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  1. I got someone out of that horrible mess of zombies somehow without dying!...after about 7 attempts. Makes for a good challenge honestly, can you escape an infested building and still survive?
  2. I think it'd make sense for people who chose illiterate as a trait to be able to "read" comic books, as you don't really need to be able to read to understand the pictures inside of a comic book. Maybe if the effects it gave (Boredom Reduction: -30, Stress Reduction: -20 and Unhappiness: -20) were halved/lowered for anyone with the trait it'd be more balanced?
  3. I'm extremely curious as to the various responses this will receive. What do you guys think would cause a zombie apocalypse in the real world, how would the zombies behave and how would you survive? This is always a topic I always like discussing with friends because almost no two answers are the exact same!
  4. So I was playing on Kingsmouth, made a character, got into the world and started surviving the Zombie Apocalypse as usual. Everything was alright until my first survivor died a horrific death at the hands of a few infected. I sighed and thought I'd just create a new survivor and get the loot from what remained of the first. I created a second survivor and....They spawn in a room FILLED WITH ZOMBIES!!!! There was no chance for them to escape at all. I make a third survivor, same building, same results. Then a fourth, then a fifth....at this point it's getting a bit ridiculous. I found that the
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