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  1. Yes this is for sure a solid consideration, I think servers should decide if they want it enabled or not
  2. With this idea I think that items should have sentimental value depending on how long you have them and losing them/ leaving home without them could cause stress and unhappiness. and the converse of that would be that having items with high sentiment would give bonuses to characters mood, things like bravery and happiness.
  3. I think servers should have the option to allow for spectators in their game world, basically just allows you to switch between players in game and follow them around or use free camera. Lots of good reasons for this imo. I like watching people play zomboid and being able to jump in to a server and watch what people are up to would be nice, being able to record clips and whatnot.
  4. The mod “realistic inventory “ does help with this kind of thing but it’s not perfect. Still I can’t play without it. also “simple add inventory pages” is another one that might help you in the mean time.
  5. I am hoping when they eventually revamp the UI as they stated last week they will work on the UX as well. imo the game needs to make inventory management more complex but less clunky. I don’t think large items should go into your inventory, which includes bags. Bags should always need to be carried or slung over your shoulder ect. ideally what this would do is make players strategically put items in bags that they have and can carry. yes items should display when nested in their current implementation but really this wouldn’t even be an issue as bags couldn’t really be nested I think. certainly not bags full of stuff. shouldn’t be able to fit a trash at full of stuff in a toolbox for instance. certainly complicated stuff but also I hope this becomes more realistic at the end of the day.
  6. I think this would be a good thing to have as an effect. Personally I do like the idea of having things be restricted for some characters at certain times though. It adds a ton of variety with a single (or handful) of tweaks. But yes your idea is certainly one way to do it and might have a similar enough effect where you can eat what you want but you will be stressed out and depressed which would be great too.
  7. If no one mods this in I would like to see something like this, basically characters roll random likes and dislikes for the various categories of loot and it will change how you interact with the world. let’s say you’re character hates reading mystery novels but likes romance books, in this case they will refuse to read those books unless they are insanely bored. same with different foods. Maybe they love ice cream but hate meat. Then they will refuse to eat meat unless starving.
  8. I think books should have names that are somewhat randomized to keep things interesting, and my suggestion here is to have different books have special moodles and traits associated with them. some examples would be: Inspired : (gives the players next creation extra health/ damage value) Adventurous: makes players move a bit faster and gain happiness from exploring. hopeful: gives player increased bosuses to their mental health for a few days/ hours. inquisitive: increases bonuses for skill gain when reading books and crafting things. horrified: basically makes them panic for a few hours. And many more if they fit the game. overall I hope We get some more interesting bonuses to reading things that change up the gameplay from time to time. apply all of this to movies also!
  9. I think reading books should have a chance of finding hidden small items. Think keys, maps, money, letters, maybe a handgun compartment/other interesting items like jewelry. would add a little extra interest for the player when they read!
  10. I want to make a good public server but currently can’t reserve myself and friends spots. I Want 2-3 slots reserved in options then the rest open!
  11. I mean zoom in levels and yes I have them enabled. higher resolution monitors can’t zoom in as much. I imagine the opposite is true for lower resolution monitors
  12. Just what the title says, you loose a significant amount of zoom when using a bigger monitor and it would be cool to get that back! talking about zooming in
  13. I would like to see some kind of setting that allows you to disable map memory over all characters on a multiplayer server. Currently it is a little overpowered and Immersion breaking. I have seen someone suggest a map that does not show you the entire size of Kentucky and instead it grows from your sight line. this would help with the feeling of scale (The map is massive to be fair)
  14. It would be cool if crouching would effect sounds your character makes. if you are crouch/sneaking doors would open slower and make less noise, reloading a gun would be slower and make more noise. Even eating /drinking. thx
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