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  1. Regional Map

    I found it and is working well.
  2. Regional Map

    Ok, thanks. I'll check it out.
  3. Regional Map

    I've read the magazine, but how do I draw maps?
  4. How to create new vehicle mods

    Thank you! This will come in handy. Great tutorial.
  5. the website should now be fixed. If the webserver is down due to isp outage, weather.. etc you may use the direct google links here commerical industry military residential special All buildings
  6. yes, I have upgraded my server and am actively working on it. I'll will get it working as soon as possible.
  7. This would be easy to do. Make the item and skip adding it to the loot. The admin can simply spawn the item in with necroforge and hand it off to who ever. You can actually do it yourself and you can find out how to do this with my video tutorial playlist. I am working on a building project now so I do not have the time to do it, but when I get to items I can make one for you.
  8. SurvivorWarehouse.tbx (HIGHLY DETAILED)

    love the quality. I'm going to check this out.
  9. Back to Making Buildings! -Union City Project- Explanation

    really cool! Hoping for one day to have a city with buildings like this.
  10. just finished, and released my Project Zomboid Building Pool website, a resource for the community to store, organize and upload their custom buildings for the game. Let me know what you guys think!
  11. User Created Lots

    My question too. This looks the same as my topic, unless your focused on something else. There is no point to have 2 topics of the same content as it will add to confusion and a unorganized mess. Reading the title I was under the impression that each lot would have multiple buildings and or contain lots of content in each lot.
  12. Bridge of Dies

    The link is broken great work btw. can't wait for the stable release of vehicles!
  13. I am not sure about clothes. I have not looked into as I'm waiting for the animations to be finished. I believe that I've seen something in the devblogs about modding cloths once the anims happen.
  14. I have learned enough to pass on the knowledge on how to make your own custom 3D models for Project Zomboid. This is mainly for weapons, but can be used for any model. I have created a video series showing you everything from designing, color, importing, and programming the model to work in game. In time I will release many more tutorial videos on anything and everything with Project Zomboid. I hope you guys can enjoy and more importantly benefit from my videos. If you have any suggestions on things that I have not covered please let me know! (3D Modeling playlist)
  15. Sorry guys, been busy and took a break from Project Zomboid. I love this game and usually take breaks to prevent burning out on it. I am still working on this project, however I have been working on how to make mods in the game. I will be updating this as soon as I get a chance.