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  1. There needs to be some kind of downside to this. There's a reason people sleep in beds, hammocks, tents, and sleeping bags instead of just on the ground--it sucks, and is super uncomfortable. Even sleeping on carpet isn't as comfortable as it sounds.
  2. At the very least being able to install ordinary things such as roof racks and grill guards would be nice.
  3. Found a variety of different natural tinders here which would could be useful: https://www.survivalresources.com/natural-tinder.html Here are the different types that they recommended: Birch and Cedar Bark Cattail and Milkweed "Seed Down" Dried Grass Birdnests "Fatwood", usually from dead tree stumps (Conifer Heartwood, usually in sticks then shaved to start fires; something my father always swore by) Tinder Fungus Which of these would be suitable for Project Zomboid would be up to the devs discretion of course, but I personally have used R
  4. That's the box that appears with the black background and white text while my game is playing correct? If so then it closes whenever it crashes. I may be miss identifying however, so if I'm wrong tell me what I'm looking for and I'll do what I can.
  5. I had paused the game to read the instructions on the new in game actions. Still paused, I hit the x to close out of it and instead the whole game ended.
  6. Went to sleep in a chair, game froze right before my character woke up, and a Windows Alert appeared saying Project Zomboid wasn't responding and asking me to close the process.
  7. There are many situations in which you can't see a zombie, because as we know, being on the North or West sides of walls, you can only see a short distance, and could easily run into a swarm. My idea is that if you can see the zombie, then a yellow outline should appear, so you can actually know it's there without a complete graphics overhaul, whether behind a fence, tree, or wall (behind being relative given the isometric viewpoint.
  8. Yes, very much so yes. It also isn't uncommon to find vet clinics, feed stores, sale barns, and the like out in the middle of no where in the Midwest, as well as other parts in rural America
  9. At the very least there needs to be an outdoors store somewhere. It's Kentucky for pete's sake.
  10. Couln't find it but somewhere in the Forum archives there is a long (I think multiple pages) conversation about this very thing in the suggestions section me and a few others worked on for a while two or three years ago. Ended up with a long list of injuries and I think maybe even medical supplies.
  11. Speaking of crowbars, you should be able to use them to open locked doors and windows too.
  12. It would be pretty neat if they did the actual street names given that the map is partially based off of real world, but for the fake towns or even just in general I think numbered streets would cut it.
  13. I thought at first you meant the color of the text/font, not the picture. I personally would go for font as it would A be less work to add and B would get the point across fairly easy.
  14. It's only the skin that gets this, and only under circumstances, and only in marginal amounts. Green potatoes have a toxin called solanine, which could nausea, diarrhea, and some mental issues. All potatoes have this, but when they are exposed to sunlight and warmth for a long period of time, they get more solanine and chlorophyll. The chlorophyll isn't harmful, it actually help serves as a warning sign that your potato is bad new bears. This seems like a ton of work to implement, so I don't see it getting added any time soon. Also... PZ has potatoes?
  15. You're correct on that. The only way I could see it (one that I'd think would satisfy most people) would for it to be a sandbox option or an optional feature of some kind.
  16. That's what I was thinking, that maybe it'd go along with or shortly after the animations update they've been working on.
  17. With the addition of cars, I'd be excited to see motorbikes, or even just plain bicycles. Here are my ideas on the subject: Bicycle- a human powered vehicle that simply requires human endurance and occasional maintenance, though most of the time even slightly rusty bikes with serve you well, as long as the teeth on the chain don't bust. Has increased mobility over cars but decreased speed. Motorcycle- combines the speed and noise of a car and the mobility of a bicycle. The only negatives with these are noise and the amount of practice it takes to be any good with one. (which
  18. Lock picking in my opinion should be a trait, not a skill.
  19. I could get behind finding solar panels, but not making them. Solar panels are fairly complex, and the average joe or jane has no clue how to make one.
  20. Most wrenches simply aren't big enough to give more than a bad bruise. I like the idea though. Here are my thoughts: Small wrenches- faster tool use, lower to no damage Large wrenches- slower tool use, more uses, damage Pipe wrench- possibly the biggest wrench one would ever come across
  21. While that is true that drivers get better as they drive and thus perform better, vehicles have limitations. For example, an SS Camaro would turn and react a lot faster and better than a U-Haul cube van.
  22. Wasn't sure on that one, thanks.
  23. With the new clothes get dirty system, i would like to see them also get torn up in fights. If you get bit on the torso, a hole should be in your vest. If you climb through a window rife with broken glass, you sweaters sleeves should be torn. With this I suggest sewing. you already have thread and needles, two of the most important things required. Here are a few ideas: Sewing Ideas Chart Stitching clothes- you tear your favorite shirt on broken glass. You want to fix it, so you sew it back together with a needle and thread. Stitching yourself- in a desperate situa
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