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  1. Mice also breed like wildfire in favorable conditions. Humanity was overrun by zombies. And now you can add mice to that mix with the caveat that they eat your food instead of you(canned and jarred food need not apply). Perhaps live capture for use as bait for bigger animals? Or breed them for a shity source of renewable food? Too many things you can do with a mouse. Like even speed breeding feeder mice until you have an army, then letting them loose at your former employer's place of business? Endless.
  2. Well color me dimwitted. Thank you for the advice I should have clearly considered. My derp.
  3. I like to use a lot of mods, but don't like disabling all of them off to trouble shoot mod inconpatiblity. Then having to enable them again is also annoying. Add a feature to save mods to presets. Clothing, character creation, and sandbox game settings can, so why not mods?
  4. I got ya. Goals set within the games framework with some kind of reward at the end beyond pure roleplay. Set a goal, fuck up a few times, hide the evidence you tried, put down for a bit, pick up again, complete, then get paid. I like, so long as the reward isn't overly imbalancing or anu type of physical loot outside, perhaps, an overly complicated crafting task that perhaps produces a marginally superior result.(slightly longer lasting baseballbat, a door with a bit more hp, food recipie that adds a slight fatigue respite like coffee does, an unlimited ammo autodefense turret, etc)
  5. Have you been playing the free release of Sheltered on epic games also? It has a neat system for identifying items you want by flagging them should you, the player, flag the item you want to construct, so any time you come across an item you need, it is flagged so you don't leave it behind as presumed junk, or something you may not realize is something you need.
  6. Might be a good idea to have smoke alarms period! And I also agree with all the OP.
  7. I'm not 100%, but I think vehicle keys are color coded, matching the color of the vehicle they are for. Granted, on the realistic part of things, if you find a car key on the ground, at best you'll know the manufacturer. Good luck IDing which car that key you found on the ground at a Toyota dealership is actually for. Well, 1993 keys that didn't have panic alarms and wireless electric door locks. Were those a thing then?
  8. I wonder if pest rodents will be a thing when animals drop. The shits in real life threaten food stores, why not a civilization ending zombie apocalypse too? Add some more important functionality to them than just generating food. Or generating unhappiness producing food in an attempt to protect your own good food.
  9. Probably those times you quit, but forgot your base is under siege, I would guess. I do kind of interpret the whole "Touch any key" bit when you load up as a sort of pseudopause. Just hit F2 twice at that screen. F2 once as the any key, F2 again as pause. An auto pause on minimize would be a godsend though. That pesky windows key is a little too close to some of the combat controls. I hate it even more than the default 'shout' key next to the walk keys.
  10. Not sure if it is related, or if it's been patched in the last few updates, but using the same ui mod, I noticed that when using the walk to feature at a walking pace, your character doesn't regen fatigue at all like you would walking normally. I meant to comment on it a while ago, but my good intentions slipped through the cracks. This post triggered that sense of dejavu, but I've been unable to test it yet. I'll try to remember to post if I do, but I'm on my first day of what will likely become a week long bender of weed and whiskey. Not the best combination for zomboid, as I've learned far to often.
  11. Issues like these are common with a lot of modders items. Many item mods that alter the hammer wind up rendering useless for construction. It looks like the devs may have actually made that mistake this time around.
  12. I was worried this wouldn't drop before my week of vacation. It is official, I will accomplish nothing productive until next month.
  13. Tow useless cars with good gas tanks back to base. They may be a little bit space inneficient, but I've done it on at least 1 playthrough where I couldn't seem to find any Jerry cand. Much handier if you got one of them fuel truck mods. I think the one I used held something like 500 units of gas. Can't remember which mod in particular, but there aren't many(maybe only even 1).
  14. Was figuring that was kind of the case, just never tested it, nor seen any youtubers succumb to it. I tend to avoid backing up my saves, excluding my "mess around" character I play between builds. Haven't made a replacement one since the 41.51 patch dropped, so I didn't have a Guinea pig ready to test it out. And with 41.54 around the corner, didn't really feel like starting a new one yet. Thanks all for the replies.
  15. I've been playing for a number of years now, but have been so careful not to eat rotten food, but I must have accidentally drank tainted water at some point. I'm just curious of its lethality, without having to use one of my characters as a Guinea pig. I imagin tainted water probably takes a lot to kill you, otherwise I'm sure I'd have died because of that at least once by now. But rotten steaks? Would one kill a character? Or say, seven?
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