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  1. Hi, trying to gauge the current feasibility of an idea: I'd like to generate a base isometric projection map from OpenStreetMaps data for a major city. I think simply creating a base layer tilemap with green area, lots, and roads would help lay the foundation of a large map project that I'd like to work on with multiple people. Could anyone point me at some info regarding how this base map layer is generated: tile image properties, base layer format, schemas, max sizes, multi-map linking strategies, etc?
  2. Big fan, saw the recent blog post about your new texturing: http://projectzomboid.com/blog/2016/06/bloody-business/. Since it gives you the ability to combine as many textures as you like, I thought: why not add, as time passes, ageing to all found clothing in the game, conveying the encroaching worldly demise, perhaps as a sepia-toned texture set with minor imperfections.
  3. Most transgender people don't want a mixture of external sex traits, such as a beard and breasts; they identify as the opposite gender they were born into, in which case they could be represented through the game as simply picking the sex they identify with.
  4. Yes, I'm not suggesting the camera change at all.
  5. So I know that the environment models are mostly 2D images right now, and this is a simulated isometric 3D view, but would it be possible to use the Rift's dual screens to create the illusion of depth based on the simulated camera view? This would give the game, when played through the headset, the feel that one is peering down on a macabre model town.
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