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  1. It seems unlikely that a person (dead or not) can break thru metal bars before destroying the wall were the window is at. At lest not in the time you are saying. To make it believable it can be like in carpentry, were the level of the skill affect the "live" of the object. Deforming/bending the metal is more realistic but it would require some sort of intelligence to make it, the central bars would require a lot more of work than the first bars. And there comes the biggest problem, the design. The parallels bars make it way more stronger. And they are common soooo... Not realistic to bend them. Realistically: make them takes a while. You have to cut all of them and then weld everything. It takes a lot of time! more so if you don't have the right tools. Imagine to cut a solid metal bar with a hand saw Making the metal part of the window of above would take 3 hours give or take with the right tools (of course, if you make it right)
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