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  1. I like this idea as well! its actually pretty great with a list, but having specific slots that add to the realism like this would also be really great
  2. OxManZomboid

    Noise Works

    dude can you IMAGINE what it would be like if ALL assets are 3d and appear real time... wow not sure if that is the route they are taking buy man how cool would it be if book shelves/counters/dressers ect had more physicalized set ups to where you can see the actual items in/on them.... i dont even wanna think about it it sounds so cool. Just having inventory items alone showing up on counter tops/ and even the floors will be crazy! good zomboid! +1 spiffo
  3. I was kind of hoping this post was just gonna be called 'diabetes' and then the post would just say "I have diabetes" but as far as your suggestion goes... uhm... yea why not I guess. I usually don't like when games get too specific with kinds of diseases to be honest though. especially a zombie game like this... I think that would actually detract to some degree from fear of infected... I think I get why you would want it though so im not hating it. just think they would be better off putting emphasis on the symtoms rather than the condition if
  4. Hey Zumbo, I just thought of this recently after reading a couple of threads of people asking for a less punishing death mechanic. I dont really know why, because I am generally in favor of more hard core roguelike experiences, but for some reason the idea jumped out at me, Essentially. same exact system we have now. but instead of requiring a character to die before playing a new one on the save file. we would be able to make as many (or a contrained number if needed) but in theory as many characters as we want to make on the same save at the same time.
  5. I agree with the idea about the water bottles all being grouped up being strange. cant say im in love with the stacking menu right now as it is, but that stood out from my end too
  6. I like the rental store idea a lot. I don't believe depression is something we should see make the game easier in anyway. reason I say to make depression's effects more 'difficult' is because currently like you said movement and transfer speed effected... kinda low on the totem pole of significant changes to gameplay in my opinion.\ I do think that animations for moodle states would make slowing down character and transfer speed more "engaging" which is satisfying, meaning funnily enough animations can sometimes stand in for gameplay. but the essence of
  7. dont they have an air conditioner though? heard it wasn't working or something... may be wrong though
  8. I really hope they explore a bit into what they could possibly do with these kinds of effects moving forward. I like trombone head really like the overlays mod, but after seeing the weather effects I think you guys could do a great job adding in more 'interactive' overlays. for instance druck blurs the characters vision cone (maybe slightly behind as well) or heat having a sort of wabbling effect would really neat. it would be greeteeeeeeeeeeeet!
  9. I really like this idea, I had thought it would be cool too see small moodle sized bubbles pop up after pressing a specific key like tab and all the interactables in your view would sort of hover opaquely around the object. hard to describe exactly in words but just think of resident evil's looting system but with little icons indicating what the container is. heck I even thought it could be cool to have items in containers pop up in this way as we "search" through them. But yeah I agree with certain angles making it hard for us to interact at this point
  10. I can no longer ignore you're cursed looking character!!
  11. So I have been trying to play the game at a lower resolution than my monitor (I have 1440p and have tried playing at 1080p) after realizing that playing at 1440p doesnt allow for me to zoom in as far into see the character as 1080p. unable to play borderless windowed now because the game wont scale the borderless window to my screen I decided to bite the bullet and go fullscreen. problem is now whenever I window out of the game there is a chance that my character loses all his textures and the player models feet seem to connect in a glitchy way. I should no
  12. currently we only get three options (shift, control, and control + shift?) which are kind of awkward in there own way. thank you!
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