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  1. I have seen the minimapmod in several gameplays now, it seems overpowered because you see all the zombies as red points. But often when i am to far away from my home i can not find it anymore, pretty unrealistic because everyone has a smartphone. I would like to save my POI locations, be able to tell friends where i am by streetname or GPS. Handys are very easy to find in this szenario, nearly every zombie should have one. Nearly all with batterie down. Find a charge cable. Main suggestion is adding the minimap without op features like zombiedetection just for navigation.
  2. I watched a lot of tacticalfriedrice on twitch (sry for promoting channels if forbiddnen but its part of the topic). He plays usually any game on hardest settings and actually its PZ. After some playtime he figured out the stone knife is the jack of all trades. Cheap to make, pretty durable, good dmg and knockback. He cleared complete towns of zombies on hard settings with a stone knife. The spear breaks much faster and the axe is to slow so you get often gripped with the same tactic. I think this is debatable. From 1 side to balance reasons, other weapons need to be reas
  3. Dropping Blizzard wisdoms, next punchline is: dont you guys have phones? Dont get down on their niveau pls Hi forums, first post here! Its itching in the fingers to ask daily when its done. Me and 2 mates are waiting too for release, all new to the game. TacticalFriedRice stream gave me the last taste to finally buy it. Playing on hard settings as a new player makes me die a lot and early, thats good, so i dont explore the game alone to much, really wanna wait for MP before make a serious playtrough. pls dont do it like Blizzard. Complete silence until the m
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