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  1. Thought exactly the same too! Would be a really nice small addition.
  2. Just played only some days because i thought the game has MP when i bought it. Waiting for MP before i really wanna start a run on it. For me it seems the complete fightmechanic is walking backwards and click. This is boring and easy and when you wanna make this gamemechanic any harder without improving the mechanic at all the result will be some very weird unfunny stuff.
  3. I have seen the minimapmod in several gameplays now, it seems overpowered because you see all the zombies as red points. But often when i am to far away from my home i can not find it anymore, pretty unrealistic because everyone has a smartphone. I would like to save my POI locations, be able to tell friends where i am by streetname or GPS. Handys are very easy to find in this szenario, nearly every zombie should have one. Nearly all with batterie down. Find a charge cable. Main suggestion is adding the minimap without op features like zombiedetection just for navigation. I think this is much content with just relative low effort to implement (from my noob sight at least). In the end its a must have because its absolute unrealistic to not have smartphones! At first this is for the minimap when the handy is equipped on the belt or secondary ... but when you think this further you can add more features to a smartphone. -a short range flashlight -distracting, put a ringtone on a throw it anywhere to lure zombies to it -any roleplay and chatfunctions. just share phonenumbers (just imagine GTA and GTA roleplay servers what the possible potential this have) -connecting to cars, hear music, get quests when you find writings on wall "join this chatgroup" or "call this number for xxx", resource W-LAN because 5G is no more, get some routers up, ...
  4. Dropping Blizzard wisdoms, next punchline is: dont you guys have phones? Dont get down on their niveau pls Hi forums, first post here! Its itching in the fingers to ask daily when its done. Me and 2 mates are waiting too for release, all new to the game. TacticalFriedRice stream gave me the last taste to finally buy it. Playing on hard settings as a new player makes me die a lot and early, thats good, so i dont explore the game alone to much, really wanna wait for MP before make a serious playtrough. pls dont do it like Blizzard. Complete silence until the marketing department of them allows to run the commercial sneak previews. Give us a bone to chew meanwhile
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