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  1. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2573418067 Hopefully this helps.
  2. Can also be done with plastic pop bottles and a knife. Not the greatest stuff, but reasonably strong, assuming it's not an old as bottle that's been sitting out in the sun for years.
  3. Fire hardened spear tips, while they're at it.
  4. When I'm home from work, I'll see if I can't find the link. If you're antsy to give it a try sooner, try searching for high contrast moodles, or status effects. If I recall, I believe it was slightly configurable too. So maybe that it has options for colorblindness.
  5. I think there are a few mods on the steam workshop if you have that version of PZ. I haven't tested it out yet, but there is also a mod that let's you free draw on the map. I definitely want to give that one a try.
  6. I imagine this'll be addressed in thr future, as it doesn't seem fit all that well. Probably added as a mechanic to keep players from hunkering down and hitting max time-lapse to pass the day as opposed to going out and risking death. Boredom increases while sitting in a car. Don't know if it also rises as you drive or not. Not a fan of its current implementation, and am hoping it gets addressed in the future.
  7. I'm just a player like yourself, with limited(at best) understanding of the actual code, so I doubt it could be of much real help. The thing that sticks out to me is the way some of the tiles ate cut off ag.the top. When a recent update came out that turned 3D placed items into 2D sprites, they were cut off in a similar manner if they were taller objects. They fixed that in recent update, but I looks similar to the issue that.the sprites had. No idea if your issue is of a similar nature.
  8. The joys of overmodding. I've not seen this particular jank before, so I couldn't even begin to guess what it is. But conflicts? Seen many of them. I wouldn't be surprised if 10% of my total play time is trying to track down the culprit mods. And sometimes I never find the conflict. Trial and error is your only friend here, unless you post a list of the mods you are using. Do that, and maybe someone can find the conflict if they recognize it. Good speed and God luck on your quest.
  9. Makes sense when you put it that way. It's been a while since I last tried, but can you still put a fridge inside a fridge?
  10. I think they'll occasionally spawn in wardrobes in residential areas. Not usually an issue, as you normally start with one. Of course, being naked may hinder that.
  11. All indoor locations are an ambient 22C(whatever in farenheit) while the power is on, but I've never noticed if a generator that is running has the same effect or not. I would assume all rooms within range of the generator would also be 22C, but I never tried to verify this in game. I can tell you that an open pit fire next to your bed is a bad idea when it comes to keeping warm overnight. That fire lit my character on fire twice, and somehow he survived. Until I came across my first Z. Burned legs really slow you down, I tells you what.
  12. If you refer to the way they handled it in State of Decay, I have my doubts. You can swap between two characters in single player, but unless you're playing split screen, only one character exists at a time.(under load game, select more options, and you can make a second character). I'm sure someone in the modding community will rig this up once NPCs drop, assuming there is a demand for it.
  13. Encumbrance does have effects, if I'm not mistaken. You lose fatigue much quicker when running or walking. Also, at max encumbrance, you don't regain any fatigue just standing around, like you normal would(same if you are at max tiredness, so I assume the negatives stack in this case.)
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