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  1. RELEASED: Build 38.22

    Have you ever installed anything from a PPA?
  2. Waffles vs Pancakes

    Fixed thanks to @nasKo
  3. Dedicated server don't start

    What's currently debian oldoldstable (wheezy) used to be the minimum, or Ubuntu 16.04. Might have moved on. This is your problem: GLIBCXX_3.4.21 Make sure you're running a high enough version of the glibc library. What distribution/release are you running on?
  4. 466. Lack of sleep; side effects or unconsciousness. Shotguns have already had quite a lot of work done on them, including a lot of input from a weapons expert.
  5. In My Garage

    Try stepping in our shoes for a moment. Honestly, we get slammed with abuse and people hammering on us about why various features aren't out yet. You, unfortunately Taco, do have a tendency to get a bit over enthusiastic over certain features, and it does hurt us when you get hurt by them not appearing swiftly. ...Do I really need to say why this response from you of all people Hicks disappoints me. You've been here how long? Of course we'll release the feature, as soon as we can. But it's buggy right now, and wouldn't be any fun to play with. Once the worst of the CTDs and other "interesting" problems are sorted (seriously, the new map streaming system is amazing, but complex), we'll get it out there.
  6. In My Garage

    This isn't a zero-sum game. It's not Vehicles Or Animations. They're worked on by different people, different companies, in point of fact. Please just accept that we're still working on them as fast as we can, and calm down bugging us. If you continue, I will give you a formal warning. Giving an exact breakdown of current status isn't really feasible, these things run into odd roadblocks where you weren't expecting them, which slows things down. This is just a fact of programming.
  7. In My Garage

    You can multiquote you know
  8. In My Garage

    I thought movement speed's pretty realistic right now, but we'll see, as it becomes nesc. May spread out the map a lil, but it's based on a real-world location, so only somuch can do.
  9. In My Garage

    Here, this link will provide the secrets you seek, my young padawan
  10. why no motorcycles?

    Let's see what happens with vehicles first? They've gotta come out yet
  11. Server Admin ToolsV2

    Some people don't have the aptitude to code, even in Lua. Don't call them lazy. Don't judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree.
  12. Need some help with some gun modding

    Moved thread to modding subforum
  13. You Survived 2016, You Have Killed 0 Zombies

    They completed what the kickstarters backed, a tech demo. It unfortunately didn't gain enough funds to complete a game, nor did it receive sufficient publisher interest to gain funding for a full game. I'm not unhappy I backed Clang, they delivered what they promised. It didn't work out like we hoped, but kickstarter is exactly for allowing people to take risks and see if it'll work or not. The clang team definitely could've been better at communicating to their backers though, for sure, a mistake TIS has tried very hard not to make.