be announced over radio. This is a good idea because it would actually make radios and walkie talkies (such as the military HAM radio and the military walkie talkie) actually useful. This would make players keep a walkie talky on them at all times (on the belt) in the chance there's an airdrop called in somewhere to grab. You could also create some
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