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  1. "Co-created" hahah Congrats RJ, TIS, everyone!

    Launch Procedures

  3. NPCs are the biggest thing to me, its taken up years of my life, because I knew how high they were aiming, and Ive believed in them since, for years, i spent countless hours, days, even weeks, researching and waiting for anything NPC related. But overtime, ive come to learn to respect the fact that, "theyre ready when theyre ready" and its been like that ever since for me. But I am entrusting them in their 5 step release plan after the Animations (animations being probably the first step) and I just really hate how people are giving hate on this game, just let them work, and people complain that the 5 step roadmap is "JUST STARTING??" no its not, they even stated on a reply that "who said we werent working on the other steps while pushing out other updates?" You guys, please think before you post is all im trying to say, and please research too, ive found out way more than I wanted in doing so, and thats whats made me come to the mindset to trust the devs because they know what they are doing, and I respect that, even if it takes another 6 years xDDD (Please dont ) they want this game to finish (including NPCs) 100 million times more than we do. Like many people who has believed said, its only a matter of patience. ^ This post was just to state my opinion on the game, please, no hate.
  4. Bro, I dont think i could have summarized as good as you did. I could not have said it any better You are 100% correct bro, imagine, those NPCs could do that back then? imagine what they could do now, after all that "undercover" editing and improvements, Im pretty sure you can even have some sort of walking dead thing happen to you in that game xD like with Negan and everything, except you can play any role in that scenario xD Im rly hyped
  5. xDDDDDD Oh i can never forget that line xDD However, after the videos, shit started going haywire af, so the devs like, destroyed all evidence. All that you can ever find is some commentary summing up one of the videos done by a youtuber years ago. Damn, if the NPCs could do ALL THAT back then, imagine what they should* be able to do now
  6. If you guys are old enough to remember that one mondoid about the metaverse, I was like holy shit this is amazing, it could do soo much stuff already, and guess what that was 3 years ago, imagine how hard they have been working on it and how much better it is now. Tales from the Metaverse. https://projectzomboid.com/blog/2013/01/tales-from-the-metaverse/ If you haven't already, make sure to check it out, this is pretty much my favorite mondoid in PZ ever
  7. Ehhh, Not rly as fun, no one on my friends list wanna get the game, and most servers with people tend to have massive amounts of corpses. Sometimes I just like to play alone with computer AI Dont judge me
  8. I mean, I would, its just that there are no other zombie games is like PZ, which is atm one of the most "realistic" zombie survival game. And it just gets really lonely in my single player survival play through. and i also played state of decay for like 2 years and i got tired of it but it was pretty fun
  9. Now we all know, and respect* that the devs are working very very VERY hard on NPC's but some of us have just been waiting for a really long time, and want to fill our empty single player survival world with some friends. (Now sure, you can just play multiplayer or whatever, but me, throughout my life I've been playing games with bots w/o people and I really enjoyed it. NPCs in this game will have a greater impact to your PZ experience when it does get implemented, but all I really wanted was to have some type of companion/enemy/survivor in the background in my single player play-through. These mods will give you the ability to spawn NPC's on demand and they will move around and shoot by themselves, Ill let the videos and the mod explain itself. Recommend Installing Both. Epic Battle Mod (To spawn survivors on demand, END+DELETE Keys) http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=776479138&searchtext= ^Videos in the link Survivors! Mod (More intellegent survivors) http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=786130456 ^Videos also in link THIS GUY UPDATES THIS MOD LIKE EVERYDAY AND IT KEEPS GETTING BETTER, This guy is my favorite PZ modder or overall modder in general. I hope you enjoy these mods as a fill-in for the upcoming NPC's s. EDIT: Use controller if you dont want your NPCs to aim at the same place as you. (Thanks to davisilva26) *IMPORTANT EDIT* NOLAN UPDATED THE SURIVORS MOD, THEY JUST FOLLOW YOU NOW, W/O FOLLOWING YOUR EVERY MOVEMENT! READ MOD DESC AND DOWNLOAD.
  10. $SCREAMER$

    I thee Zed

    ooooh shaaitteee Newly weds up in here. Congrats.
  11. Aww fuck I have to change EVERY single password I use for everything. Fuuuuuuucckkkkk
  12. Hmmm, pancake house of death? Ihop?
  13. $SCREAMER$

    Thirty fivin'

    So yea your speculation is somewhat accurate, BUT we have had some delays/setbacks in the past so I wouldnt really count on it.
  14. $SCREAMER$

    Thirty fivin'

    There is, an "accidental" ETA that one of the devs said. Chris said that "In the heat of the moment, someone doesnt realize what they have said after 10 seconds of saying it, a wise person would ignore anything said in them" That was basically what he said
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