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  1. Leave the servertest.ini like this and try again
  2. Things I've already tried. 1. Completely remove the player, deleting all his entries from both databases 2. Reduce resolution to 1280x720 (load less map) 3. Log into player account via admin/debug 4. Completely reset my network, including router and firewall. 5. Players tried using "Alternate Launch" 6. Player uninstalled Project Zomboid, Steam and renamed Zomboid folder to Zomboid2 (as a way to backup and generate new default files) 7. Increase the RAM values assigned to the JVM 8. Change server ports to 17261 EDIT: 9. While on the players account, I dropped all the loot on the ground and teleported them to the water, where the map files are smaller. EDIT: 10. Players tried with two different VPN's and public proxy's
  3. Heavily modded server, loading 73626 zones from map_zone.bin More than a thousand people have already joined the server at least once. Some players played normally, suddenly they can't join anymore. their client log, nothing anomalous, just: (It is more frequent to see 0/529) ... LOG : General , 1663283296812> 0> Received 89 / 529 chunks LOG : General , 1663283297814> 0> Received 89 / 529 chunks LOG : General , 1663283298817> 0> Received 89 / 529 chunks ERROR: General , 1663283298919> 0> ExceptionLogger.logException> Exception thrown java.io.IOException: map download from server timed out at WorldStreamer.requestLargeAreaZip line:850. ERROR: General , 1663283298919> 0> DebugLogStream.printException> Stack trace: java.io.IOException: map download from server timed out at zombie.iso.WorldStreamer.requestLargeAreaZip(WorldStreamer.java:850) at zombie.iso.CellLoader.LoadCellBinaryChunk(CellLoader.java:440) at zombie.iso.IsoWorld.init(IsoWorld.java:2605) at zombie.gameStates.GameLoadingState$1.runInner(GameLoadingState.java:261) at zombie.gameStates.GameLoadingState$1.run(GameLoadingState.java:218) at java.base/java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) LOG : General , 1663283298919> 0> LuaEventManager: adding unknown event "OnPreUIDraw" LOG : General , 1663283298919> 0> LuaEventManager: adding unknown event "OnPostUIDraw" LOG : General , 1663283311401> 0> 1663283311401> znet: ZNetFriends::OnPersonaStateChange LOG : General , 1663283311402> 0> 1663283311402> znet: ZNetFriends::OnPersonaStateChange LOG : General , 1663283325698> 0> 1663283325698> znet: ZNetFriends::OnPersonaStateChange ... Here comes the weird part. I created a copy of the Zomboid folder, renamed it to Zomboid2, changed the default port to 17261, the RCON to 27016 and I started the server with the argument "-cachedir=C:\Users\Administrator\Zomboid2" Two identical servers, running at the same time, same mods, same map, same metadata. A perfect copy, one hosted on port 16261 and one on 17261. Players with the problem are able to connect perfectly to the "copy server" (17261), but cannot connect to the original server due to "map download from server timed out". The only real difference is that the "copy server" is empty. While the original always has 3-30 players. Why only a specific group of players can't download the map on the original server, but can join the "copy server"? It's not firewall, It's not network connection quality, It's not connection speed, It's not server performance (Server is not dropping connections or "Server is too busy".) It's just me and my server, for 15 days trying to figure out why some players can't connect.
  4. The /banuser command on a user that doesn't exist in the database causes it to be created with the password "bogus", and then banned. The correct output should be "This user does not exist" I just came across a player who should be banned, playing, because i banned the wrong nickname due to case sensitivity
  5. I was watching the live of one of the biggest Brazilian streamers (Gaulês), at this moment of the live, there were 17,000 people witnessing this type of bug with the vehicles. They were playing on a dedicated, vanilla, 4 person server. First one, a hitbox problem with vehicles https://clips.twitch.tv/CogentBenevolentAdminSSSsss-hIXp75exEOi7eViD The second one, The driver said he didn't see the car there. https://clips.twitch.tv/ArtisticTemperedRavenSuperVinlin-1zhIp4TMYIYprmzJ He's been loving the game with his friends, so I think it would be an opportunity to leave a message. As a server owner, I've been getting some reports like these in 41.73, they were bugs that happened at the beginning of MP, but I remember that around 41.69 it had already become quite rare.
  6. ISAddNonPvpZoneUI.lua Removing luautils.round() from line 73, 76, 78...81 removes the lag that increases exponentially when creating large non pvp zones I don't know how to program, but even breaking the respective UI and emitting thousands of errors while it is open, I managed to create non-pvp zones of 4-cells sized. So I don't see a reason for this function to be used, unless it's necessary to visualize the area. I believe the IS should remake this system (and it just didn't because no one complained before), since creating a manual safehouse uses a different math and visualization that doesn't cause lag when trying to create huge zones. self:drawText(luautils.round(self.startingX,0) .. " x " .. luautils.round(self.startingY,0), splitPoint, z,1,1,1,1,UIFont.Small); z = z + FONT_HGT_SMALL + 15; self:drawText(getText("IGUI_PvpZone_CurrentPoint"), x, z,1,1,1,1,UIFont.Small); self:drawText(luautils.round(self.player:getX(),0) .. " x " .. luautils.round(self.player:getY(),0), splitPoint, z,1,1,1,1,UIFont.Small); z = z + FONT_HGT_SMALL + 15; local startingX = luautils.round(self.startingX,0); local startingY = luautils.round(self.startingY,0); local endX = luautils.round(self.player:getX(),0); local endY = luautils.round(self.player:getY(),0);
  7. https://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php?/topic/53059-project-zomboids-pvp-is-unfair-for-this-reason/ Maybe 41.71 will bring improvements to PVP, maybe it will take a little longer...
  8. C:\Users\YOUR USER\Zomboid\mods open default.txt and remove the mod = "improved-hair-menu" (or something like that) After opening the game, remove it from your savegame. The other option is to exit the 41.69 unstable build and return to 41.68
  9. A considerable number of servers are named "My PZ Server" and do not have a password... Is there no way to avoid this?
  10. The first time I enter the server list, the 5 or 6 biggest servers in my region appear for me (and only them), when I refresh the page, it keeps loading servers from all over the world, so I think there's some magic going there. But being able to sort by ping/region would be a tremendous help Maybe an option in servertest.ini to mark it as a "Dedicated Server" and then sort it first in the list (after the other parameters)?
  11. It's 2022 and Project Zomboid doesn't allow us to sort servers by Ping, players, region, or anything else, it's extremely outdated... Has anyone complained about this before? And a bug report. The server list works **perfectly** in -nosteam but in the Steam version it hides servers (I'm not even talking about hiding the ones with 32 slots (it should be >32...)), sometimes it only loads 5 or it loads slowly, when you update the server list it becomes an even bigger mess, everything gets shuffled...
  12. Competitiveness fuels many games out there, I believe the servers would be more populated if we gave players more ways to compete while surviving the zombie apocalypse. I believe that an excellent way to provide this would be the possibility for factions to claim for themselves, zones/neighborhoods within cities, just for pure cosmetic/psychological effect, just a visual marking on the minimap with the colors of the faction would be good. It doesn't have to be something that gives them benefits, just that they have a clear zone to call their own. One idea would be to show the safehouse zone on the map, with the faction color, so factions could spread out in a region forming a territory. Orange or white if the player has no faction... The factions, of good or bad nature, could control who can peacefully loot in the region, for example: They could also conquer territories from enemy factions. Faction A, residing in Muldraugh, has a custom of killing anyone who enters their zone. Faction B, which disapproves of this behavior, attacks and conquers zones from Muldraugh, with the aim of making the game easier for the rest of the server. There are many interaction scenarios that can be created this way and I believe it would greatly encourage players who like to play in groups on PVE/PVP servers.
  13. Project Zomboid's PVP is unfair for this reason: Even reducing the knockdown value to 0, weapons still have a chance of knocking other players down with a shot or two, knocking them to the ground. At this point, they will continue to take several more shots without having a chance to get up and fight back. Is it realistic? Yes. It's fun? Definitely not, especially for someone who died without being able to run or fight back. The rate of fire of the weapons in this game is deliberately slow (for the sake of game design) and I agree with that. For the same reason, those who like PVP don't do it with the Brita Weapons mod, where the weapons are "more realistic ", because it becomes a question of who shoots first. My suggestion is that the server admin can choose whether the knockdown of firearms is enabled/disabled on players. Currently this can't even be done by mods as (I believe) there is something hardcoded in the game that adds a probability of triggering the fall animation when getting shot. EDIT: I would also like to add that a cooldawn should be required to log out. Players should wait X seconds in a safe place before being able to quit to the main menu. If you have received damage from another player, when giving ALT+F4 the player should remain in place for 60 seconds, immobile, (maybe immune to zombies?), to punish players who practice combat logging Every PVP game needs to have this kind of mechanics. We, admins, don't want to get off the couch to have to go to the server to look in the logs if the person really gave Combat Logging or not. My opinion reflects the feedback from players on my server, where there is a PVP zone...
  14. I had to make an modpack to make it work. With 976 characters the mod description, modlist + version + LuaChecksum started to work again Server description size doest seem to interfere, as it worked empty and with +200 characters
  15. • Version= 41.66 • Multiplayer • Dedicated Server • Mods= a LOT • Reproduction steps: when the list of mods exceeds a very high amount of characters (I started the server with 100 mods in 1 modID = ok /// 100 mods in 101 differents modID's = causes the print bug below) also, preventing any player from joining the server. • 41.66 • Multiplayer. • Host=Yes • No. • Reproduction steps: 1. Start a server with a lot of mods in mods= and Workshop= (servertest.ini) The Server with 12GB of RAM allocated, is currently using 9GB and 40% CPU usage with 32 players and stable, without pointing out errors in any of the mods (which were lovingly selected over 2 months)
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