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  1. Massi


    On my server I use the configuration of 0.2, which allows us 15 generator days. A if it accepts values in 0, x
  2. Massi

    Build 40.43 Released!

    Thanks for the Update! , A question .. How to use the new system of the Zombie network, explore the SANDBOX options and the SERVER OPTIONS but I can not find anything from the zombie network, is it something that we must configure the ADMINS? or it is handled alone ... Thank you!
  3. which version runs the server?
  4. Massi

    Favorite Foods to Cook

    Stewed cabbage + rice + bird for happy people
  5. Massi

    RELEASED: Vehicle Test 41

    Use torch / Mask - the option to "Dismantle car wreck" Regarding the need for a skill level or magazines - not needed (iirc). You should be able to RMC a car wreck > Dismantle.
  6. Massi


    The idea is good.
  7. Massi

    Shiny car windows bug

    It happens to me the same, I found this inside options.ini, changing the values and restarting behave the same with the values of true or false PerfSkybox = true PerfReflections = true version=7 width=1024 height=768 fullScreen=true frameRate=45 lighting=0 lightFPS=15 newRoofHiding=false bUseShaders=false ---------------> (post processing is OFF ) [] bPerfSkybox=true bPerfReflections=true vidMem=3 bMultithreadedRendering=true language=ES
  8. Massi

    Building interface needs work

    Very interesting topic, I give an Up?
  9. Massi

    How to change the amount of starting perk points?

    "CharacterFreePoints" option in servertest_SandboxVars.lua config. is the way "ENOAHE" To the other users I think it will affect you not to obtain those added points, unless you donate them to the users, and future players will only get it.
  10. Thanks for the info !!
  11. Massi

    Latest TileZed, WorldEd, and Tilesets (May 17 2018)

    It is visible Modification tools Project Zomboid on Steam, download it today and install it
  12. Massi

    RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 40.18

    It's me or since the last update of 40.12, at 40.16 the cold system is a bit weaker, no change in temperature is noticeable, being zero centered in ºC, they do not affect much the Character