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Found 4 results

  1. When you go to main menu from the game without a mod (in save file) but the mod is enabled in main "Mods" menu, there may be a crash. Steps to reproduce: 1) Start new game session. 2) Go to main menu / save the game. 3) Close Project Zomboid (quit application). 4) Subscribe "Dreams" mod. Wait for download. 5) Launch Project Zomboid. 6) Go to "Mods" menu and enable this mod. 7) Continue the game (or load last save). Remember that the mod is disabled in this save file. 8] Go to main menu. ------> error.
  2. Outside of Pistol magazines you sometimes find on dead zed (which aren't common, but DO happen), no gun anywhere seems to spawn with a magazine. I've already looted ALL gun storages in the map (Both Gun Stores, Prison Guardhouse, Hunting Lodge, All Police Stations and the Secret Base) with all kinds of loot set to Abundant and I haven't found a single magazine. Hadn't this been fixed before? Because it still doesn't seem to work...
  3. In 41.27, whenever I kill a zombie who has a carkey on them, the game won't let me take the key (all other items can be taken) until I pick up the corpse and put it back down. No errors show up on attempt to transfer key out of the initial state of the corpse. Dragging it to character inventory does not work, neither does right-clicking and selecting 'Grab' option.
  4. after the recent update to the zombies that are more than 10 tiles away, they have been spotting me from 15+ tiles away. i tested this while streaming with my viewers, and while i gave myself 10sneaking and lightfooted they where still seeing me from 15+ tiles away. i even lowered their view/smell/hearing to LOW and they still see me from 15 tiles away. Others have also come ask me about it and i told them that i suspected this was an issue but i wasnt sure until i tested it. PS: this makes any playthrough with alot of zombies almost unplayable. since they always see us no matter what. Ive even had some playthroughs where i get spotted instantly from walking out my door.
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