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  1. Spracky

    May Dayoid

    I agree that such a system would be much better suited for lockpicking. Take Zombox for example: http://www.zombox.net/stuff/zombox_cap_100.gif
  2. Spracky

    Hot Wheels

    Haven't posted in a very long time, but I had to sign in just to say how impressed I am with the car physics! Very well done
  3. Spracky

    You got red on you - Mondoid

    Interesting... Gotta love anatomy!
  4. Spracky

    You got red on you - Mondoid

    @zoeyflower I assume you're referring to the fetal position?
  5. Spracky

    You got red on you - Mondoid

    #RNG Also, the video says combat isn't balanced yet.
  6. Spracky

    2-Tile Object pick-up

    It is a planned feature, probably with the animation update so we can drag furniture.
  7. Spracky

    Improvised armor

    This might satisfy your desires for now.
  8. Spracky

    Brexit and RJ

    The election is the main focus of the media currently, yes. But that's shocking, the UK has always been a big part of EU. This will be interesting to see go down.
  9. Spracky

    Brexit and RJ

    I can shamefully say, as an ignorant American, that I have no idea what everyone is referring to. I'll have to go look it up. It's weird, I try to keep up with current events but this must have managed to slip by.
  10. Spracky

    More Tree Detail

    Types of wood with different strengths is way too much micromanagement for me.
  11. This might be what you're looking for.
  12. Spracky

    Server Room Overruns (503)

    I'm not sure what the default theme is. It currently is the new upgraded theme, if that is what you mean.
  13. Spracky

    Server Room Overruns (503)

    Mobile version doesn't show titles. Also, sometimes the mobile version will load and everything will be smashed to the left with white space filling the right of the screen. I've had a few 503's recently, but I don't know exactly when.
  14. Spracky

    Driving Cars Mod!

    If you could go much further with one gallon of gas, what would be the fun? It should come at a cost to travel quickly and safely inside a car. Plus, once power shuts down, it would make gas liquid gold.
  15. Spracky


    I believe he is referencing the first spear in the second picture, which is just a sharpened stick.