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  1. Livio Persemprio

    Official Translation Files V2

    i'd like to volunteer for the Italian translation, it is very outdated and sometimes outright wrong. how can i help with that?
  2. Livio Persemprio


    lol now i'm imagining the tutorial guide speaking as nick
  3. Livio Persemprio


    very very good, keep up the great work guys! one thing i'd really love to know is if you're gonna vhange the aiming system a bit with the anims update: i know it's hard to hit moving targets and i dig this, but could we have a way of knowing what our character is aiming at? right now i have no way of knowing which zed i'm aiming towards, as long as all of them are in my field of view. also any word on bows? those silent weapons are hard to balance though. lastly, I've read/seen a lot of animations recently, all very cool, and i love how they change gameplay too, and i bet most of the common actions lile eating and drinking are also in, but but buuuuut do we have an animation for smoking? it is a silly detail but i'm a sucker for visible smoking cigarettes
  4. Livio Persemprio

    Zed Tumble

    through my time following zomboid i learned two thibgs: programming is a nightmare, and also your dedication and passion for this game is amazing. just out of curiosity, will we have a lab coat? i don't like the surgery room's outfit, it only makes sense in a sterilized environment and on top of that nothing screams doctor more than a fancy white labcoat (also good for roleplaying as mad scientists. el. psy. kongroo.). in a perfect world where you'll add it i'd even have the preference of it being unbottoned like this but i'd take anything really
  5. Livio Persemprio

    Grave Intention

    Amazingly good news Do you happen to have by any chance a doctor's lab coat among the new clothes?
  6. Yes, npc development have probably halted a couple of times due to technical limitations, that's my guess as well, so what? They did the impossible already with the shittiest engine on earth. They even hired more professional people to try and beat those limitations, and i'm sure as hell they will. Game have ups and downs but it is one of those that will go somewhere
  7. Don't worry about that, the biggest fans of the game are actually the devs themselves, they want to deliver the game exactly as it's been promised, that's why the game has beenbeen in development for so long
  8. Livio Persemprio

    Maul Rats

    That zombie ball got me scared quite a bit, but now wanna play zombieball. Imagine rocket league in zomboid. With vehicles becoming polished i'm about to get back in the game to play with gf, and when anims will reach the same state i'll go ahead and buy the fourth gift copy so that i'll have all my friends on a server together ^^
  9. I added the electricity stuff thanks to your thread, thanks again
  10. I think it's time to fix some half done works: 522: metal stuff should have more hp than wooden one, thank you for putting your time with the coding but right now there is no point in trying: less hp, harder to gather skills and materials, louder so that a zombie knocking will attract way more. 523: fix gas pumps, in multiplayer the admin is needed to spawn gas or to enable loot respawn which a lot of people dislike, just so that more than 1 player ever will be blessed with the sight of a working generator. Running a small community like this is not fun, please allow us to siphon from pumps or to power them, or to siphon from cars, it is just quality of life 524: make life easier for electricians, most players don't bother because there is very little you can dismantle that grants xp, and stuff like house alarm (the item) is still a legend to mostly everybody
  11. I'd love bycicles tho iirc the devs said already that it's a lot of work so they won't be added anytime soon
  12. Livio Persemprio

    Another Aiming Suggestion

    So if i click in the generic direction of the zed i'd have a chance of hitting in that area? Sometimes i play with friends that are easily scared and need my protection, sometimes i make it so my whole game revolves around protecting them, and being able to prioritize a particular zed when shooting would be great, allowing me to try some last second save, risking a miss and calling a horde even if i succeed
  13. Livio Persemprio

    Another Aiming Suggestion

    Hmmm. I think i can buy that, but what if i want to shoot a zed that is going for a friend? I'd risk to aim other zeds first (assuming i have good l.o.s. of course). If your idea solves this one as well then i'm all for it
  14. Livio Persemprio

    Another Aiming Suggestion

    Happened tho, and the system i've spoken about already adds a chance for you to shoot the wrong target, but it's way different from having the game choosing a random target for you. Let's say it's just one mofo running from you and say 1 zed 3 meters on the right and another still in your l.o.s. but not even close to the human enemy. With your system i'll have the same chance to be aiming at either of the three, wich results in a really innatural outcome and the feeling of frustration, not to mention that using a gun is already pretty heavy on the risk side and quite poor on the reward side (tho i think the game has to show somehow that shooting a moving target requires experience and cold blood, and the amount of noise is fine as well) Tl;dr I'd like a system where aiming is easier and the rng balances with miss chance, balancing as well the high risk that using a gun involves per se
  15. Livio Persemprio

    Another Aiming Suggestion

    But you'd get in a situation where you want to shoot somebody/something and the character shoots something else deliberately. Imagine that you're all teaming up and one of us lose his shit and starts to run away with vital supplies or after surprise Killing someone else, you wouldn't be able to command your character to aim that person, everybody would just randomly try to hit everybody else. I'd like to be able to tell my character whom or where to shoot, and then it could just miss if it was too far, too unskilled or too nervous, panicking etc.