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  1. I really like this idea! Would be cool to use near a house to 'hear' any noise making zombies inside. The only issue is do idle zombies make noise you would detect while searching?
  2. I really like this idea. Imagine gaining some temporary (or long term) buff to panic. So lets say you watch a horror movie on VHS and it makes you panic and/or sleep poorly. Let's say you keep it up and eventually you get a brave/desensitized buff for a while after watching X amount. A 'horror movie buff' buff, if you will. This idea has so much room for activities.
  3. If I come across Ol' Painless in a cabinet, I'll eat my hat. Would be interesting to see a bullet hose in-game. Finally ammo hoarding pays off! There is no way I could use it regardless, CIA's got me pushing too many pencils.
  4. I love the idea! It's a missed opportunity to terrify players. You get the jump scare of a zombie beating on glass while checking for locked cars!
  5. I love this game, and this community. <3 to all of you for keeping the dream alive!
  6. I came out of a 5 year hiatus to say I concur with the idea of tuna salad.
  7. A lot of good points in this post. The part that really stands out to me is armor. Leather jackets and chaps would be nice, adding some bite resistance. Riot gear and the like would be cool to find in police stations. Chain mail and stuff like it could be crafted I guess, but I would be fine with just stuff you could find in the world (probably not a lot of houses have chain mail). I suppose you could craft it, but the idea of a novice making any kind of chain mail seems a stretch (at least useful chain mail). As far as balancing these items, there would be some challenge to get them just right, and no gear should make you immune to zed attacks. Riot gear would be the closest thing to an invincibility suit, but could come at a cost of high encumbrance and fatigue. I am sure if you were walking around Kentucky in summer with riot gear you would eventually get heat stroke. Adding durability to said items would really go a long way in balancing said items. Leather jackets can keep you from getting bit, but can become worn, and eventually lose all protective effects. You would really have to weight protection from negative buffs, as most armors would make you hot, thirsty, and tired eventually.
  8. I hope any nutrition system would be 'under the hood' game wise. I am not sure how much I would care for worrying about all of that info while playing. I know we are trying to go for high realism in PZ, but just thinking of having to monitor this stuff in game makes me cringe. I guess I would have to see how it would play out to be sure. I know we need something more than what we have currently for a hunger system. I just hope what we get isn't too involved. My survivor is just happy to be eating anything that isn't bugs or dogfood.
  9. It could be as simple as this: Smoke and you get a bordem and stress reduction, with diminishing returns. Stop smoking and you get elevated stress and unhappiness for a set period of time. As far as affecting health and stamina, you would have to smoke for quite some time I would imagine. I doubt there are enough cigarettes in the game world to get you to that point. You could smoke them too fast, however (like a med O.D.) and get the queasy moodle for a time.
  10. Homemade ammo would be great, especially if it occasionally jammed in your gun.
  11. As was said above, I really like the idea of a cone of fire somehow displayed on screen. Maybe you can tint the area outside of your focused cone to make it clear where the bullets have a chance of landing. So if you are a new shooter, your cone of view is wide like it is normally, but the more you train, the tighter the cone could be (so an advanced shooter, standing still, and aiming would have a very tight cone). You could use how vision is obscured where the player isn't facing, except not completely darkened out, just somewhat. Regardless of how it is done, the current system is too random, and breaks immersion in my opinion. Even with a novice shooter, I am pretty sure they would fare a little better with accuracy than what is currently available.
  12. Find and read the owner's manual, and have it work just like it does now, but also allowing the player to attach to one or more devices. If you don't read the manual, you cannot wire directly into the house, but only to one or more devices. Then all you have to do is add a higher chance of overload, and have attached devices run the risk of catching fire. That would allow adventurous\illiterate players a chance to roll the dice for lights, and give the cautious player more reason to find a book, and more versatile options if they do.
  13. I hope I'm not hurting anybody's feelings, but personally I hate that chant. Is there a way to disable it?
  14. I really like this idea. You could have a good reason to raid offices. 5 Gallon jugs weigh 40ish pounds, so it is doable. Being able to move empty jugs, and refill them would be sweet.
  15. Being able to name crates would be cool. Having my teammates put stuff in the right crates would be cool as well. At least I can hope for being able to name crates.
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