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  1. Called it!! , Congratulations Xeonyx and also TIS for hiring him. Happy day and happy news


    So the inventory will be a "big one" that you can increase or decrease with bags, jackets, pockets and so one, and it will work as a whole, i love it On the hand bag thing, i think will be good that if you equip a container on a hand, the hand icon will stay active and the container will be below the hand, so you have quick access to the container to put the bat in the bag, and also the hand, to equip the bat, and put the container where the bat came from, if the container cant fit anywhere, having a container and a weapon on the same hand will diminish your combat skills until you do something or drop it on the ground. This is my idea showing one hand with the bag, and the other hand with a hammer. Thanks for the work and love you guys put in the game
  3. Directly on you is a bad gameplay idea, but a lightning strike near you on a 1/1000 chance, that can cause a fire and if the tiles where the strike goes are flammable it can spread, can be the cherry on the top for our lovely storms


    Congrats to Batsphinx on the new member of the team
  5. 825 With the Weather coming on, will be great to have an admin system/panel to play with the weather on a server
  6. Hey Xeonyx! Dont you worry about the people asking for it, things are done when they are done, you have done an awesome work with new denver since the beggining, and im sure you will be doing it once you get better of that, anything can do to help, dont hesitate to ask. (Also on my thinking, i always have thought that tis should hire you to help ringo and mash :P) You are great!
  7. Check the tools on steam for the game, you can find the dedicated server tools along with the modding tools.
  8. Try this https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1308392484
  9. 770 Its time to give some love to the Barrels. To store liquids like water or fuel. With a bit of metalwork skill you can use them as barrel bonfires. And also make scraps for Metalwork from them.
  10. Only wooden floor? What about player-made metal floors? They work as roads already?
  11. 749 The ability to build wooden fence doors for carpentry and double doors on both building professions
  12. Just add the mods names, ids and/or map folder names to the servertest.ini file, and the server should download and get the mods ready once you reboot it
  13. I compresed some threads to fit all in the picture
  14. 560. With the cars, we need Garage doors, maybe with keys and remotes to open close when you are near. Its hard to add a safe garage to a base without them and speaking about doors... 561. Double doors for the construction menu to craft.
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