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  1. Fences and windows should be soon too, id hope before build 41 is finished.
  2. If thats the case and there wont be more interactive elements added, id hope characters that level up can become noticeably different. Right now the only difference between a low and high level survivor is the damage they do, a fireaxe in the hands of a day 1 survivor vs a fireaxe in the hands of a day 365 survivor, the only difference will be the damage per hit. I kind of want to see more than that, myself. I still think more mechanics should be considered but if thats not the direction you guys want to go then by all means, I just want to have fun playing the game and right now im a bit bored. Ive supported the game a long time and im always looking to see more good mechanics get added.
  3. That is. How can you fight if fighting only brings an entire crowd towards you no matter the scenario. Zombies are so evenly distributed you kind of HAVE to pull them towards your starting zone because theyre placed every 15 or 20 tiles in clusters of 4 to 10. Stealth in this regard is a nightmare and combat is worse. You cant sneak much since your stats are low and your room for error is lower, you cant fight because you have no weapons and the combat is unreliable. Its essentially a bad thing no matter how you phrase it.
  4. Yeah, I want to see more combat stuff, myself. Right now if 3 come at you at the same time its just going to be you spamming shove until one/two of them fall over and you beg the game not to send a 4th at you or youll lose. Stealth for me isnt my thing but combat is a nightmare because you literally cant fight too many and they all come at you at the same time and they all group up in clusters of 4 to 10 even from the first 2 or 3 minutes ingame. Also im sure that even with poor eyesight, someone could tell that someone else is down the street like you said, but how can they tell the difference between a human and a zombie just from a shape, especially if im covered in copious amounts of blood and have the same general dirty appearance. How can they tell im not them and how can they always know exactly who they are and never make a mistake? This isnt stuff that should be ignored in my opinion.
  5. Im very happy to hear it (really, thank you ) but this still doesnt address a lot of gripes with the combat. Anim canceling gave me more reward for more input and thats something I feel should not be lost even if anim canceling is removed, which it had to be removed). Stuff like swing -> cancel -> shove was really nice and I want to see more things to prevent a situation from getting out of control so I can actually fight a zombie without being afraid im gonna lock up and become bait for 5 others because im locked into a shove match until one falls over.
  6. I want options to expand, hence my request for combat to be expanded, but any option intentionally added will still be dwarfed by this one, provided you have a fence or a window anywhere within a square mile, it really is just that much more safe and efficient.
  7. In a game about trying to live as long as possible, simply "opting out of using a superior strategy" is not viable and for me, opting out of cheese and making the game artificially harder and more unfair, especially given the current position of the combat, is not really a fair justification. Opting out of fence cheese means I cant fight more than 2 at a time and even then those two are unreliable. Thats just how it works.
  8. I dont think theres a way to justify how cheesy the fence stuff is, let alone how it looks or feels to do. I never feel satisfaction because I ran away to my safe spot to kill all the zombies risk-free.
  9. Currently, I dont have an answer, I just know the problem. Same with my "expand the combat". I want the combat expanded but I dont really have any idea how.
  10. Watch a regular PZ streamer any time with experience and watch them lead more than a handful at a time up to a fence in circles over and over for free kills.
  11. With the removal of animation canceling to take advantage of combat (but still allowing me to cancel the very beginning of my swing to prevent a bad option), I really want to review the combat right now as im the type of player who never really enjoyed a full-stealth experience and only really enjoy it briefly to avoid immediate detection in an unfavorable position. Anim Canceling Removal was done very well. Very proud of you guys for that, but its left a problem. With the way you can fence/window cheese by leading hordes over to fences then systematically oneshotting them one at a time, its left a sour taste in my mouth on how combat should be engaged as the base game combat is unreliable and itd be more worth my time and safety to never engage a zombie outside of using a fence or window. Not only that, but ive also noticed the nerfs to strafing in combat which has also made base-combat more difficult, reinforcing my previous statement of feeling like I should only be cheesing via windows and fences. This kind of stuff makes the combat feel incredibly unresponsive in comparison to the last build of the game. With animation-canceling, I was able to both keep moving and cancel the end of my attack animation instantly into a shove to engage in combat with more than one at a time, making me feel much more capable at any given time, anim-canceling was overpowered and had to be removed but as I said in my anim-cancel thread on the forums, I dont think it should be completely thrown away and combat SHOULD be expanded. I really dont want combat to devolve into exploiting the one safe way to fight and id rather see there be less emphasis on cheese and more emphasis on learning how to fight. Right now, fighting 3 at a time has devolved into "spam shove until 2 of them fall over onto the ground" which I feel grossly undermines the enjoyment I have in the game. Swinging my weapon is a liability since even if I connect, im stuck in place for the 2 other zombies I didnt hit to just wrap around me and instantly ruin my playthrough. Not only this, but taking even a scratch on any part of my arms will instantly gimp my ability to fight even further, making all my swings a literal joke. If you guys dont want people to fight, thats fine, but you should make it very clear in that regard that fighting is not to be really engaged and even then, the fence cheese should be removed in this scenario. If you really care about my opinion, I really like the base for the melee combat and I would really like to have a deeper combat system thats hard but rewarding to learn, allowing me to approach the game more aggressively, but having the game push back just as hard. Id like to be able to keep my home safe without the use of a gun which then loops back to my home not being safe. More combat mechanics should be looked into in my opinion as having more playstyles expands on player enjoyment as players can fit into whatever role they feel most comfortable. I dont like to run if I feel I can get through something (im not going to try to melee fight a horde of 20 but I should be able to take out 5 with all the time I have in this game, build 41 especially) and I dont like to only stealth. I also dont want a "dumbed down" experience, playing on modes like Survivor as opposed to Apocalypse wont improve my experience as that feels like im going from "Hard" to "Easy" on a difficulty screen. I feel there shouldnt even be these choices aside from "Builder" which is a significantly different experience over the other two. TLDR incase I didnt explain it clearly; I want to see more combat mechanics to increase the skill ceiling and allow me to engage the game how id like to engage, even if a harder-to-learn system. On top of that, fence/window cheese should be removed. And a few other notes: The Axe Man trait does not do anything for your swing speed, which is fine, but it shouldnt exist either. I have tested it in the current build using the debug mode and it does not function on normal swings with either the wood axe or fire axe. I think the Nimble skill is affected by the Pacifist trait, I notice a severely decreased gain of Nimble with Pacifist equipped but Nimble takes so long to level up that this could be placebo. Id like to at least get an answer on it since Nimble is very important for melee combat and itd be good to get that leveled up to increase my own survivability in melee combat.
  12. Ziggylata

    2020 vision

    Hopefully we can see shit like this fixed in the new update cause this directly caused my death.
  13. Ziggylata

    2020 vision

    Im happy to see the animation-canceling I reported being addressed already. Will we be seeing any changes to zombies going over fences and through windows? Ive found a lot of people are just looping hordes through windows and fences to get free hits in while they're on the ground. Id hope its not intended cause its quite an immersion breaker to see stuff like that.
  14. To give another update to this, yes this REALLY needs to be fixed but again, id like to express some of the benefits that having a system like this could add. Having more to think about in combat and have more technical skill required (not that this requires much skill to do) can increase the amount of thought going into the gameplay and when you require more tech-skill to do a better job in combat (allowing you to potentially increase the power of the player) and create a skill-ceiling to learn and improve over which can also allow you to increase the difficulty of the game in combat areas such as making zombies with tough clothing or helmets significantly harder to kill cause right now I dont even notice. Mechanics like this can also allow a skilled player to prevent their own demise from a mistake. You can see in the clip below there are scenarios where I swing and hit a zombie, cancel and immediately shove the zombie while backpedaling which prevented the scenario from getting out of hand. Id like to preface that I am not saying "keep animation canceling" or "let me be super powerful and take on any amount of zombies" or even "let me never die", but frankly I just want a more advanced combat system that I can learn and feel rewarded for learning. Combat in build 41 feels pathetic on Apocalypse where if theres 2 zombies or more, it boils down to fence cheesing (where I lure them to a fence or window then killing them while theyre on the ground) or shove spamming until enough of them fall over that I can actually hit one with a weapon.
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