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  1. What error is he seeing when he tries to connect?
  2. Please stick to english. MP is available in the stable branch. Development continues.
  3. Hey, thanks for the heads up. I've tweaked that now, should be fixed!
  4. The game *does* take a lot of inspiration from CDDA, it's a good game! However, the sci-fi elements definitely won't fit in with the intended theme for PZ, and it's setting. A really cool single-player experience and story is planned. More than welcome to make a mod to add in some more CDDA elements!
  5. Yes yes, programmers running into problems caused by code decisions and millions of lines of incredibly complex code they wrote half a decade ago. *thats* not a thing. /s You've had your answer, from one of the game engine devs as well. If the devs get the time to go back into the code and utterly break the game engine, and the way maps are stored, to fix it, they might, but it's not a priority for them at the moment.
  6. You're the first who's ever asked for this! The server browser is a bit janky, at some point it could use some TLC. This is one of it's limitations, caused by one of the features urgently patched on after it was put live, to prevent abuse. server_browser_announced_ip Was actually a feature put in place on request of some of the mass server hosts, who had the servers on private LANs, game traffic punched through via NAT/DNAT. At this point, it's a good idea, but it's not gonna happen for now. We'll think about putting it on the list for the next time the browser/MP system is looked at. In the meantime, as a utterly-awful work around if you needed, you could proxy traffic through a tiny dedicated VPS, something like a linode nanode, or 'ramnode' looks pretty cheap as well. As long as you got all traffic routed, using NAT it should work fine, with a static ip on the vps end. You can then use server_browser_announced_ip to announce your proxy. As long as browser can get to your actual server, and not take too long getting there, it should work. Make sure to pick a server location closeish to your ISP hub. Edit: As a bonus, would provide an easy central point to update your IP when it changed. Downside, would need linux 'admin skills.
  7. There's also the point that the vast majority of all cars in the US are automatics, not manual, so manual gear options isn't really realistic for game setting.
  8. Survival requires stealth, but isn't stealth focused. You can 'win' survival without stealth, it's not a stealth game.
  9. MP Server console is printing this on boot. Possibly misspellings? 1540670354971 ERROR: not adding suspicious zone "" "Vegitation" 9027,7530,9 179x10 1540670354971 ERROR: not adding suspicious zone "" "Vegitation" 9206,7527,9 10x13 1540670354971 ERROR: not adding suspicious zone "" "Vegitation" 9204,7527,9 2x3 1540670354972 ERROR: not adding suspicious zone "" "Forest" 9216,7527,9 10x13 1540670354972 ERROR: not adding suspicious zone "" "Forest" 9027,7540,9 199x15 1540670354972 ERROR: not adding suspicious zone "" "DeepForest" 9226,7527,9 101x300 1540670354972 ERROR: not adding suspicious zone "" "DeepForest" 9027,7555,9 199x272
  10. First few posts always have to be vetted by a mod, tis normal. Only way we managed to stop spam. Just be patient and they'll be released from quarantine Also, you can't post in suggestions till you've a few posts elsewhere, to stem the tide of repeat suggestions we get in there
  11. We heard you the first time. we know. Please post once on the server thread, and then wait, be patient. Bumping the thread won't help.
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