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  1. M1014 Weapon Mod

    Adds an M1014 semi auto shotgun to the game. Comes with custom sounds, texture and ammo. You will also be able to create a ammo box, ammo can, and ammo crate so you can build your own cache! One of a few weapon mods to come in the next few days. Currently it is stable and may undergo a few spawn rate and location adjustments. It may seem too op for some, but I think it fits nicely with the game. You can find it on the steam workshop under M1014 Mod and or at this link
  2. Dedicated server increase ram?

    I made a tutorial video a while back, skip to 23:33 and I explain how to allocate memory. You have to edit the startserver64.bat (or 32, depending on your cpu architecture)
  3. This took me several hours to do

    nice! looks like a really nice place to explore.
  4. Monroeville

    I've just released the map! Let me know if you guys find any bugs.
  5. CartoZed

    same for me, but everything else works.
  6. Monroeville

    I've just finished the initial performance testing. Inside the city my FPS dropped to 23, but only when I was running near the skyscrapers. Other than that I have to adjust the zombie spawn map to make the zombies spawn accurately, and fix a few very small things. Other then that I will be planning to release this map tomorrow on steam!
  7. Monroeville

    Alright, so I'm finished! I am now starting the process of performance testing and making sure everything is working. In game. Currently I have everything in place with most fine details in place. In time I will update the map with further fine details and making everything pretty. For now it's doable and ready to go. Once performance testing is ready, I will be releasing the map. I have obviously finished ahead of schedule, which is a good thing. I have a few things left out, but nothing that will hinder the map. In time I'd like to add a few more buildings and much more detail, but for now its looking good. This has been a good project. The first project I've ever worked on that took a long time to complete. It was fun and I have learned a lot about mapping in Project Zomboid. Can't wait to release this map once performance has passed!
  8. Monroeville

    I have just finished everything, but the city (in yellow) So far it's been a pain in the ass fixing a minor setback, but am still on schedule. The fun part of today was creating a location that could provide clues on how the infection could have spread. The next step will be the most tedious, populating the city and making it look good. I plan to make this area a high density location meaning a huge CQB hellzone with deathtraps at every corner and A LOT of buildings. The only thing about this area is a possible FPS and performance issue, depending on everyone's computer performance. I'll be pushing the limits in this part of the map. I'm excited about vehicles so I am going to try and push this map to be finished and release around the time vehicles are released in the stable build. I'll also add a special city building I have been working on for a few months now called The Tower from We're Alive. Modeled during Season 1, this building will be the ideal zombie safehouse. I will also be adding Dunbar Apartments, the most secure tower you will find in the world of Project Zomboid. If you can find it you can have it, for a price... For those that know, enjoy! For those that don't you should check out the Podcast, it's a great story.
  9. Eastoid

    I'm really looking forward to vehicles! can't wait to see what they are like!
  10. All player made Building Archives Updated 3/29/17~

    I have a bunch of red ?s on the stair railings as well. I am not sure on a fix, but I just find ways to work around it and use the ones that don't have ?s on them.
  11. All player made Building Archives Updated 3/29/17~

    @Unicorn The file is compressed using winrar, its a free tool that can compress files. You will need a tool to decompress the files You can use winrar or 7zip. Google does not allow previews of files that have been compressed. 7zip winrar It is best practice to compress the files when transferring them, especially when transferred over the internet. I have just downloaded the files and decompressed them and are working, if you still have problems let me know!

    kind of reminds me of the dead bodies you see int he original Doom game. lol. This is cool!
  13. All player made Building Archives Updated 3/29/17~

    3/29/17 Update Now Live! please check the 1st post for the details and download link!
  14. USA Map Buildings

    Awesome! Looking at them now.. Nice fireplace for the Detroit house. A few fixes need to be done on some of the roof tiles, but very nice work!
  15. IndigoRebel Buildings

    Very nice work! I'm going to add these to my new WIP map Monroeville. I'll also add them to the Building Pool! Will credit of course! I do have a suggestion. Can you add N,S,E, and W variants of your buildings? Such as a one of your buildings, face East instead of West? Would take a few minutes to reset some tiles, but I think that would be very useful for those who are making cities that have multiple blocks.