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  1. Mustang

    Cherno and tiles.

    id love to play a mode like that.
  2. Mustang


    Oh , i see , damn anyway id be nice to be able to use offhand in combat , (like riot shield and double melee weapons - for example - brass knuckles or again the mentioned above double pistols (revolvers)
  3. Mustang


    Last video from the patch notes - Regarding the practical use - its pretty simple - double the ammount of bullets you can shoot before being spent and needed to reload again.
  4. Mustang


    I see that there will be Dual pistol system (or am i wrong?) if yes, are we going to get proper animations of pistol shooting? (and how is it going to work , one pistol shoot at a time?) NGL , dual pistols are something i would like to play a lot.
  5. Agreed with most of it , (but not with anti virus mushrooms , make no sense to me that mushrooms would cure a blood virus) (there are some cool modes where you can create a sirum from infected blood types to slow/curethe virus , but you still need some knowledge of how to do it and some medicine level , this imo is much better)
  6. I understand your frustration. But its better to get a better product without bugs and enjoy the game. (i bought 5 copies of this game for my friends , and all of us are waiting for the multiplayer too, just give it some time , i think the release is not so far away)
  7. Hello , so i was thinking of suggesting an UI overhaul to make it way easier to navigate through inventory. (i love PZ) and i want it to be even better. (Current inventory seems so old and outdated since it was created almost 10 years ago , and imho it could use some upgrade) So here are some of my suggestions for this idea. Also sorry for my poor english. 1. Overhaul of Character Cloth slots and Armor/Weapon Slots. (this is just a image reference and could be done much better) Pluses of such new inventory could allow players to easy understand what slots for cloth and gear
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