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  1. Mostly play splitscreen with the family, so not needing to have a designated carpenter is actually quite nice.
  2. Well the fencing will be pre-built on to the map itself, so I believe it will be neigh impossible to break, if not I'll just mod that in I suppose. The entrance gate doors could be broken, but there will be a tower and some lookouts also. The whole area is pre-built for mostly roleplay purposes, supposed to be almost a safe-haven of sorts. It's a 5 minute drive from the towns in the forest, I suppose it should be quite serene when it's done.
  3. Thanks for the answer! Knowing the vertical distance is also very helpful. I played around with the Idea to have an additional chimney for this building, but I'd have to make some custom fireplace or wall to have it look good, and besides, the house already has a chimney. Still, good idea for another place. Well I suppose I got sidetracked anyways, I worked on a new generator style, a type that's used to power small emergency clinic or the like. I don't know scripting though so the whole project is on ice for the time being. Trying to make one of those electric backup generators, so it won't spew out the fumes. The tile itself is done but the script will have to wait, unsure how to balance is at the moment anyways. I'll add a picture when I've gotten further in the building process, the zombies breaking stuff, because of the generator, won't really be a big problem for where the place is going to be located. It's going to be a quite large farmlands place with tall fencing all around it and gated entrances. Quite a ways way off from the main urban hubs as well.
  4. I belive the problem comes with the room definition itself. When you enclose a space it's considered a room. However, rooms can be built without definitions if you place tiles separately. It's just a bit tedious, but I'd do that if that would make it work. Greatly appreciate the information about tile distance, that will come in handy! Happy Holidays!
  5. I have tried to make it seem plausible, by adding a wall ventilation on the side of the garage, beside having the open wall there. The whole house will belong to a gated off farm area, prebuilt as a mod, so I'd rather not have a generator inside the house. Still though, if I make the garage from tiles and remove the room def, would that do the trick? (Meaning same room but no room definition.) Can it be placed on the porch or will that create toxic fumes that enter the house? (Only the roof over the porch have the empty outside roof on level 2.) If not, how far range does the generator have if I place it under pillars and a roof close to the house? (Like how many tiles away from the house for connection to work.)
  6. Would you happen to know how far away it's possible to place a generator whilst still having it connect to a building? I figured I'd either have it inside the garage, because of the availability of a gate there, or on the porch in a worst case scenario. If neither of those works, and obviously I'd like to have a roof covering the generator. Would the solution I wrote to Axezombie above work? If not, how far away could I build a roofed structure, whilst still being in range, and making sure I can connect and supply electricity to a building?
  7. I guess I'll have to do some testing. The garage itself does have a room, and a room definition. But perhaps if I remove the definition and build the walls with layers instead, that could work.
  8. Hey, so as the thread title suggests. I'd like to know wether a generator placed inside an open walled garage or room, would make the room dangerous to be in because of the fumes? If not, then if I have a garage that's open to the outside, but connected to a house, will it make the house fill up with fumes or not? I'll attach a screenshot here, where the red dot would mark a generator placement. Would it be possible to build like this? Happy Holidays!
  9. Something I forgot to mention when it comes to the stairs. The easiest way I've found to make stairs work correctly, custom ones that is. Is to just copy the defs of each respective stair piece in the tile definitions. It's included in the TileZed program and this is probably what it's intended for. No need to do guess work really, just copy paste a definition if you have the same type of tile. The easy way I found to do this, is to open the .newtiles file then add my own tilesheets to it. Eventually you can remove all the sheets from .newtiles one in tiledefinitions when all your custom tiledefs are done. After that, just save your .tiles file as something else, so you don't overwrite the original .newtiles file.
  10. So I've decided to work around this problem. I believe I've found a solution that will force the game to display the railings and trims correctly. The fix is pretty simple, copy and cut up the tilesheets that I want to use, combine them into a single tile, make new tilesheets, add these to a custom tilepack. Now there's no trim to add to the railing, because the railing will have the trim as part of being a railing. Hopefully it will do the trick. I'll report back wether successful or not.
  11. So I just noticed this now. Not sure if it's a new bug or an old one. If you have a wall with walltrim, or a railing with trim placed on top of it with layering, next to a corner, the wall or railing will be on top of the trim. With the editor, I attempted to place the wall and railing with both Wall # 1 & Wall # 2, whilst placing the trim in Trim layer #1 & #2, Overlay #1-4. Meaning I've tried all different layer combinations, still the railing or wall will be in front of the trim. If I understand it correctly, the layers in the list that is over the other groups, will be placed on top of the sub group. Like furniture #4 is placed, or loaded, after furniture #1, to make sure that it's displayed and loaded correctly. Wall #1 is under, or behind, Wall#2. Curtain #1 is displayed under curtain #2, so that #2 is the more visible layer. But especially corner tiles with walls and railings don't want to apply to this rule. Even if I place a railing as the wall trim #1, and use the trim in wall overlay #4, the wall will load in front of the trim. Known issue, or what gives? It's driving me mad because the editors display it correctly, only in the game does it change back. And it only applies to certain walls or railings in the corners, not every time. Edit: I uploaded some pictures to help show what I mean. Yellow: Trim is on wall overlay layer #4.  Red: Trim is on wall overlay layer #3. Green: Trim is on wall overlay layer #2. Purple: Trim is on wall furniture layer #2. Blue: Trim is on wall trim layer #2. The railings is on wall layer #2. Consistently on all railings. All the non problematic trims are on wall trim #2, with no problems. So why does these places not work? As you see in the overview picture, it all looks as intended. It looks like I want it in TileZed, BuildEd and WorldEd, but the game itself will do this.. The editors follow the layering rule, game follows the layering rule, but the colored markings are an exception only in the game, regardless of layer.
  12. Pop

    How do I edit the current map?

    CartoZed will likely help you. I'd suggest using it together with the ZomboidMapProject. Just select a cell in CartoZed after loading the map from your folder, select tile or tiles, save as PNG. After that you still need to use paint or something to make the maps for the nature. But with CartoZed it's easy to keep the existing roads and still add new roads that line up with the original map. Then you can use the normal procedure of making maps with TileZed, BuildEd and WorldEd. Back to ZomboidMapProject to find the X Y position, add those when writing the lots in WorldEd.
  13. So I have used different ladders, made my own textures and remodeled however I liked it. Have not found any more problems that I could not work around really. But I'll list what I've found out so far when doing this. If adding tile defs to a ladder going either topN or topW, make sure to also change the def of the top of the ladders to be NorthWallWindow or WestWallWindow. Even if there is no window there, it needs to believe there is, to you automatically vault the top of the ladder. If you don't the character animation may get stuck completely and you won't be able to go back down anyway. If you add tile def to a ladder going either topS or topE, you can not put a WallWindow def on there, because of what I believe is the isometric limitations. But, if you make a wall there that has a window, or a fence that can be jumped over, it will work just like stated above regarding topN or topW. So for ladders to work going N or W, a full wall can be SheetRopeNorth or SheetRopeWest, SheetRopeSouth or SheetRopeEast. For the top tiles, where you reach the top ladder, you need SheetRopeNorthTop and also NorthWallWindow for that tiledef, or SheetRopeWestTop combined with WestWallWindow. And for the top ladders SheetRopeSouthTop or SheetRopeEastTop, but you need to combine this with something to jump over, either a fence of sorts, or some type of window that you add.
  14. Thank you for the answer. When reading another thread it was said to stay away from those, because they were not being updated.. Either way, I started making my own tilesets by copying from what was already provided, then adding them as a custom tileset to my mods insteads. That way it stays in game atleast, but it takes a lot more effort. I'll see about getting the steam version though, could be nice to have more choices without cutting, pasting, tiledeffing so many tiles I want to use. Extra information: Also I found that if I add some textures with TileZed, rather than BuildEd, meaning to the cell itself rather than to the buildings, it seems more textures and tiles work that way and don't get removed.
  15. So I seem to have another problem. Not sure what's going on really. Whenever I make a map in tilezed, worlded and builded, and later on load it in to the game, there's so many tiles missing. What I mean is that most things do work and show up, but a lot of the things I add, like wall vines or edge grass, either gets removed or gets it's tile swapped with another. I can for example build a wall and add wall vines to it by layering. But when loading up the map in the game, either the wall vines are missing completely, or they have changed to another wall vine, so that they all look the same. So it looks the same in tilezed, as in worlded, as in buildinged. But when loaded in to the game some tile textures are swapped, some just plain removed. What's going on here? How do I get the game to actually show my map the way it is made?