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Found 72 results

  1. Well my Crowbar has the model of a baseball bat AND I found the vanilla guns, the generic Pistol. Shotgun, Varmint Rifle (don't have a picture of it, I died lol)
  2. Fixx

    Can't clean blood

    Can't clean blood with a towel and a bleach, gives out the error message when doing so.
  3. Once you press the random button, job specific clothing become unavailable until you change jobs back and forth in the skills menu.
  4. heckin chonker

    [IWBUMS Build 41] An annoying pixel

    Rather self explanatory. Look for attachment.
  5. It's currently difficult to close a North-East-facing outer door. When you exit, the tiles behind black out, making the door unclickable. Turning around doesn't immediately make the door visible again. The only way to then close the door is to walk towards the open space where the door should be and click it before you get too close.
  6. Fast2pizza

    Found a Bug

    My character keeps getting colder and colder but he has full clothes, and it's not that cold outside but he is the freezing, and he is fully dressed while in a house... so my guess that is a bug? (Sorry first bug report so I had to make an account and stuff because of said bug lol)
  7. While crouching, holding right-click to look around stand you up. no good
  8. elcacas

    does not start

    my game does no start when i try to play in the "this is how you die" or when i just enter to the game and try to move the character the game just goes blank and says "project zomboid does not respond" what can i do
  9. TurtleShroom

    Cannot Pick Up Church Pews

    Good morning. I am filing a bug report for the following issue: As you can see in the attached image, for some reason, when I use the "PICK UP" command for a church pew, the pew makes a shadow to its right (if the left is touched) and vice-versa (if the right is touched) and, despite saying I can lift the pew, clicking on it yields no results. I tried multiple pews in the church, and all of them do this odd glitch. What do you think is happening? Is there a means to rectify it? Thank you. -TURTLESHROOM
  10. EDIT: Found fix for this issue! My friend turned off 'Double size textures' option, we restarted the game and when we entered the server he could see snow on ground as well Hi, I am hosting a P2P server for my friend and I (version 40.43). When it snows we both see snow falling and trees being covered in it BUT only I can see the snow covering the ground, he can't. For him the ground looks normal. Could it be because of a certain setting, or is this a bug? He has tried disconnecting and connecting back again. We even tried restarting the server and turning Post-processing on and off. Still nothing. Also, when we are indoors we can see the rain/snow falling outside even though we're not watching trough the windows at that time. It feels like we're on a spaceship, flying trough the stars, kinda messes up with our eyesight, making us dizzy.
  11. TalSh

    Crafting Using Equipped Backpacks

    Hello everyone. A mod I wrote allows players to sew upgraded hiking bags using existing hiking bags. I've found a bug where if one of the hiking bags used to make the upgraded version is equipped on the player's back, the resulting backpack is unequipped, and the player no longer has an option to equip anything on his/her back, as if the original bag is still equipped. There are no options to unequip, as the game thinks nothing is equipped. The resulting bag (and any others) can only be equipped as primary and secondary. The only solution is starting a new game. I've just tested again, and this issue does not occur when the bag is equipped as primary and secondary, only when it is equipped on the player's back. Here is the code I used for the upgraded bag, and for creating the recipe: item SmallUpgradedHikingBag { WeightReduction = 85, Weight = 0.6, Type = Container, Capacity = 27, DisplayName = Small Upgraded Hiking Bag, Icon = SmallUpgradedHikingBag, CanBeEquipped = Back, OpenSound = PZ_OpenBag, CloseSound = PZ_CloseBag, PutInSound = PZ_PutInBag, } recipe Make Small Upgraded Hiking Bag { keep Needle, keep Scissors, Thread=2, NormalHikingBag=2, Result:SmallUpgradedHikingBag, Time:250.0 } Has anyone seen or been able to fix this? What am I missing? Sorry if this has already been covered. I've tried searching but couldn't find anything related. Thanks in advance!
  12. quite simply put, i found a light switch that should be part of a section of the living room, but instead its in the washroom, thus giving the washroom 2 light switches and a permanent light in the living room near the backdoor,0.2483100986760063,418.96425128510725
  13. Axezombie

    Bug with red BBQ Build 40.43

    Hi, the red BBQ can be lit only with magazines and newspapers, it should accept the same items as the campfire, right? I would like to fix it myself, what file I have to modify to fix this? Thanks
  14. Enabling Normal/Hardcore reloading causes XP gain for reloading pistols to occur when inserting the magazine. Additionally, the magazine can be ejected/inserted repeatedly for continued XP gain without using any ammo. Despite this, XP gain appears to only be 0.33 per eject/insert cycle which is laughable. If the pistol were to be used realistically (let's assume you average half a clip before reloading) you would have fired 1710 rounds before finishing THE FIRST LEVEL. (And this is with Fast Learner) This is especially problematic as the "Reload" keybinding only ejects/inserts the magazine, making it extremely cumbersome to try to maximize XP gain without making use of what is clearly an exploit. Additionally, the fact that Hardcore in particular drastically increases the reload time for a pistol just makes the reloading skill that much more important when compared to the easier difficulties. An Easy difficulty player can trivially reload after each shot, allowing them to gain reloading XP when it is not really needed, while a Hardcore difficulty player can not. Using a shotgun should not be 7-15 times more efficient for training reloading, and players using pistols with Reload Difficulty set to Hardcore should not feel like they have to engage in meta behavior in order to raise their reloading skill.
  15. TheForeignCrusader

    Black Field of vision and Server crashing

    I Just bought the game today (1/28/2019) around 11:00 AM CTS, I even have less than 2 hours of game play. I was planning on playing it with a couple of friends and my Fiance'. However When I played at first with a mod collection the game kept crashing and the server kept closing and shutting down. We both restarted the game and Hard reset our PC's and nothing fixed it. we then Took off the mod's seeing the glitches that can happen with them. we started up the game with no mods installed and reinstalled the game, we made our Char fine with no issues but maybe a long (about 6 min) loading screen. I got into the game and everything was fine for about 4 min then after walking too a road form Scenic grove. It was around 2:00 PM in game and everything behind my field of vision went black. I could not see anything outside of my field of vision. Birds were chirping so I knew it was still daytime, I could see in my field of vision daytime but anything outside of it was Pitch black. but when she (my Fiance') Would use a admin command the server would crash. I decided too relaunch my game another time. I got back in and it was worse, it was still pitch black behind me but now my field of vision was darkened and there were still birds chirping. I could see all of my stats, inventory, ETC just fine. however I could barley see my char and the road. I walked for about 5 feet and the game crashed. PC Specs CPU: Ryzen 5 1600X GPU: RX 580 Pulse 8GB RAM: 16GB RipJaw's Storage: 1x 1TB HDD / 1X 2TB HDD / 1X 250GB SSD Connection: Ethernet
  16. Eldurn

    Missing weapon sound.

    Sup boys, finally after 150h+ without any problem i have to report bug I don't have gun shoot sound, without problem with reload noise. I tried change audio settings but all sounds are set loud. I can too test missing sound in advanced options. I find more player with this same issues. Have a nice evening Edit: I try some way to repair this by myself and i find this: before i start game in advance sound options i have normal sounds category. After trigger missing sound (like shoot by 9mm pistol) in advance sound options are created new category AUTO with missing sound but i can't hear it if i push test button.
  17. Maris

    getText() doesn't work

    I made a mod, but it doesn't work properly. It's very strange, because I made localization file properly and double checked it: ContextMenu_EN = { ContextMenu_Annotation = "Annotation", } But for some reason it doen't work. print("ContextMenu_Annotation" == getText("ContextMenu_Annotation")); --true! Can somebody explain what am I doing wrong? I was about to publish the mod but stucked on this issue.
  18. Chess of Confusion

    Character still slowing down now even worse

    Basically just what the title says.. The Character still is slowing down now even worse.. even longer..i don't like playing it when it feels like i'm pulling some invisible heavy object. I would have thought the game developer were reading our comments...especially on Bug reports i mean.. I've already made a post telling about this problem when the new update first drop. And i got people saying they are having the same issue's as me.. so i would like to know and everyone else who is experiencing the same technical issue when is it going to be fix. Thank you.
  19. InfectedPie

    Font Bug/Name Bug

    After the update, i tried to return to PZ... but sadly my experience did not last long since almost every item ingame had some kind of font bug. For an example: Shoes in Turkish is "Ayakkabı" but the game says something like Ayak1÷×7¥÷. Is there a way to fix that or is it a game bug? Sorry for my bad English
  20. danlikesham

    Car textures not showing | Build 40

    So I just got this game a couple weeks ago, I was playing around with settings to get better performance and now I don't know if its something ive done or a bug but car textures are missing. The shadows are on the ground and I can still get in the car and check the trunk but the actually textures aren't showing. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas? Loving the game so far!
  21. When i paint a plastered door frame using light blue paint, the doorframe becomes invisible.
  22. Hello everyone In my current game (40.30) I encounter an issue repeatedly, where I am unable to access the back of my beloved Chevalier Step Van when it is parked at certain angles. The problem seems to be, that the access rectangle (green) is too far away from the actual back of the vehicle when it is pointing in certain directions. In the image provided, the issue is resolved as soon as I rotate the vehicle 45° to the left or right, so there seems to be an issue with the diagonal placement of a vehicle. Because I know how to avoid the issue it is not a game breaking or otherwise urgent problem, but as roads tend to go in diagonal directions in this game it is still a bit annoying, having to place my van horizontally or vertically every time I stop for looting. I hope the issue can be resolved at some point in the future. Thank you for your time and effort. Edit.: I tested some more and I actually achieved access to the back from a diagonal angle as well. Not sure what the issue is right now, but I will try to see if it correlates with the underground the vehicle is on.
  23. Can allow build because this furniture not set canBeAlwaysPlaced = false. but if set this string to false. Can't place anywhere. I think ISSimpleFurniture needs an extra validation to set canBeAlwaysPlaced to false(in this furniture), and let it place only on not occuppied walls.
  24. ditoseadio

    [Build 40.26] Frozen meat

    If you freeze fish or any other animal, you may be able to filet or cut it without problems and it appears fresh instantly.