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  1. Hmm, doesnt work with my game. Anyone else? Very few tasks do need more time with the more day lenght, but most tasks stay the same. Cooking time expands fine, but crafting and the like is still done -in a second-. Avatar similarities not intentional, btw.
  2. I feel like a 90s Police Crown Victoria clone has to be added. Its simply the icing on the cake. This Car makes a good reference to the early Resident Evil Francise, youll find them in the intro scenes. Also 90s TV Series were filled up with Crown Vics.
  3. Suggestion about single-player: Each task has a certain 'required time' value (for example 60 - 100 for crafting -> see crafting menu). Is it possible to include a multiplicator for the required time in sandbox menu? For me it feels a little strange to be able to dig like 20 graves or build up walls in a few seconds for example. With the multiplicator players would be able to generate more/less time-consume per task and make gameplay a more realistic factor, or more arcade-style. For example: If you go with realistic values you'll need 10-20 mins to build up a wall and you have to sec
  4. Well...the zombies already have the 'bloodhound' tag, right? - wind may influence the moving direction of zombie clusters - spot flags to find out the wind direction - listen to the radio/tv for weather
  5. Have you guys used a mower, chainsaw or a gernerator? Those engines are of wayward behavior an can easily ruin your plans in real life. ...unless you have a can of engine starter spray nearby! The common pre-used generator like the one in the game would need several attempts to start. A lay person would have a rather low chance to get this device running, and keep it reliable in the long terms. That because a small carburated cold engine like this is almost impossible to start in cold or moist conditions. And it will stay off once the carburetor and spark plug have been exposed to air
  6. Hi there! Few Ideas on gathering cars: Unlocked cars should contain most likely zombified passengers, wich are trapped by their seatbelts. To secure the car you have to shoot the Zombie first and grab the corpse. - most of them have the engine running - car key found inside - they are predamaged and being stopped by a crash - maybe out of gas - stuck inside zombie mob - may contain snacks, fastfood and clothes inside
  7. Snorrsenkel

    Here In My Car

    Suggestion: Only cars with sunroof should give the option to climb and stand on the roof.
  8. What I like about the idea of breakage: With broken tools you are forced to leave your savehouse and do a looting mission once in a while. Hiding behind 4 walls forever should be very hard, or in the very long term be impossible. It also forces the player to make more strategic looting and planning for the future. Making plans for the future weeks and calculate risks is one aspect that I really like about the gameplay in PZ. Because you never know, you know?
  9. From the 90s? Maybe you dont open too much cans, dont you?
  10. The other day I broke two can openers in real life. As there are differences in build quality, I thought its wise to make the can opener wear out ingame, plus maybe adding option to smash cans (?). Thank You!
  11. Size of the meal does not matter. You have to watch for the calories of your food. Big Meals consisting of vegetables only and a bit of meat have around 300-500 kcal. Its just not enough energy to hold your weight, like in real life.
  12. TIS is slow but in the end delivers quality. I am really happy to see this game did not turn into some simplified crap for hyperactive 12 year olds. Patience is a virtue.
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