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  1. Yeah, that was one of the options I was thinking. It'd be easier to find i.e. toolsheds. Maybe add something like shopping carts also that are just lying around the town, and could be easily used to pick up bodies.
  2. 586. (Option to bury one person only.) 587. I can't really explain this one quite well..but others who are experiencing it will know what i'm talking about. For example, if you go to the dentist rooms in West Point on the right side..I think it's as if the second story walls block your sight, so you can't really see where you're going. I experience it other places too..I believe it was near the big office building I also experienced it where I just couldn't see where my character was, and where zombies were. I don't know the proper term, field of view? All I know this one is pretty important.. I think it relates to an update done about the walls, but basically sometimes you can't see where you're going at all, or what is there in certain areas cause the walls/roof are blocking the view.
  3. I think you're on to something . I don't want special OP zombies like left 4 dead, but I think it would be cool to have a zombie like you mentioned. Also, it would be cool to have a variety in body types of the zombies like you said a "fat zombie", a zombie with more muscle who would be a bit harder to knock down, etc..It would keep the zombies interesting, and more realistic along with adding more flavor into things without making them into some kind of left 4 dead zombie.
  4. Right now bodies are pretty tedious to clean up. I was playing with hydrocraft, and I got this idea.. I was thinking implementing something like a fork lift, pallet truck, be able to put bodies in cars to make it easier to pile them up.
  5. 579. (Darker nights to be more consistent for the indoors) The light for the new "pitch black nights" mode, and i'm assuming the other modes are inconsistent. In the sense that, even if you have lights on it's still really dark. The darkness outside I love cause it makes flashlights more useful and the general atmosphere is cool, but the darkness has basically made it darker inside even with lights on. I just feel like it's too dark, and inconsistent in that it doesn't make a lot of sense why it's dark inside even with a lot of lights. 580. (Flashlights to light through objects that it should be able to). Flashlights seem to function oddly when something is blocking it's sight. I.E. A counter blocking the flashlight's path will block the rest of the light going through. *edit* Flashlights seem to work through objects now for me. Not sure what was going on, nevermind I guess . *edit* Kinda strange sometimes flash lights work well, sometimes they don't. It's like it doesn't work well at certain angles at times. 581. (Voice Comms should travel through two-way radios).
  6. I do something similar, and I've always thought it was a shame that no one would share the experience in SP.
  7. I was thinking about things to suggest adding to the game, and this was one of the few things I could think of that wasn't suggested before until now. I definitely love the meta-events..along with the random scenarios they added with survivors, and the bleach suicides. It really makes things come alive, and keeps you on your toes reacting to the different situations. The more meta-events, and random scenarios the better..I found in a lot of games it loses its luster the more you play, so the more variety the better it adds to the game in my opinion. The ones we have are still awesome by itself though, but the more the better. Something that will add to gameplay, and realism..in that you will have to constantly react and make decisions.. Off the top of my head, something like a npc being a dimwit on the 2nd floor of the grocery who locked the door playing music loudly not heeding the dangers of the zombies below. Or also, the sound of a car speeding by much like how the helicopter event functions.
  8. i feel the exact same way. I've been playing with the Hydrocraft mod for Zomboid recently, and while I do like it I'd rather have something made by the devs. It added a ton of clutter, and while it does make it harder to find useful things..that's the part I actually like now though. It's much harder, and tenser to find what exactly you're looking for on runs..simulating as if you're looking through drawers, and cabinets. Beyond just having clutter for realism, it would serve as an inconvenience of having to search through everything, and being inexperienced not knowing what will be useful, or not. Plus, like you said eventually the devs could add more creative realistic purpose to seemingly useless items in the future if they wanted.
  9. I like the ideas. Maybe slowly overtime survivors could get desensitized to the food they're eating i.e. rats, cockroaches, mouses, and other unconventional foods negative effects going away.
  10. Yeah exactly. It helps control the rumors and such as you've said, and helps others to be sure of what's really gonna be added. And thank you haha. I saw it on the link and liked it. I've been wanting to change my avatar to a spiffo one of sorts anyways = P HAIL LORD SPIFFO
  11. Ya may be right with the adding more channels. But variety is always nice. = ) But not priority. And yeah, just personal preference. =P I look forward to more interaction with the TV and radio though. I think that will make it more interesting..and now that I think of it. I think just the interaction is what's missing. Good to see it's in development along with other entertainment stuff though. ^__^
  12. Sweeet. Thank you, you've been very helpful. = ) I'm glad to hear other stuff like beds and everything will be revamped to be able to deconstruct and carry.
  13. Yeah more channels would be nice too. I'm startin to enjoy them a bit more, but yeah I just wish they were kinda more flashy and drew me like a moth to a flame ya know? But things are still in development, so they might revamp. But if they don't I think it'd be a cool suggestion = )
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