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  1. how do you make the stab happen? i wholeheartedly agree, in zombie lore handguns are basically only good for killing a zombie in a grapple situation. my suggestion is that, unless you are weakened by great exertion or stuff like that, you should be able to consistently perform the shot, because the noise will be enough of a drawback per se. this also means tho that zombies must be able to grab you way more often, since there will be a guaranteed way to escape if the player is prepared
  2. yeah i guess so, it's basically on but not on purpose. which is a golden chance to test how viable sneaking is before you patch it out unless it only works around fences for some weird reasons. smell is the last big obstacle to master for sneak players so i'm quite hyped to give it a try
  3. what do you mean with smell radius? i thought smell wasn't a thing yet?
  4. glad to put it to rest with one last word from me, with the same pre assumption of not being a personal attack. apocalypse can be played right now with a combat oriented mindset because it's still flawed. as the game evolves, the devs will keep doing whatever they can to prevent the mode to be played the way you do now. why would you go through that? i'll also add that the devs repeatedly stated that they do not wish for survivor to be easier, they just wish for it to be more combat oriented, but without feedback they's just so much they can do. those two things above are facts, so it's only natural to suggest you to go that way, but it's not like my life depends on you realizing it. apocalypse is NOT the way the game is meant to be played, it's just a mode for people that prefer problem solving over brute force, and every game mode is going to be improved over their ideal playstyle. those are not my words, those are the devs words, words that you chose to ignore, especially the "combat is often best avoided" part, so your feedback on that regard is wasted time for them, i'm sorry to put it so bluntly but you need to stop feeling like apocalypse is a superior mode provide help that is actually needed where is needed. survivor won't ever improve if people keep treating it like this you had your argument, i had mine, now let's leave space for others to say what they think, in respect of the devs' vision of the game
  5. survivor is too easy, that's why it could use your help in balancing in a challenging way that revolves around combat. i don't inderstand. commodities and tools are the reason you have to leave base and scavenge even months in after the apocalypse, that's why they are so rare. it's unrealistic nut provides gameplay balance. here we go again. you're not supposed tl be able to clear a full area alone, and the game will be further balanced in that direction, so, again, help balance the fighting focused mode if you like to solve problems by fighting. it is perfectly doable to sneak around even with a high population, and once you killed them all you are just free to loot, breaking the balance of the game. pit together some ideas, make survivor more balanced and enjoy that, there is no shame in playing as you like, but they will never make apocalypse more fight centered. if anything, apocalypse will become even less fighting centered so help where you'd be very very helpful, survivor needs the help of people like you. let apocalypse be the mode where, as the mode's description says "combat is often best avoided"
  6. liking to approach things head on is the wrong mindset, you'd be very useful for helping the devs finding a good difficulty balance on survivor instead. loot distribution this scarce is a gameplay necessity, in the axe post you said you can already survive months with no effort, having a realistic amount of loot would make it too easy and shorten the time required before you're self sufficient by too much. zombie distribution is a bit wonky right now, but in the intended version geras' suggestion is basicly perfect, like what happens in every zombie story. i would just add wandering hordes to the mix. random respawn would be very very nice, this way you'd never be sure if you're safe. neither being sure it's empty nor being sure everything respawned, perfect
  7. i never said you can't kill stuff in apocalypse, i'm currently at day 14 and killed more than 100 zombies. it means that combat is often best avoided, and the game will be balanced more towards that direction. the game is meant to be hard, and there are a lot of things people do on twitch to cheese as much difficulty away of the game as they possibly can. try not abusing those mechanics and see if you are really safe and guaranteed. nothing should be guaranteed in apocalypse so, again, move to survivor and ask the devs to make its combat more challenging, because apocalypse will keep getting harder and as soon as your cheese will be patched out you'll be back complaining about the difficulty. you have a mode all about combat, ask to make that one better instead of dumbing down the mode we like as dangerous. just to clarify, all of my "you" are generic yous, not You Zyggylata, i don't kbow you so i would never talk directly to you like this
  8. you are allowed to move and swing at the same time, but when the hit connects you get a moment of halt before you can swing again. this pause is intended for preventing you from killing entire groups alone, but somehow you found a way of preventing this effect and you still kill groups also, to reiterate, apocalypse is meant to be the mode where you live on borrowed time, were you are the prey and have to think in order to survive. skilled combat is a thing for survivor mode, that is the game mode you want
  9. if your idea of good weapon is what you show in the video then i think apocalypse is not the mode for you. this looks way more like what you should do in builder/survivor mode, and in there many weapon acts like this without exploiting a game's weakness. anyone can enjoy the game as they wish, but please don't ask to buff the weapon even more. if anything, this axe requires your exploit to be patched out, so an indirect nerf. most of us want the zombies to be as dangerous as possible, because, frankly, the moment we stoo fearing them is the moment the game becomes boring. so, enjoy the game the way you like it most but i highly doubt they would allow such brokenness to be even buffed. we're the preys, not the hunters
  10. there are already too many reliable weapons, imo the wood axe is better as it is now: slow and heavy, it will likely one shot but it's exhausting enough that you won't use it as a main weapon. you really want to save it for trees, it's not intended to be good for anything else
  11. that is the best idea i ever heard about farming i'd just add a little input: the crops being seasonal is great and the farmer displaying informations is even better, but if there is no element of randomness (like the random poison berry for foraging) then people will just compile a spreadsheet with timetables for seasonal plants. i mean, this should be possible to an extent but i think the farmer should have a more precise information so that he gets an extra buff to his planting
  12. lovely as usual. what does smoothened fence vaulting mean? is that a way to prevent our characters from auto jumping off balconies or stairs? also do you have any plans on preventing players from killing a town worth of zombies with a single car? it will become increasingly annoying when multiplayer will be back
  13. in my experience, the ai still magically knows your position for about 5ish seconds after they loose los, i usually take it into account without thinking too much about it, it is definitely on purpose, but i still manage to loose them without too much effort
  14. iirc the devs spread the rumor themselves, then dataminers ruined that, no point in trying anymore. bites are a complicated matter, let's just focus on the fact that even for scratches we get the queasy moodle so quickly that there's no point in waiting and hoping
  15. oh, makes sense, a combo of rabis both being slow and super rare, so basically they produce a vaccine just for you whenever it is needed. to be fair, i have no clue my go to solution would be better, maybe people would get cocky and ignore the danger since it doesn't require anything special to fix. a small enough percentage of lethal animals should work ay mmt making you afraid of the animals but not in a situation of unfair death too easily. who knows, but i enjoy the discussion ^^
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