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  1. Was there a shard of glass stuck in you? If you used tweezers to pull it out, you're left with a deep wound that will continue bleeding until it's stitched up.
  2. I've experienced this issue as well, even in the current stable build 34.
  3. I think getting hit in the arm/hand should incur a chance of dropping your weapon, doesn't make much sense if you get scratched on the foot then drop your firearm... Makes more sense that, should a player being using their firearm's sights and be hit by an attack (anywhere: foot arm, torso, etc), that the player staggers/flinches while lowering his/her weapon a bit before a brief recovery being able to shoulder their weapon again to aim.
  4. If I were to change the maximum allowed ping in the server settings of my current world, would it prompt me to start a new world upon booting the server back up or would it remained saved?
  5. Awesome, hella stoked about this new coop mode. One question if I may: if the server host dies, will the server itself be terminated/suspended for the other players still in-game?
  6. I've noticed that semi-automatic weapons will fire automatically with just one pull of the trigger (left mouse button). For instance, the M1 Garand with a magazine size of 8 should require 8 pull of the trigger to cleat the magazine, but in-game I can simply hold down the trigger and fire off all 8 shots with minimal pause between shots. Is this intentional?
  7. I think you install the extension mod and enable it to get everything working. Coild be an issue with Redboid though? Do I install the Extension Mod in a different directory than the zombie folder?
  8. Still no dice getting this to work. Tried the most recent version, copied/pasted the zombie folder (within PZFiles) into my ProjectZomboid folder under Steam and overwrote the files. Must anything be done with the Mod Extension folder? Also, I am trying to play on the Redboid server using this mod and am on a PC.
  9. I downloaded the most recent version for Build 33.19, copied and pasted the zomboid folder into Steam/steamapps/common/ProjectZomboid and 15 files were overwritten. Still no dice on the models working though.
  10. Sounds needs to be fixed for multiplayer as of Build 33. Cannot hear shots being fire more than roughly 5 meters away from another player.
  11. Have you considered mounted guns, like the M2 Browning? I think it would be awesome for stationary base defense or to wield the ability to lug it around and deploy it throughout the map in suitable locations.
  12. How does one speak into the walkie/HAM radio? Do I simply speak in local chat while near a powered device?
  13. After subscribing to the Steam workshop version and activating it in the PZ in-game mods menu, I was unable to find the prison after starting in Muldraugh and hoofing it the location it is supposed to be at marked on the pzcrash map. I can start at the prison, but that's it. I also tried using the version of the mod here instead of the workshop one but experienced the same problem. Any idea what may be causing this? On the mods page on Steam, I've noticed quite a few others seem to be experiencing the same problem!
  14. I ran into a problem. Playing on a server that uses Hydrocraft, and I found a dead survivor's hand dolly (weighing just over 110) loaded with goods. 'Twas too heavy for me to equip and off-load all its contents, so I packed that dolly onto another dolly I was already carrying (dolly-ception?) but now, I can't drop either of the dollies and my inventory is stuck! I can't pick up any food nor unpack food from my pack, is there anything I can do to to survive?
  15. This mod continues to impress, no matter how many new things I discover, kudos! I have a minor issue, I can't seem to attach bags to the German Shepherd. Otherwise, he has been an awesome companion!
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