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  1. Grade 11 Law class field trip that didn't go over so well, on account of the zombie apocalypse and all? This is why they make you sign permission slips.
  2. Thinking maybe I should plant some willows in the back yard...
  3. I've seen a product on Amazon once called a beaver ball. Its some kind of furball thing you tie to the bow string, and it somehow dampens the sound of the bow string release. Dunno if they work, or were a thing back in the 90s. Also don't know why it's called a beaver ball.
  4. A little off topic, but the living bridges referred here, if they're the ones I'm thinking of, take more than one human lifetime to make. Back when more primitive cultures cared about the future. I mean, not like it really matters in the long run, but how were they supposed to know how 1993 was gonna turn out?
  5. And claymore mines for the uninvited living and dead.
  6. Assuming zombies have some amount of brain(you have to destroy it to kill em after all), perhaps you should be able to knock em out. It could add a degree of extra danger if the zed behind you that you thought was dead isn't quite there yet. Thoughts?
  7. A one tile jump distance wouldn't be to unreasonable, but I would like to see a nimble check or something, or risk falling. I feel it may be a little OP to simply hop over a gap to safety every time. Add some risk to the action, and I'd be pretty down for this.
  8. Should also be applied any time you alt tab out of the game. Some window thought it would open mid fight... So yeah. That guy died. Also lost a character to a frayed keyboard wire finally giving out, so auto pause in that circumstance would be quite welcome as well.
  9. I haven't played the most recent unstable build, but I somehow doubt that. Outside of mods at least. Kinda goes against the whole "proper zombie" aesthetic the devs are aiming for. Can anyone else confirm this?
  10. I've once advocated for fire detectors once(ever burn your base down?), but I don't think I've thought of or seen a post suggesting a fire alarm. I accept the addition to do this feature in all commercial and civic establisents. Who doesn't like a fire drill?
  11. Players should also be susceptible to tripping over corpses, I think. At least while back pedalling. More corpses in the square equals a higher trip chance, possibly somewhat negated by a high nimble skill.
  12. Hazmat suit is a vanilla item. Don't think they're all that common nowadays. They used to be more common, along with full spiffo mascot suits, and an unseasonly large amount of mall Santa's and xmas elf's. They toned that down as build 41 was being worked on. RNG can be wonky on some items in this game. One playthrough you may never see a certain outfit, or certain items at all, then find them in droves in another.
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