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  1. I am unable to use a sledgehammer. The person just stands in front of what you want to destroy and the red errors count up in lower right.
  2. I am in a house trying to go to sleep. I have a table and night-stand blocking the entrance to get to me the bed and walls on other sides. I am unable to go to sleep or pickup the table. Basically, I am stuck in one spot. I can move back and forth approximately 1 tiles worth. I should be able to at least pick the table back up but am unable. Can't do anything, even open the drawer of the night stand. Have been playing this game for 30 minutes and all worked fine up to this point but haven't tried this particular thing in this build. Often use it to sleep in unsafe places. The one thing I can do is sit down.
  3. Ok, I've posted some possible bug fixes. Here is some changes I really like so far. 1) Transfer of items to/from inventory grabs the entire stack at once instead of one at a time (I assume if room is available?) 2) Filling items (water) from primary inventory doesn't leave them "equipped" (at least once I noticed this) 3) I am sure there are many more (but I can't think of them) 4) I really wish the base game allowed for more crafting of basic items instead of the realization that you will eventually run out of those items. (OK, I have your attention, thought I'd throw that on in there)
  4. I've noticed this too... a lollipop took a long time to eat in one game
  5. I have confirmed you can fast forward if zombies are not nearby at all. The area is larger than it used to be as Axezombie said.
  6. This occurs when filling water containers as well. Then, you have to manually turn them back to focus on the faucet, etc to refill another one.
  7. This seems to only occur when sleeping in a car.
  8. I have a door (and any others facing same direction) towards me on far side of the building that I can't close from the outside. I can open just fine from inside as I can see the door. However, when I go outside, I can't close the door and remain outside as it's not visible from outside. Right-click option is not available either. If you inch slowly inside the doorway until you can see it (to close it) you will then be inside (not outside). I was able to close it once, but can't seem to close it anymore w/o many tries.
  9. Great, I will test the range issue. I thought that was the problem at first, but it wouldn't work no matter where I tried. Will test way out in the country.
  10. Was unable to stop a ringing alarm clock by right click > stop alarm. Had to go into "set time" and turn it off.
  11. I suspect this one is just disabled??? Unable to fast-forward the game.
  12. When I rip a zombies clothing to ripped sheets, I haven't been able to do all at once. Have to do each one separately.
  13. I think I may have found a bug. If you park your vehicle door side tightly against another car, they will line up on that car's door trying to get you (but can't). If you drive back and forth slightly (while still touching that car), they will get knocked back and many will fall under that car and get stuck. You can get out and kill the remaining few, then stomp on the ones who are still stuck under that car. I really feel bad for these zombies as they really didn't have a chance to kill me. Even zombies need an advocate sometimes.
  14. Just got my 3rd car and it blew a tire within 100 feet. Something not right. Also, all the zombies are naked. Having fun learning the new way of fighting... it's much slower than before
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