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  1. okay so obviously there would be some items that can fit into pockets and such, but now that all the items will be 3d it would be nice to see more items show up attached to the character. If we can attach a frying pan to our backs, or a rolling pin, I dont see why we couldnt have a few cans/small items appear attached to the hip/waist. I think the more that PZ can do to display inventory at a glance would be for the better. We fight zombies for a number of reasons, but it would be cool to see a zombie with items on them to know who we should prioritize. This and a general inventory rework- High Five alright!
  2. I like how this post is right above a seperate post with the same name, but just with exclamation marks. feels very competitive!
  3. I am not even sure i agree with what you said but star wars kiid always gets a spiffo
  4. I hope they overhaul the crafting system to be honest. It is serviceable for sure, just cumbersome in its current form. Feel like it should be a lot more contextual and recopies should basically all be learned as you go.
  5. would be cool. You know what to do Tony! Hit em wit a spiffo!
  6. poppin a spiffo down here. I love the sound, however this person is on to something i think. I am not an audiophile by any stretch of the imagination, but i think the point about white noise is valid here. It doesn't sound bad by any means, but i do feel like some of the other sounds get buried in an odd way sometimes. GG Tony!
  7. they did promise.... Tony!!!, Get em' a spiffo!!!
  8. As the title states I think this game would benefit with something that lets players set goals as a mechanic in game. how do you do this though? I was thinking about it and maybe there are a good amount of ways to do this, but one that came to mind was when I was right clicking on a door i wanted to disassemble. I had no hammer ect, so it would be cool if in the future we could put a star or something on that option (kind of like favoriting an action) now when we find the corresponding item maybe it could have a star on it, or have a green highlight or something showing us that the item is used for that previous task. I think you could have bonuses also by completing your own goals. perhaps your mood increases or somethiing like that. naturally you have to think of ways to avoid exploiting this sort of thing, but idk I feel like the game lets you make your own goals already so adding some features to bolster this could be cool!
  9. Also instead of what he said raise the resolution of the tiles!! πŸ‘¨β€πŸ¦³ also OP take no offense to my reply it’s meant to be funny 😁
  10. Yes! Indie stone do this!! also have your clothing tear and have items call out at higher/over full capacity!! but this suggestion 4 sure!!
  11. It would be cool if there was a system that connected workshop maps via a large world map. maybe you start in Kentucky for a start, then when you get to the edge of the map you can leave the map to a world map of sorts where you can pick a destination. when people make mod maps they could decide where the map would take place. You can also have intermediate maps as well where players would stop on the way to their destination. Imagine PZ mixed with Oregon trail.
  12. I think having a more detailed map system would be the ideal situation. Currently its just hard to tell where your map is really for or what you are seeing. I think programming a sort of local area map for some starting professions/ in certain homes would be more ideal. we can kind of edit maps also but to expand that system to make it more user friendly would be great
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