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  1. quando esco di casa o di qualsiasi struttura nel bel mezzo di un temporale, posso starci a lungo senza mostrare "sei bagnato" è come se la pioggia non fosse bagnata il carattere, come se non piovesse
  2. hi, I report serious bugs regarding excessive temperatures. when I am inside a garage in November it tells me that the temperature is 22 degrees (impossible). when I get into the car inside the garage the temperature drops to 4 degrees. look at the pictures
  3. my friend and I noticed (both in singleplayer without mods) that fishing doesn't work. it is not possible to catch any fish in the lake or in the water
  4. So, when I saved, exited the game and then when I continued the run, all the zombies in the 360 view just full on disappeared. For a test, I sprinted a bit further away from where I logged out, there were only very small amount of them (this was in west point). This happened to me a few times before. I've got quite a few mods enabled, yet no idea on which one might cause it, or if mods are even associated with this bug.
  5. A misplaced red pixel appears on sheep ropes that hang cardinal north (toward top right of screen). This only occurs with Double-Sized Textures enabled. Double-Sized Textures ON Double-Sized Textures OFF
  6. Had a strange interaction few days ago while playing. I was running indoors, then ran into the wrong direction from a view pixels tho, and i ended up climbing a fence while going downstairs & being teleported to the room below thru walls. Here are more details with screenshots : Colors & signs stands for : - red arrow : direction of my character's running animation - orange square : hitbox/area of the concerned stairs tile - green square : hitbox/area of the concerned indoors fence So basically, when running in the same vector as the red arrow, once your first step lands on the stairs tile (orange square) your character will either be considered walking stairs but he'll still remain able to climb that fence, ending up climbing the fence from the stairs' level, and ending up teleported in the room below, which here is only an empty & cleaned bar, but could be alot more dangerous if the bar wasn't empty, or if this teleport me outside while outrunning a horde, or idk. Coords of the location : https://map.projectzomboid.com/#0.7361806964691217,0.2595402338666605,1968.8940971808088 (But idk if this is only on that stairs or a common issue with other stairs/fences around the map) Thanks for reading, keep up the good work & take care !
  7. When lamps are placed by the player their bulbs will break even when there is no power to the structure. They also break FAR too frequently. And please allow the player to wire lamp pillars to the base if they choose, in a similar way to connecting a generator to the base.
  8. Hello, everyone. After screwing around in debug mode and having fun like we do, I came across a curious situation. I'm sure most of us really like barricading windows and what not, however this weird. You are able to hit zombies through constructed windows that are partially barricaded (2 Planks on each side or barred windows) however, when the player barricades a pre-existing structure in this manner (Such as a house window) zombies cannot be targetted/hit on the other side. I have tried crowbarring the windowpane out of pre-existing structures as well, but this not only doesn't work but prevents the window from being barricaded at all. Was this an oversight, a bug or something put in for balancing? (To add incentive to carpentry I guess idk) I'm unsure but I just wanted to put my thoughts here to see what anyone thinks about this.
  9. Alright so I've been noticing a really strange and annoying bug where if a zombie manages to grab you while running, your character will be stuck into the direction you were running. Inputs stop working until I take my hands off the keys I was pressing. It seems to happen in groups of zombies. Second bug has to do with the fireaxe (in my case anyways) where if I equip my fireaxe that I attached to my back my character picks it up in one hand and not two and when I put it on my back again my character does that axe-holding animation for a second. Hope I helped the devs notice and fix these bugs!
  10. Sinreal

    VHS: Home

    I've run into a situation twice where, I'll be looting, and I'll find a VHS Tape called "VHS: Home". I'll store it, close the game, and when I repoen the game, the VHS tape is a different name. In this particular case, it's now called "Home VHS: Magical Woodland Fox" I haven't tried playing "VHS: Home" on the TV, but next opportunity I get I'll try it and report back
  11. for several days on each world i created in PZ. whether I use mods or not, i meet strange cars (mostly wrecks), they look like on screenshots i linked, they are always overturned, the wheels above, a huge shadow that no one can pass around. Additionally, they often fly through structures, murdering zombies and pushing my character, usually after a few minutes of flight they calm down and are invulnerable again. I tried to move them with other cars that behaved normally but ended with instant death from "impact" (regardless of speed). I have no idea what happened, on average half of the cars behave like that, if necessary, I can send more screenshots from the game. all screenshots are made on
  12. I was playing with 2x zombie count. After my survivor went to sleep and woke up, I exited the game and a few hours later (In Real Life) I re-loaded my save. I noticed all the zombies within the distance of a fully zoomed out camera (plus a bit) were mysteriously gone. Beyond that distance, I saw one group of zombies but didn't bother to investigate further. Dead zombies still remained on the ground. I'm 100% sure that before this bug occurred, there were hordes of zombies around my character's vicinity. The entire map might have been affected, or just simply the vicinity of my character. I'm not sure. But obviously this is a game crippling bug. Staff/Devs reply or PM me if you want the save or need certain files. I'll give more details or help in any way I can.
  13. I came across such a bug that all the items from the boxes from which I craft something are not consumed. An element is created from them, but the original element itself is returned back to the box. If you create something "out of hand", then the item is consumed, otherwise it is duplicated (from a backpack, a box, a container, a refrigerator, a microwave oven, etc.) on the 18th everything was fine, but after I returned to the game on the 20th, it started happening. All this time I've been playing on version 55. Is there any way to fix this without starting a new game? The video shows a fragment of making a rope out of clothes and opening canned potatoes. video youtube
  14. I had a very nice start with a firefighter who had both traits to max out his fitness and strenght skills, but as expected combat bugs appeared (not the firsst time). First thing that happend was my attacking speed was faster then the zombies animation that heppens when you use "hands" as a weapon, basically the animation which zombies go through when you shove them, so the first time was successful but the other one went right true her just when she finished with the animation and she got a free scratch on me, then I killed her and went to read some skill books while it healed, and next time I engaged in a combat I killed 4 of them with a frying pan and then there were 2 left, a female and a male zombie, it took me a little bit longer to take them down because my panic level was off the charts, and when I did the first one to start falling was that female z and the moment I shoved the male zombie he started falling in one shot but she just teleported from a lying position to biting me and so did he while being airborn they did 2 lacerations and a bite on the neck. I bled to death like a stuck pig. It'd be nice if these bugs got looked into.
  15. I`m so exhausted. Since I started a new project in the WorldEditor it doesn`t open anymore. All I get is an error (pic related) when I`m trying to open TileZed or WorldEditor. I`ve reinstalled it, deleted all the files, checked "Tilesets.txt", but there`s nothing about this tile and there is no such tile, because I deleted it a while ago. I can`t check anything in the program itself, because every time I press Ok it shuts down. The only two things I haven`t done yet is reinstalling the game itself (which I think is unrelated) and checking for corrupted regedit`s files (but what exactly should I check?). What`s your opinion about this? Also, I didn`t find anything about this error.
  16. If you rotate a grill with a propane tank in it, it turns into a microwave
  17. When I try to cook with a roasting pan or a frying pan I get the option to create roast or stir fry respectively and I end up getting a empty roast or stir fry. However my character doesn't use the ingredient and no nutrition is added to the food. This doesn't happen with every food tough, I have only noticed it with fish fillet and one other meat (I can't remember which). Even if I add other vegetables first I still can't add the fillet. This is somewhat annoying as I live next to a lake and rely on fish for food. I have several mods installed, but I had this problem before installing mods too.
  18. I just wanted to place a shelf, i dont think its supposed to be doing that.
  19. The test case on line 125 of file media/lua/client/ISUI/ISInventoryPaneContextMenu.lua to check if a Dish Cloth or Bath Towel can be used to dry the player off needs parentheses around testItem:getType() == "DishCloth" or testItem:getType() == "BathTowel" to make the line look like if (testItem:getType() == "DishCloth" or testItem:getType() == "BathTowel") and playerObj:getBodyDamage():getWetness() > 0 then in order to fix a bug where the dry dish cloth has the option to be used when the player is dry because it's only checking if there's a dish towel, or if there's a bath towel and you are wet; instead of checking if they have a dish cloth or bath towel, as well as being wet.
  20. Key bindings problem with 106/109 keyboard layout: It works fine in the 41.50, but after the Fmod (41.51) version, all keys above 102 keys (not the 102 keys standard) won't work and can't be bound anymore. I'm using Japanese 109 keys. All key bindings are default, except the Pan Camera. When you change a key binding, then click the "BACK" button. No matter what you click on next. It will always apply the changes. (But if you change language, and then click No. It won't trigger the Lua reload.)
  21. Reton

    Cook Bug

    번역기를 사용해서 죄송합니다. 요리에 문제가 있습니다. 갈증 성분을 사용하면 갈증이 비정상적으로 증가합니다. 커피는 커피 한 잔을 만들수록 갈증이 늘어납니다. 이 경우 커피 한 잔이 떨어지면 다시 처음으로 돌아갑니다.
  22. So I've built a shelter off away in the woods near a lake. Isolation was key - therefore I built onto the lake and isolated part of the base as a sort of island. The base's store room (2nd floor) sits on top of the garage. The garage is completely accessible to normal terrain while you must take a rope to get up to the 2nd level. The store room then leads further onto the lake to the "home" which is divided by some doors. All in all, the construction was quite simple. I ran into very few issues getting walls up other than what might be expected when building on water. I'm making this thread as only half of my constructed base actually registers as an interior and the effects are game-changing. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2548315176 Had to wait for a rainy/snowy day to get this visual to show how drastic the difference is and why I'm setting this one down until I can find a solution (hopefully with your help!). I built about 90% of this base in vanilla and then added some mods on including HC and a stat HUD as well as a QOL mod that shows what skill I've leveled up in above my head. That being said, I'm not convinced any mod contributed to this issue. In this picture it's 53.5F inside, we're going winter which is why I've really kind of had it with this bug for this character. Semi-comfortable, well lit in the morning/afternoon/evening and dry. But upon crossing the threshold of those doors, the game then registers that we're outside. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2548315150 To answer some obvious questions first Yes, there is a roof Yes, floor tiles are on either side of each wall in a desperate attempt to kick this glitch at some point Yes, we're on a lake Funny enough, I've built a pillar on every edge I'm capable of doing so on the main house, but have not done so on the store room. Still, the store room registers interior. You can even see inside the edges from the outside in the pics. So yeah, we're raining and snowing inside where I normally sleep and it sucks. The furnace is next to useless in this space as it's fighting the coming winter cold. If it had not been for a backup I had cuz IWBUMS, I would have lost this character due to some nonsense as there was a massive freeze that came in overnight one night and I hadn't realized yet that the building registered as exterior and my character died unexpectedly. Kinda my bad, but he'd have survived just fine in the store room since it's interior. The sheet rope you see going up is attached to a fence on the roof which actually has walls built around it with a roof on top of that also. That best part is, that tiny room he crawls into after climbing the rope also registers as interior, is super well lit even when my "home" is not, as it's exterior, even though it has no windows! I've made an attempt at deleting the isoregiondata folder - reloading game - destroy wall and rebuilding it to no avail. I've done that a good number of times while trying a few different things to trigger the game to finally think the building is interior but came out empty handed. I was hoping someone could take a look at this. This is actually the first time I've ever gone onto a game's forum to participate in the community. I've got a .rar of my save file prepped, but I'm a bit unfamiliar with trusted file sharing sites so if you wanna take a look at the world, you'll have to recommend me a site to upload Thanks to anyone for reading this or even looking into it!
  23. I have been using it and then i put it on the floor, after that i wanted to water my plants again and tried to pick it up(it is on the floor), sadly i can't.Tried moving the chair that was obstructing the way, destroyed a floor beneath it and rebuilt it, can't grab it via UI.How to fix this(I need my watering can)
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