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Found 109 results

  1. Hi, i get this strange lines on fog (see attached screenshot) and only on fog. I currently i play 41.28 (steam) on Ubuntu 18.04 with a RX 550 (AMDGPU) Everything else runs perfectly. Even a little bit smoother than under win7 (no stutter).
  2. Hi, i encountered this bug, when i wanted to add another mod to my already running game. When you click on the "choose mods" button when loading the game, you get an empty screen (only the background picure of the game still exists). Now, this bug doesnt happen, if you clicked atleast once on the "Mods" button in the main menu before attempting to do this (once per game start is enough). As i found out, the reason for this is, that the game tries to display a box with text, using a function that does not exist. In the file "ISModsNagPanel.lua" in the location Steam\steamapps\common\ProjectZomboid\media\lua\client\OptionScreens in line 32: self.richText:setText(getText("UI_ModsNagPanel_Text")) The function "setText" doesnt exist. Replacing it with: self.richText.text=(getText("UI_ModsNagPanel_Text")) fixes the problem.
  3. After the last update my character and zombie models are invisible. My specs: Processor. Processor. Intel Core i3 5th Gen Memory. RAM. 4GB Graphics. Graphics Processor. NVIDIA Geforce 930M Windows 10 Home 64x
  4. Just bought game, it start but can’t right click at all. Recognize hovering over button but no click it. Tried: reinstalling, checking game integrity, deleting options.ini, force full screen but it don’t want to be forced. Windowed no work . Changing resolution no work and also ive tried to reasign the left click to a diffrent button but that didnt work either . I’ve tried everything but no success... if it helps I play on a Mac with windows 10 home 64x running via boot camp and with precision drivers. I don’t have access to a mouse cuz Mac only have usb c cuz they stupid;( sry for the funky grammer ive writen this liike 3 times now and im couldnt be bothered with grammer anymore
  5. As the title says, when electrical devices (fridges, ovens, etc.) are not placed under a roof (floor), they do not consume electricity, but still work. With dozens of them the consumption stays at 11% per day, which is a base consumption. And my guess is that it wasn't intentional, 'cause it's cheesy.
  6. Was playing yesterday and my carry weight was 14, come to play today and all of the sudden its 8? nothing has changed and I'm on a practically new character. Any help, 8 carry weight is unplayable.
  7. I've noticed a few issues here and there that may have already been fixed in the next version but I wanted to report them to be sure. This is IWBUMS 41.24 with no mods. Exception thrown java.lang.NullPointerException at VehiclesDB.loadAndAddVehiclesInt line:1373.. I happen to see this once or twice an hour when hitting or running over zombies. [27-12-19 20:13:18.753] WARN : General, 1577495598753> GameSounds.getOrCreateSound> no GameSound called "PZ_MetalSnap", adding a new one. [27-12-19 20:13:18.941] LOG : General, 1577495598941> -------------------------------------------------------------. [27-12-19 20:13:18.942] LOG : General, 1577495598942> attempted index: getDisplayName of non-table: null. [27-12-19 20:13:18.942] LOG : General, 1577495598942> . [27-12-19 20:13:18.942] LOG : General, 1577495598942> -----------------------------------------. [27-12-19 20:13:18.942] LOG : General, 1577495598942> STACK TRACE. [27-12-19 20:13:18.943] LOG : General, 1577495598943> -----------------------------------------. [27-12-19 20:13:18.943] LOG : General, 1577495598943> function: new -- file: ISUninstallVehiclePart.lua line # 53. [27-12-19 20:13:18.943] LOG : General, 1577495598943> function: onUninstallPart -- file: ISVehiclePartMenu.lua line # 172. [27-12-19 20:13:18.943] LOG : General, 1577495598943> function: onMouseUp -- file: ISContextMenu.lua line # 98. [27-12-19 20:13:18.944] ERROR: General, 1577495598944> ExceptionLogger.logException> Exception thrown java.lang.RuntimeException: attempted index: getDisplayName of non-table: null at KahluaThread.tableget line:1651.. [27-12-19 20:13:18.945] ERROR: General, 1577495598945> DebugLogStream.printException> Stack trace:. [27-12-19 20:13:18.947] LOG : General, 1577495598947> . [27-12-19 20:13:18.947] LOG : General, 1577495598947> -----------------------------------------. [27-12-19 20:13:18.947] LOG : General, 1577495598947> STACK TRACE. [27-12-19 20:13:18.947] LOG : General, 1577495598947> -----------------------------------------. [27-12-19 20:13:18.948] LOG : General, 1577495598948> function: new -- file: ISUninstallVehiclePart.lua line # 53. [27-12-19 20:13:18.948] LOG : General, 1577495598948> function: onUninstallPart -- file: ISVehiclePartMenu.lua line # 172. [27-12-19 20:13:18.948] LOG : General, 1577495598948> function: onMouseUp -- file: ISContextMenu.lua line # 98. [27-12-19 20:13:19.831] LOG : General, 1577495599831> bugged action, cleared queue zombie.characters.CharacterTimedActions.LuaTimedActionNew@57d992cc false. This snippit happened while I was trying to remove a window from a Masterson Horizon. I guess the sound errored out but it played fine. Was still able to do my work with no issues after. System specs if needed https://pastebin.com/2fjw1TtB
  8. In zomboid without mods occasionally when my character dies and I press continue to start a new character in the previous world the game resumes from a previous character state where character 1 hasn't died or been injured yet, another thing that happens with this is the inventory of the character gets reverted to the original state which has led to me losing car keys, rare weapons, etc. Only the character reverts back to the position, health and all the other attributes while the things I did in the game world before my character died stay the same so for example if my character died from blood loss after fighting a horde of zombies but managed to kill the horde before dying the zombie horde will still be dead where i killed them once my character comes back to life, this has only happened to me perhaps 1 out of every 20 times I've pressed continue but it's enough to notice.
  9. Instakill after loading my game, it's the third time this bug has happened to me, the other two times I've only lost health. It seems that I die for fall damage.
  10. I think this changed in build 41.38 since I farmed with broccoli before and didn't instantly become encumbered when grabbing loose seeds from my cabinet
  11. Been testing the new 41 update and when I made a new game (no mods) I have found this bug. It only affects walls and windows indoors and seems to change color from green to blue to red seemingly at random. I don't have any idea of what might be causing this bug and have even reinstalled the game but it still hasn't fixed it. If anyone know what this is I would be grateful for some help in fixing it, Thanks
  12. Hey i dont know if someone else already had the same Bug but i noticed that potatoes grow from seedling to full grown with seeds in less than 2 Minutes rather than growing in the stated days they should...also they dont give points to your farming skill when you harvest them...and if you dont Walter them immediately in one Minute they are completly dried out and are dead. Carrots on the other Hand are growing normally so far...i cant say anything about other crops because i only found potatoes and carrots because seeds are really f***ing rare in my games.... But i have to say that i dont know if its on the games side or if the Problem is that i Play with the new Hydrocraft build that is also in beta
  13. Hello, I have been observing a double-jumping animation on Linux, on v41.20. I attached a small video here in the post. This bug didn't seem to affect my (small) windows playing experience. Anyone else experiencing this? (Or on Linux, I guess. Not sure how many % people play Linux) Any additional info needed just please contact! pz.mp4
  14. I noticed this bug in the game, where when the zombies jump the fence they fall to the ground, but instead of the character crushing their head, he pushes it causing the zombie to rise, this is something very annoying that has killed me once kkk. (Sorry for my bad english since i am not an american but a brazilian, i am using google translator).
  15. For some reason, player and zombie models appear all grey. No clothing shows up, but the hair still shows.(Im on a mac).
  16. I've been enjoying the new Build 41 beta recently and while generally having a lot of fun, i found a rather annoying, albeit minor, issue. When i try painting a wall with a brush and a paint bucket, the game just pops out the good ol red box with a number and doesn't do anything. I tried different paints, manually assigning the brush and the paint bucket to their respective hands, reloading the game and nothing changed. The fact that drawing symbols works fine makes it even more annoying. I can provide the log messages if needed. Pls fix i need those walls blue
  17. I noticed what zombies AI is a little bit broken... or completely. Im crazy or AI is broken? NO MODS - West Point
  18. So i was doing some carpentry and disassabling furniture in my house, after the first one my fps rate dropped to ground, it was fine earlyer but suddenly i can't even move. Characters traits are : High Thirst, Prone to illness, smoker, hemophomic, axe man, speed demon, wakefull, lucky, brawler, thick skinned, fit, strong and somehow overweight?
  19. Renaming Bug - UI not working The UI for renaming items does not disappear for me. Upon selecting rename the UI appears and I can type normally, I hit "OKAY" and the name of the item changes but the UI remains. Hitting cancel also does nothing. I can move the renaming box about but not get rid of it. Attempting to rename the item again opens another box which acts the same. Attempting to rename a differant item opens yet another box. Quiting and reloading gets rid of them so its not a gamebreaking issue but its still a little annoying. The items I have tried to rename where School Bags and Duffel Bags. Not sure if you already know about this, if you do sorry for the spam. Also I want you to know I am loving the latest update! Looking forward to what comes next. Thanks for all the work.
  20. I noticed in 41.17, clothing gets dirtied so quickly while jogging or crouch jogging, but while sprinting, the meter doesn't go up at all.
  21. on one of my better runs and found a floating car on the bridge out of west point Also found an acoustic guitar, when equipped two handed it showed as a ghostly outline with no fill. didn't manage to get a picture as i was shortly attacked and it broke after the first 3
  22. When I get into a car and press escape quickly (I think I'm canceling the character closing the door) I get stuck and can't do anything, the radial menus don't work either. Exiting to main menu and reloading solves it.
  23. this happens, but the resulting items do not appear in inventory. logs into attachments console.txt logs.zip
  24. Pretty much what the title says, cannot get compost from the composter, nothing happens when I try except for a number popping up in the bottom right corner.
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