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  1. I absolutely don't know how this happend, most likely from burning zombies.
  2. In tutorial, when game asks you for zooming out, if you will zoom out literally nothin happens. Game anyways asks you to zoom out I think we did a pretty good job so far
  3. Yea spear broke, and very sad news - NO FISH
  4. When i was fishing WITH SPEAR in swimming pool, my spear broke and my character glitched in animation of spear fishing, only way to unglitch this is to get injured. Dont even ask why i was fishing in swimming pool
  5. You guys need to add the Customization saving, because you added more clothes. And that would be very comfortable for these players, who likes and spend 15-30 minutes to create their own character.
  6. I noticed what zombies AI is a little bit broken... or completely. Im crazy or AI is broken? NO MODS - West Point
  7. If you press AIM, then you will go faster through the bushes with no slowdown
  8. Red wine 1.0kg ===> Empty bottle 0.3kg ===> Smashed bottle 1.0kg
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