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  1. On the plus side, the recoil could add a little extra punch.
  2. I just got a runny mental image with a character with 1 point in aiming and reloading, turning a 12 gauge around with a round in the chamber, blowing his head off after smashing said zombie. Something about the barrel direction at the time of impact, and a character with limited knowledge of firearms.
  3. They would make fine walking sticks. Also a chance to add shilleleighs, amongst a whole slew of other implements of whacking.
  4. An interesting mechanic is having long weapons, such as spears, if wielded in one hand, adds a small buff to fatigue regen while walking, with optional animation, but forces the player to reequip as a two handers for successful use in combat.
  5. Gaggle is the word for a group of geese, so I can only interpret this as and interspecies erotica.
  6. Perhaps a limitation based on the engine?(items seems through walls) If the items were susceptible to line of sight, like zombies and cars, this probably wouldn't happen, but I feel like items popping into and out of "existence" when you turn around in whatever area they are placed might look a little more off.
  7. Ah. Like hitting the edge of the map. Was unpleasant the first time I tried to do that. Lol. Thanks for the reply.
  8. Cloth armor is actually really effective. It is hard to cut through a properly made gambeson (what D&D calls padded, and only gives an AC bonus of 1) with a sword unless your edge is super sharp. It seems counter intuitive, but that stuff is surprisingly effective against slashing attacks. And teeth ain't that sharp. Although I agree there is a degree of "unhuman" strength to the undead, but their muscles are based of human physiology, and teeth aren't indistructable, and not overly sharp. However, if they bust their teeth up biting into metal, it could create an added threat of piercing, if they crack and fall apart in the right way. I split a molar once, munching on an unpopped pop corn kernel (not intentional, of course), and it literally turned the inside of my tooth into a little knife, to the point I had to file it down so I wouldn't cut my tongue. Dentist was.super booked for the week... So your idea definitely out of the question. I do feel it is likely for balance though, as in game any piece of protection breaks wherever they hit you, or in the case of headgear, falls off. I think the idea is to give every area that can be struck only one chance to stop the attack before forcing the player to reequip or repair every time they're hit. I do find the groin strikes that take your pants off a little jarring though... "I could swore I put pants on when I left the safehouse this morning...."
  9. Also, when MP is out the door, is that to be considered build 41's stable release? Or is build 42 still down the road.
  10. You also get a different effect during the day based on cloud cover, if I'm not mistaken. Every now and again, as a car pops into or out of sight, you can see the engine under the hood. I'm understood that there is future plans to be able to physically open the hood to access the mechanics. So many good features just waiting to come to life. I second the OP.
  11. I may have missed the description of the term black boxing, but Google searches have led me in all kinds of non video game related definitions. What's that term mean in regards to zomboid?
  12. I suspect it's the way it is more for balance than realism when dealing with armor. You could just put on a shit load of clothing in reality, like layering up, and even the strongest of bites wouldn't be able to pierce the skin. I'm sure the wearer would feel a mighty pinch, and be left with a nice painful whelp, but if the devs went for the realistic approach, you could make yourself a bit of a tank of sorts with just plenty layers of clothes, which would ultimately dismantle the experience TIS is going for, I think. But the modding community is pretty rad.
  13. I love the whole line of sight mechanic in game, as it adds that sense of "oh, hello, I didn't see you Yarghh!" And vegetation is a good sightline blocker. However, I think there should be a mechanic in game, be it a skill or trait, that improves ones ability to see through vegetation to a degree. The following as a real life example of such an ability. My uncle, Fisher, trapper, hunter woodsman kind of fellow took me hunting for my first time many moons ago. Technically, he was looking for this years beaver dams, but brought me a long for a little skoot and shoot. We were driving down a narrow backroad, with the eaves of evergreen trees scraping either side of the truck, with only a crack of open sky above. In other words, thick ass Woodlands, almost all evergreen trees. Suddenly he stops and asks if I was "that". I did not. Anyway, he tossed me the gun, and pointed a direction. After about 2 minutes of looking, I finally say the tiny head of a partridge through the eaves of three trees worth of evergreen. Basically, those with a lot of woodland or hunting experience should get some kind of bonus chance to spot through trees, while a city slicker like myself has got to stare at the same spot for an unsafe amount of time to notice anything. Maybe a spotting skill, or woodman trait or something that makes deep wood navigation for someone accustomed to it a little better at spotting the dangers. I assume it could somehow be tied to the hearing mechanic, as it seems to be the thing that 'spots' zeds outside of your normal field of vision. Anyways, just a thought. Make the rangers woodland navigation speed more than a quicker way to walk into a waiting bite.
  14. I think a neat mechanic would be an alternate to a shove. As a zed comes in, make it able to grab a lunging zombie, and sort of toss/shove him behind you. If you are cornered, it could leave a small chance of making a large enough opening to slip through. If something was trying to eat me, and the only way I could shove it is in the direction I wanna go, I'm just going to allow him to do the heavy work, and nudge him enough to get around and fight/book it. Thoughts?
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