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  1. why all of zeds have exactly same look?some of them must be taller and some shorter.some fatter and some thiner.some black and some white
  2. this is what i think and doesnt mean im right.i think the idea of game is great its the the game we all can enjoy.as we enjoyed mine craft.its new great big.but but we should know the team i think is small.its not like EA games or I dont know like GTA or Need for speed developers.as i seen the youtupe video(how not to build a game) its their first game that they released and also the money problem(independent group).so they are making their best.yes we saw the state of decay 2 came out so soon.the thing is there is no choice and also they never tooke a lot of money( the game is under 20 dollar
  3. its good to close the car windows by metal using metal work and also make shield using metal tube to improve car MP and the strike power.
  4. so we come back to solar system.it is in the a survival game like sheltered(check it out)and also very very useful and realistic.if there is a engineer skill and we are going to keep a community with NPCs so we need gas(already provided by last update)and electrisity for houses.
  5. we are getting old.hop the game come out soon otherwise we have to watch our kids playing it.:D
  6. as we look in the gave cover(a man standing with a axe on a car)there must be a way to stand on cars when around it is full of zombies and kick them from top of the car.
  7. the water is so artifacial.it need to move.seas and lake need to move they are like some stone now.waves maybe some blue water moving(not gray stoni :D)tnx
  8. guys if we can charge car battereis so there must be a way to use the their electricity for house(kitchen at least).like gathering some car batteries and charge them then connet them to kitchen.that is a good idea what u think?
  9. i guess they give me a big no(red one):D but im obssesed about milk problem(limit).if its not going to be unlimit so it shouldnt be a need for farming things.
  10. sorry for the many suggestions.promise its the last one.one thing im always thinking to its the limit of milk.because its needed for farming deseases.and it is rare thing.maybe we shoud change it for fighting with deseases with some thing else like i dont know ashes of burning woods or make more milk like with the zombies like ciggarets with them.or making some cow
  11. as the parts of cars are limited to the map one day the will be needed(the game needed to be perfect)maybe oe time in the 30 days one car from no where maybe out of city should enter the city (like zombies entering from woods and bringing loots with them)and a survivor with it so we can take parts of it.
  12. after adding NPCs its cool to make radio transmissions with our Friends NPCs or search for other survivours the join or trade us.
  13. im a real fan of the game i see every thing is settled its great but i bleave for a living game and survival game the hygine an bathroom even washing the infected blood after a day of killing zombies is realistic and needed to be added to the game(we got soap guys :D)
  14. as the aiming and shooting with pistol is so hard and not useful in the game.its good to found and setup some kind of laser on the guns so we can aim the right direction on the target and shoot right at them.
  15. as the solar system is a realistic thing.its good to craft solar plates to produce electricity in the day long and maybe save it to the car batteries we collect.so we can use it during the night
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