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  1. Here is some other stuff. Walnut Hazelnut Bluebell
  2. You are welcome! I try make some other stuff soon possible. To many things to do.
  3. Berries: Blackthorn Berry Cramp Bark Berry Crowberry Gooseberry Hawthorn Fruit
  4. It is good sheet. I try to some coding.. could you post me to pm code sheet for weapons? Knife ect..
  5. Hey Hydro here is retex of raincoat.hope good enough.
  6. Cool .. i try to make something as soon posible.. i have flame torch in my ass this days.. wroooum need to go again ..
  7. Traning and practise make pro level And Here we could change exp. About pixeling.. welcome aboard. Like someone making food.. i hate it im noob about food ..
  8. Nice could you make one with dynamo ? Im to bussy those days .. prepare for new work
  9. Cool idea as in real life is suppresor made from oil filter. Or plastic bottle.
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