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  1. Sobreviviente Ansioso


    Genial!, ya estaba esperando ansiosamente esta noticia
  2. Sobreviviente Ansioso

    Forking Hell

    It would be good to implement an animation for cooperative servers to help your partner, in the sense that if he falls or injures his partner, he can get up or drag you to a safe place and put him in a bed or chair, if the injured fellow had the broken leg that you can take care of like the old version of Project Zomboid, that you had to take care of your partner, putting bandages and also feeding him They understand me?
  3. Sobreviviente Ansioso

    Zed Tumble

    People claim that, please
  4. Sobreviviente Ansioso

    Higher Fidelity

    How beautiful that the game is, tell me that please, by April, you are going to get a beta or something close to prove how the game is going
  5. Sobreviviente Ansioso

    Greyed Out Borders in Multiplayer (IWBUMS) While Driving

    I'm in the normal version (04.43 I think) and the same thing happens to me when I open a server, I put 4 GB to the server, but it still happens and I do not know why it is, but when I see that it finishes loading it appears that zombies in that place with cones that seems to be loading, are like areas to not grab the entire map directly and that you walk slow the game I deduce myself, I hope I have helped you
  6. Sobreviviente Ansioso


    Are you also going to put animations for when you want to sleep, crafting, bandage and others? the animation to sit on armchairs, chairs and chairs glued to the table and eat, drink, arm, read while sitting on the chair