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  1. I now moved the Building Pool to steam. Building Pool V2 contains ALL buildings regardless of errors. Building Pool V3 is a collection of error-free verified buildings that work with the latest tiles & tilesets (March 2022).
  2. So yesterday I finally figured out how to make visible weapon attachments... Today I just finished the tutorial video. Here is my new Comprehensive guide on how to make a firearm & attachments in Project Zomboid Build 41.54. Enjoy!
  3. Finally the issue has been resolved! I'll post the solution here for others. The issue was not related to blender. Just export the models and get them into the game. Then use the debug tool and use the attachment editor to help fine tune the attachment. Save the results which should generate the offset and rotate coords for you. I'll polish up this proof of concept and make an updated video tutorial for making firearms.
  4. This has been something I have been thinking about for a while now. I am having an issue with another mod, but when that is resolved I will look into making a mod like this.
  5. So I have been trying to get my custom weapon mods to show on my custom weapons, but am stumped. I am fairly certain it has something to do with blender. I believe it may be linked to the Location and Rotation of the mod in relation to the firearm. I imported the assaultrifle & reddot from the base game, to Blender 2.79. When I change the location and rotation of the reddot this is the result: I can simply rotate the rifle 90 degrees and it looks the same as if I add the reddot to the rifle in game. Ok so I do this to my modded guns and weapon mods, then copy the location & rotation coords to the offset and rotate in my mods, but when I attach the mod in game, it does not appear. It shows that I have attached the mod onto the firearm, but it's not visible. I have made sure to export the (optic) mod .x file and texture to the proper locations, but still nothing. This problem has been driving me crazy for months now. I really could use some help. Usually when I get stumped it is most likely a stupid simple issue I have forgotten about.
  6. I love to use big warehouses as a base, however there is a bug. While inside a vehicle everything will disappear in the current building. So far I have seen this everywhere, including warehouses and mechanic shops. Only used necroforge (in pictures). I tried this with no mods and still the same thing. The only thing that shows are other vehicles.
  7. So it was something I ended up doing by mistake. Fixed the issue by going to Tiled, Tools > Tilesets and point the folder to ....\Tiles Do not point it to ....\Tiles\2x I had it set to \Tiles\2x which caused all my issues.
  8. Soo. I was learning how to create a custom carpet tile to use in a custom building of mine. I was using photoshop to edit a copied version of floors_interior_carpet.png. So far things were going well. After some time of trying to get the tile perfect, I ended up having split tiles for every tile in the game. Basically tiles that look like the below 2 attached pictures. I was unable to undo what I did so I removed and deleted all of the tiled, worlded, and tilesets files from my pc. I then cleared the config directory ( C:\Users\Blackbeard\.TileZed ) and re-downloaded TileZed+WorldEd-May-17-2018-64bit and Tiles-Nov-20-2017 from the forum post here. After installing them and running tiled > building editor I am still stuck with the same issue. There has got to be something I am missing as I am unable to find anyone else having the same issue while searching on google, the forums and various Discord servers...
  9. added 75 new buildings VikiDikiRUS 6 buildings IndigoRebel 3 buildings srandiny 64 buildings DavidBlane 1 building Kennethdio 1 building
  10. i have removed the website because I am no longer hosting it. I have updated the google drive link and verified it still works. Currently I am resisting the urge to play Project Zomboid until Build 41 (animations) is public. Once it releases I will be updating all my mods and the building pool. I might even make some more tutorials!
  11. I have created a new video on how to make a map in Project Zoimboid. This is an updated video from my previous forum post & video on Youtube. I have included how to add foraging zones and vehicle spawn zones to your custom map. Before you watch the new video please be advised that the old video is still relevant and can be useful for those that have never made a map. The new video simply shows a few new methods on how to make a map. I hope you enjoy my video and I cannot wait to see what maps the community has to offer.
  12. I can already see myself crapping my pants playing with these new updates! Can't wait to see all the changes!
  13. I'm not sure at the moment. I'm slowly beginning to breakthrough on learning everything. Currently with the new updates coming (soon) to PZ a lot will change. I'm waiting for that to happen before I start updating the tutorials and models.
  14. Everything should be back in working order! I has in the process of redesigning and migrating all of my websites so naturally the Building Pool needed some love. I hope you guys like the new design. If you have any issues / comments / suggestions let me know and I'll be happy to fix what I can. I have also updated the Pool with the latest buildings. To my surprise some links are dead, even after a year. So if you are uploading mods to the forum please try to find a reliable host.
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