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Cyrrent Eiledoll

Breaking Dead

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My first Mod. Contains Stuff from Breaking Bad and bring it to Project Zomboid.


Build a small Lab and research Homemade Meth then research the big lab and make Blue Meth. "Liquidate" Deadheads in a Barrel with Acid. 

Craft a Junkyard, upgrade it and scavange Metal.

Scavange Metal in the City with the Metaldetector.


Other Content.

Steam Machine can be upgrade to Steamhammer or Charging Unit.

Steamhammer and Furnace allows you to craft Mats from molten Metal.

Charging Unit allows you to make Energy for advanced Items.


Heavy Weapons like the Flamethrower or the Rocketlauncher.


Microwave Weapons.


Dissect Zombies and research some helpfull Items.

Make your own Medicine with realistic recipes. Craft powerfull Explosives like the Ammonalbomb (One Bomb destroys a small House) the Chlorgasgranade or the Thermitgranade.


Finaly you can now eat the Zombies.


Work in progress ... this is only a early Test Version of BreakingDead. Enjoy it.


Downloadlink http://pz-mods.net/other/BreakingDead/


Use some Textures and Scripts from Hydrocraft.


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Use some Textures and Scripts from Hydrocraft.

Did you ask me for permission to use stuff from the Hydrocraft mod? I don't remember if you did.

However if I can use your stuff in the Hydrocraft mod then you have permission to use Hydrocraft stuff. Seems only fair.


"The Hydrocraft family is thinking of giving up all of its interest in the mods about dragons, settling out here. Now Cyrrent will sell us his share of the mod so that it can be completely owned by the family."

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Oh i planed to give BreakingDead complete to Hydrocraft so you can use all of the Stuff. I try to make BD compatible to HC so i have no Problem if anyone take Textures or Scripts. I know i have to ask before i take some Stoff from others but BD started as a Project only for me and mutated into this Mod.


>The Textures from the Machines are taken from the PZ Textures Pack and modded with Paint and Gimp :D. Some Textures come from me and some (like the Books) come from HC.


Excuse my bad english ... speak english the last time for over ten Years :D


And yes Hydromancerx ...TAKE ALL OF BD ... you can do more with that then i.

See it as a Gift for all the wonderfull Houers play PZ with Hydrocraft Mod :)



All I want is to Play PZ with the max of Fun

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Not really Breaking Dead ...

Simple Fight Club Mod


Quick and dirty modding.

Just change a few Textures from original PZ, Hydrocraft, and make some new.


Nothing great. Get fat from a Zed. Make Soap or Dynamite


- 1 Book - Fight Club (modded from HC Texture)

- Sawdust, Rosebud and Kieselgur can be found in the Woods (Gieselgur modded from HC Texture)

- Bathtub (empty) (modded from original PZ Tiles)

- Nitric Acid and Machine Oil (modded from original PZ Petrolcan)

- A Boxingbag (XP System dont Work. No Xp on Strength. Dont know why?) (modded from original PZ Tiles)

- Soap (without function) (modded from original PZ Soap)

- Dynamite




Enjoy and have some fun ...

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Hi PZ and BD Fans


The first Add On for Breaking Dead.


Here comes ... The Dropzone.


Build Antenna, Battery Array and Dropzone.

Find the broken Radio, fix it and search other survivors.

Request Air support (Medic, Tech, Military, Special)


Bonus: Build a Shredder for the Steam Machine and shred Trash.


- 3 new Books (Contact, Ideas instead of waste, Field Medics Guide)

- 1 Book without function (end Item for Dropzone .. needed for new Add on)

- Antenna, Battery Array, Dropzone, Radio, Steamshredder


The Dropzone simulates the existence of other survivors. There are NO real NPC in the Dropzone.

Someone have survived and helps you ... but why?


Please report if anything dont work. (tested and found no errors)

Blood Infusion, "secret Book", Jar with Blood, Plastic Shards and Sawdust - without function (Function may be come in the next add on) but you can use the sawdust for the FightClub mod ;)


Have Fun!




replace the original BreakingDead with BreakingDead - the Dropzone.


Fix the Boxingbag in FightClub ... now you get Xp ...


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You must build the Airfield, the Radiotower, BatteryArray and repair the Radio then you can call 4 different types of support. You will get an random box in your inventory (plus a small parachute). Calling for Airsupport only works when you stand near to the Airfield so only here will drop this mysterios Plane or Heli the Boxes.


If you have the broken Radio you need

Slill Electricity 5

3 Screws
2 ElectronicsScrap

3 Wire


and you must learn it


then you can connect the Radio with the Array and you get an Radio ON when connect to Antenna now you get the Microphone and with the Microphone you can search for other survivors, get a list who teach you the 4 support drops.


But you need power too if you want call for support so you must build a charging unit for the power ... no one said it was easy.

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