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Found 103 results

  1. In zomboid without mods occasionally when my character dies and I press continue to start a new character in the previous world the game resumes from a previous character state where character 1 hasn't died or been injured yet, another thing that happens with this is the inventory of the character gets reverted to the original state which has led to me losing car keys, rare weapons, etc. Only the character reverts back to the position, health and all the other attributes while the things I did in the game world before my character died stay the same so for example if my character died from blood loss after fighting a horde of zombies but managed to kill the horde before dying the zombie horde will still be dead where i killed them once my character comes back to life, this has only happened to me perhaps 1 out of every 20 times I've pressed continue but it's enough to notice.
  2. Instakill after loading my game, it's the third time this bug has happened to me, the other two times I've only lost health. It seems that I die for fall damage.
  3. IWBUMS latest .23b and .22 GOG Galaxy up to date. Mojave latest (no new updates available). 1. Launch (in windowed mode) 2. Zomboid window opens in the background 3. Mouse cursor is transported to the window red X button at the top left. 4. Moving the cursor away keeps the red X button still depressed (darker shade of red) 5. Clicking anywhere in the window seems to actually click the red X (close) button. After some time (Music credits rolling) the red X changes color to brighter red (unpressed) and clicking in the menu will function as normal. Another workaround is switching to another window and back when the game is in the main menu.
  4. I think this changed in build 41.38 since I farmed with broccoli before and didn't instantly become encumbered when grabbing loose seeds from my cabinet
  5. Been testing the new 41 update and when I made a new game (no mods) I have found this bug. It only affects walls and windows indoors and seems to change color from green to blue to red seemingly at random. I don't have any idea of what might be causing this bug and have even reinstalled the game but it still hasn't fixed it. If anyone know what this is I would be grateful for some help in fixing it, Thanks
  6. Hey i dont know if someone else already had the same Bug but i noticed that potatoes grow from seedling to full grown with seeds in less than 2 Minutes rather than growing in the stated days they should...also they dont give points to your farming skill when you harvest them...and if you dont Walter them immediately in one Minute they are completly dried out and are dead. Carrots on the other Hand are growing normally so far...i cant say anything about other crops because i only found potatoes and carrots because seeds are really f***ing rare in my games.... But i have to say that i dont know if its on the games side or if the Problem is that i Play with the new Hydrocraft build that is also in beta
  7. Hello, I have been observing a double-jumping animation on Linux, on v41.20. I attached a small video here in the post. This bug didn't seem to affect my (small) windows playing experience. Anyone else experiencing this? (Or on Linux, I guess. Not sure how many % people play Linux) Any additional info needed just please contact! pz.mp4
  8. I noticed this bug in the game, where when the zombies jump the fence they fall to the ground, but instead of the character crushing their head, he pushes it causing the zombie to rise, this is something very annoying that has killed me once kkk. (Sorry for my bad english since i am not an american but a brazilian, i am using google translator).
  9. For some reason, player and zombie models appear all grey. No clothing shows up, but the hair still shows.(Im on a mac).
  10. I've been enjoying the new Build 41 beta recently and while generally having a lot of fun, i found a rather annoying, albeit minor, issue. When i try painting a wall with a brush and a paint bucket, the game just pops out the good ol red box with a number and doesn't do anything. I tried different paints, manually assigning the brush and the paint bucket to their respective hands, reloading the game and nothing changed. The fact that drawing symbols works fine makes it even more annoying. I can provide the log messages if needed. Pls fix i need those walls blue
  11. I noticed what zombies AI is a little bit broken... or completely. Im crazy or AI is broken? NO MODS - West Point
  12. So i was doing some carpentry and disassabling furniture in my house, after the first one my fps rate dropped to ground, it was fine earlyer but suddenly i can't even move. Characters traits are : High Thirst, Prone to illness, smoker, hemophomic, axe man, speed demon, wakefull, lucky, brawler, thick skinned, fit, strong and somehow overweight?
  13. Renaming Bug - UI not working The UI for renaming items does not disappear for me. Upon selecting rename the UI appears and I can type normally, I hit "OKAY" and the name of the item changes but the UI remains. Hitting cancel also does nothing. I can move the renaming box about but not get rid of it. Attempting to rename the item again opens another box which acts the same. Attempting to rename a differant item opens yet another box. Quiting and reloading gets rid of them so its not a gamebreaking issue but its still a little annoying. The items I have tried to rename where School Bags and Duffel Bags. Not sure if you already know about this, if you do sorry for the spam. Also I want you to know I am loving the latest update! Looking forward to what comes next. Thanks for all the work.
  14. I noticed in 41.17, clothing gets dirtied so quickly while jogging or crouch jogging, but while sprinting, the meter doesn't go up at all.
  15. on one of my better runs and found a floating car on the bridge out of west point Also found an acoustic guitar, when equipped two handed it showed as a ghostly outline with no fill. didn't manage to get a picture as i was shortly attacked and it broke after the first 3
  16. When I get into a car and press escape quickly (I think I'm canceling the character closing the door) I get stuck and can't do anything, the radial menus don't work either. Exiting to main menu and reloading solves it.
  17. this happens, but the resulting items do not appear in inventory. logs into attachments console.txt logs.zip
  18. Pretty much what the title says, cannot get compost from the composter, nothing happens when I try except for a number popping up in the bottom right corner.
  19. Onibigsun


    Ill set up base inside a home and move boxes and other items in to feel safe, get off the game. When I load I am back at my spawn home with starting clothes and all skills set back to 0 exp.
  20. Trying to "place" an item from my backpack will turn them into wooden framed mirrors. Not just a visual glitch, I can actually place the mirror even though I don't have any on my character. Placing items from my main inventory works fine. Tested it with a few different items, all of them turned into mirrors..
  21. Rather self explanatory in attachments. Only equippable after putting in left hand then right clicking and equipping on both. It wasn't caused by any mods too, since I don't got any on. It's quite gamebreaking since when you need to re-equip a certain weapon (and it's two handed) then you might be screwed.
  22. So I’d like to start off by saying that this update singlehandedly restores my desire to play this game, and it was definitely a breath of fresh air that this game needed. The new combat is beautiful, the sneaking is engaging and equally terrifying, the new clothing/armor system has me dressing up according to the situation, taking into account weight, cleanliness, and speed modifiers. I find myself taking things slow and choosing to jog on a worst case scenario as the first time I fell over while sprinting nearly cost me my life. That being said, no new system is without its...kinks. *Toreador March intensifies* Anyway, these were the things I found during my two days of playing. This is on a fresh install of Project Zomboid that was booted up in build 40 once, then booted in build 41 from then on. (Pictures included were taken on my phone as my internet is limited and I wanted to conserve) The Health system. I started a game on the Descending Fog challenge and immediately knew something was wrong. After escaping from an army of zombies, my character was hypothermic and declining in health fast. He passed out in a warehouse and woke up sick, nauseous, miserable, anxious, and panicking constantly. But most of all, he was at Terminal Injury for TWO whole days, and I was able to bring myself from being a literal corpse to full health after what should’ve been total, complete, and utter death. I also noticed that a laceration on my arm wouldn’t or couldn’t let me bandage (saying it was already bandaged) it but soon went away on its own despite the fact that it went uncovered and my clothing was both bloody and wet. I managed to cheat all odds and survive by the skin of my teeth when I’m all honesty it felt broken, as by that point I should’ve been a popsicle face down in the dirt. Positioning. With this improved locational damage, I’ve found that with an object in the way or a camera angle being a pixel off makes it impossible to stomp zombies, let alone trying to stomp them in the head. It’s a minor issue considering I’m now killing zombies before they collapse to the ground (heroic garden fork charge for the win), but if I’m unarmed, it’s a little fuming when I’m attempting to stomp a downed zombie and receive that ‘clunk’ of foot against floor, and then they get a free itch on my ankle as they flop onto their stomachs at superhuman speed. Another positioning issue is whenever I try to empty an object into a container. My character can and WILL find every moment to turn away from a container when I try to stash something and when it happens, my character decides to abandon the rest of her queued actions. That’s not to say her stupidity is accurate, being a recreation of me, but it feels like a notable issue. Error Messages The command console that opens in the background of Project Zomboid has always been something I admired cause it allowed me to see things like Error messages or stack tracing or whatever computer lingo I’d normally have to find a vague log of in AppData. With that being said, occasionally a massive wall of error messages appears out of nowhere noting things like missing textures and objects (generally flora-based or clutter-based) and also often times, a red counter will appear in the bottom right of my game from 1-7 and cause a massive frame rate drop for a second or two. Odd issue and I felt it worth mentioning. Meta Events There were a few meta events in my time of playing all of which gave me a right scare that caused me and my emotional fragility to burst into tears uncontrollably while I fumbled for my crowbar and M9 pistol. However, looking through my haze of tears I noticed that the dead were generally uninterested with the man screaming bloody murder and were particularly ignorant of the scared barking pooch, the latter of which I’m thankful for. Good poochie. I had Proper Zombies set to on so I’m a little surprised they didn’t find ANY interest in what had happened. So far, I’ve been more than impressed with the update and the problems I encountered did not diminish my gameplay for more than a minute, save for the Cheating Death thing (with screenshots of said terminal condition that I included).
  23. While crouching, holding right-click to look around stand you up. no good
  24. SBooze

    Death By Tree

    Session was being played on Survivor mode, build 41 beta. Had a laceration on my arm and on my leg, was jogging away from a small mob that noticed me, trying to find a safer spot that I could rip my clothing to bandage myself. Decided to move closer to the woods edge, then circle around in between two trees, was jogging with shift. Then suddenly there was a crushing sound, like the one it happens when you get damaged, and boom, my character yelled and death animation happened, then the "dead - high risk of becoming rat food" or something like that showed up as a status. I think I might have bumped onto a tree? Not really sure. I didn't had enough damage, was still into slight I believe, didn't check the health status more than a quick peek after being damaged. Death was instant. The lacerations happened due to a zombie that latched onto me from behind.
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