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  1. Maul Rats

    That zombie ball got me scared quite a bit, but now wanna play zombieball. Imagine rocket league in zomboid. With vehicles becoming polished i'm about to get back in the game to play with gf, and when anims will reach the same state i'll go ahead and buy the fourth gift copy so that i'll have all my friends on a server together ^^
  2. Controller help

    Thanks a lot will fiddle with the settings asap and I think yours will help a lot ^^
  3. Controller help

    Howdy, today i bought a cheap controller to play with my girl, tried latest vehicle build. everything seems fine, but i can't manage to find the attack button and the pause button, also the left stick movement is fine but the right one about facing during stealth is inverted. How can I fix that? I see there is a config file but I don't understand it sadly
  4. game unplayable on new pc

    Sadly, yes. i'm starting to think something is bottlenecking the pc because even the main build stutters like crazy, but other heavier games play just fine. I just tried on my gf notebook and it works almost fine there. Based on your datas, it should work fine with my specs? The optimizations were quite evident on the laptop compared to a couple of months ago
  5. game unplayable on new pc

    Update: tried again after the many optimizations. Nothing. Guess i'll play from the old pc when the time comes. Waiting for vehicles to be done to give it a try and see if te old rig can do it
  6. game unplayable on new pc

    i google a bit and managed to do the dxdiag easily, though i'm not sure i've found the complete specs you asked, that's what i got worth mentioning also that i have no mods active as far as i can see i've also posted the logs of both vehicles and main builds let me know anything else i can do to help ^^ vehicles log.txt DxDiag.txt main build logs.txt
  7. game unplayable on new pc

    Don't worry, you're trying to help, I appreciate it. This new pc has a shit ton more ram in comparison to the old one (32g vs 8g), if it needs something set particularly that would be great, quick fix, but we'll need someone from the staff to point that out as soon as one has a little bit of spare time
  8. game unplayable on new pc

    But i've been told zomboid uses its own internal version of java already bult in, though somebody should confirm it
  9. game unplayable on new pc

    No clue, where should I look? YES! exactly the same, constant freezing and handling the car as if I forgot the hand brake on. thanks, with this video it's way easier to understand what's the issue with a quick glance. Still bugged like that for you? The good new is that the fix for one will probably work for the other as well
  10. game unplayable on new pc

    hello, i really need some help ;_; i've been playing zomboid on my pc for a couple of years on a win 10 with nvidia 780 ti and dual core 64 bit intel i5 processor with 3.4 ghz, 8gb ram everything was amazing there now i switched to a new one, which is intel i7 6700k with 4.0 ghz, 32 gb ram and nvidia gtx 970. i've tried both the stable build and latest vehicle build (v 26) and both runs awfully. generally loading up taked twice as much, and on the screen "click to start" if i click more than once i crash. once in the game, i get about 15 fps no matter the graphic settings, and if i try to input actions quickly, like running, zooming in or out or anything i freeze for a couple of seconds. additionally, in the vehicle build, if i get in a car and start running i activate the "granpa's on wheels" mode, where my car's max speed is stuck at like 5mph - 10kmh. i've tried this in steam co op as well and my friend could go sonic fast while i still could only go snail mode. plz halp ;_; let me know what kind of details more i can provide to help the troubleshooting
  11. I added the electricity stuff thanks to your thread, thanks again
  12. I think it's time to fix some half done works: 522: metal stuff should have more hp than wooden one, thank you for putting your time with the coding but right now there is no point in trying: less hp, harder to gather skills and materials, louder so that a zombie knocking will attract way more. 523: fix gas pumps, in multiplayer the admin is needed to spawn gas or to enable loot respawn which a lot of people dislike, just so that more than 1 player ever will be blessed with the sight of a working generator. Running a small community like this is not fun, please allow us to siphon from pumps or to power them, or to siphon from cars, it is just quality of life 524: make life easier for electricians, most players don't bother because there is very little you can dismantle that grants xp, and stuff like house alarm (the item) is still a legend to mostly everybody
  13. I'd love bycicles tho iirc the devs said already that it's a lot of work so they won't be added anytime soon
  14. Another Aiming Suggestion

    So if i click in the generic direction of the zed i'd have a chance of hitting in that area? Sometimes i play with friends that are easily scared and need my protection, sometimes i make it so my whole game revolves around protecting them, and being able to prioritize a particular zed when shooting would be great, allowing me to try some last second save, risking a miss and calling a horde even if i succeed
  15. Another Aiming Suggestion

    Hmmm. I think i can buy that, but what if i want to shoot a zed that is going for a friend? I'd risk to aim other zeds first (assuming i have good l.o.s. of course). If your idea solves this one as well then i'm all for it