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  1. Should I come back? I never finished like I wanted to.
  2. Should I update the mod? Is anyone actually using it?
  3. As of right now, there is no way to edit the character 2d sprites as far as I know. They are all contained in the "Characters.pack" and if I understand correctly no one has been able to successfully unpack, modify and repack that particular file.
  4. First Beta release, download is on page 1.
  5. I think you install the extension mod and enable it to get everything working. Coild be an issue with Redboid though? Do I install the Extension Mod in a different directory than the zombie folder?Drop the MLMOD folder into your mod folder. Then at the main menu go to mods and enable it.
  6. I think you install the extension mod and enable it to get everything working. Coild be an issue with Redboid though?
  7. One big hurdle to deal with is character creation. The creation menu uses sprites to show hair. This could be done in such a way that the character screen shows bald hair, but rather chooses custom options. Of course with some work, a 3D model can be shown. Another thing to factor in is the potential issue of custom hair and multiplayer. If the data is sent as a String via C2S / S2C, then there is no issue with custom hair as long as the client can handle invalid hair types. The only problem that I'm having right now is getting my model loader integrated into yours. I had given up on trying
  8. Either I need someone with more java experience than myself to give me a hand getting it to work with jabs model loader or I'll have to release a standalone version and then create a mod adding my hair styles to jabs model loader as wigs that can be found on the map.
  9. I can release the mod now but, I still haven't gotten it to work with jabs model loader. So it would be the choice of mine or his. This means you would have to choose between having new weapon or having new hair. If anyone knows more about java than me and would like to give me a hand or guide me in the right direction that would be great. I'm just can't seem to get the modelmanager class to recompile. But, I don't think jab has even updated his mod so I don't think I can get it to work anyway. I think i may get in touch with one of the weapon mod makers and see about getting permission to ad
  10. Update: Done, Will be releasing sometime after Christmas!! 2 versions will be released, one that supports Jabs Modelloader and one that is standalone.
  11. I will actuall be replacing the mohawk that has the extra hair for a different hair style. I will also be remaking the afro and liberty spikes. Those two were just thrown together when I first started making the mod.
  12. Instead of replacing the messy hair I'll just add it with the others except with a new name. It may just end up being the spikey hair. Also the only hair left on the list is the ponytail because a few weren't even viable because there isn't textures to distinguish the direction the hair is actually flowing.
  13. Wrong section sorry. I meant to post it in help.
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