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  1. this has happened to me to, i quit and continued and fixed it also
  2. ill post a clip later im alittle busy now
  3. after the recent update to the zombies that are more than 10 tiles away, they have been spotting me from 15+ tiles away. i tested this while streaming with my viewers, and while i gave myself 10sneaking and lightfooted they where still seeing me from 15+ tiles away. i even lowered their view/smell/hearing to LOW and they still see me from 15 tiles away. Others have also come ask me about it and i told them that i suspected this was an issue but i wasnt sure until i tested it. PS: this makes any playthrough with alot of zombies almost unplayable. since they always see us no m
  4. 1.smoking cigarets makes your body respose temperature goes down. 2. If you have a car with a broken driver side window, you lose control of the car while paning your camera forwad. (i would clip this but its hard to understand it unless you do it yourself)
  5. Idk if it was the recent update today or something a while ago, but adding all the tailoring options to a piece cloathing AND equipping it will crash the game AND that save file is unplayable. when you try to load it the game just crashes again cause you have the cloathing on.
  6. Thanks for fixing the zombie thing when they jump over fences. Incase you didnt already know they also behave the same way when jumping threw a window with furniture behind it and when jumping threw burned walls (the ones without windows). PS: keep up the great work ❤️
  7. Caught on fire out of nowhere today, while playing a really cdda. Some people in my chat said it used to be a bug in the past, invisible fire idk. just gonna report and wait for a response.
  8. can confirm happened to me again today. didnt report earlier as i didnt think it was a bug.
  9. i had the same thing as the guy above ^
  10. Zombies that jump over small fences, burnt walls/windows, and anything that has furniture next to it will get pushed instead of kicked when they get on the ground. Some burnt walls dont dissapear when you are near them, kinda like the tall fences b4 the last update.
  11. i dont think the game makes a sound when you slowly die starving, dehydrated
  12. I think this happened to me also, not sure what caused it. but a quit and continue fixed it.
  13. So i accidentaly pressed shiftx2 in a tree and fell last night, after i hit the ground my gloves broke. Is this intended? If yes, at least make it take some damage instead of instant break. PS: Heres a clip of it happening, you can see the color of my characters hand change around 4-5secs, as well as me reacting to it when i check inventory. https://clips.twitch.tv/SparklySlipperyCockroachPastaThat
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