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  1. Who you gonna call? Sounds funny when i imagine a Ghost walking around and you think its a Zombie (transparent Zombies more like shadows) Negative Trait can named "I see dead people" and its more a Trauma then reality ... or maybe not???
  2. Have made a small mod wich contains some Stuff for Engineers like making Landmines oder improvised Weapons and adding some Chemicals. I have reused some of my Textures i made for Hydrocraft so no wonder if you find some known textures. I don't have enough time to continue working on this mod, so I decided to post it here. The Mod needs some finetuning. I hope there's someone who wants to continue this little project. From the Mod All recipes are not too complicated but are close to reality. I hope, there will be somebody who likes to continue the topic engineer and chemist and improve the mod. MoreStuff.rar Have fun and stay colorfull P.S. Ideas i have but never made P.P.S. I have no time to work on the Mod again but if someone like the Idea and will work again on it i can make a ton of textures for it.
  3. If you find a way to make evolved Recipes pls post a step by step. I have try some methods but cant find a solution. I decide to make cooking Recipes "the old way" without evolving Recipes. Maybe you find more informations about foraging/scavenge in /Media/lua/client/Timed Actions/ISScavengeAction Same under Media/lua/client/ISUI/ISScavengeUI I think you can find here some informations about scavenge. I hope you find what you search.
  4. Do you have this Points after the first Book in your Script? Maybe this can cause an Error. Foraging: Can you post the Error you get (can be found in the console.txt in Local HD/User/user.User-PC/Zomboid
  5. A funny thought. Today I had to remember that all over the globe many rioters use slings as a weapon in a revolt. I mean just watch videos from any greater Riot in the World. Of course the slings are not used for hunting at the moment, the people who use these slings are very well trained in handling them and it would be very obvious if one of these rioters with long experience would also hunt with them during a Zombieapocalypse.
  6. I place all Textures named surcical_wall_01_01, survical_wall_01_02 and so one in one folder then i start tile zed choose the folder and pack them (tools, pack files, create pack. file). Then i place the pack file in media/texturepacks. I have tried to place the PNG (without making a pack file) direct in media/textures. the Textures are shown in game but i have the same problem. Here is the file i use survival_wall_01.pack
  7. I am working on a mod and can already build custom textures. My problem is that these textures disappear every time I move too far away. I've already searched and read in the forum, but can't find a clear solution to the problem. The wall is still there, though. I cannot move through the field. Only the texture is gone. I can also destroy the wall and get the material back. I use texture packs for the textures. Maybe someone can tell me if there is any function that reloads the textures when I return to the corresponding area on the map.
  8. Ok this answers many questions. And yes i oversimplyfie this a little bit but i see this from the perspective of a player and in this case its possible that i have bend the reality a little bit to get a solution for this problem. I think we must wait what the game will bring to see if a sling make any sense for hunting an Animal. I dont believe that Animals who can smell you come to the Game (this where very cool but i dont believe this) and from this point of view i ask myself how to make it possible to bring such items like a Sling or a Blowpipe (or anything like this) to the Game without beeing to unrealistic.
  9. I dont know but ... https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-4541318/Roman-sling-bullets-deadly-44-Magnum.html A Stone with 100 mph against the Head of a Deer ... Sure you need much practice to hit a deer with a stone but if you hit its definitly deadly. I dont know how much practice you need but i think a few days training is enough to learn how to use a Sling. Hmm hunting Deers with Trebuchets could be Funny ^^ Whats about poison Darts for Blowpipes. Making Poison, dip the Dart and hunt some smaler Animals. The Poison works over Time so you must follow the fleeing Animal or you lost it.
  10. Hmm Big Game = more LP = more Shots with Sling = more chance to escape ^^ with practice more Chance of critical hits with sling = more dmg = less chance to escape. Dont konw if this is possible but it sounds like a good method to simulate this.
  11. In history there are Greek and Roman Elite Troops who use Slings in war. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sling_(weapon) You can kill a Man with a Sling why not something like a Deer? Sure you need to train but when you have some experiance with a Sling its a longe range and deadly weapon. Easy to Build and with nearly infinite Ammo. I think weapons like a Blowpipe ore a Boomerang are good for hunting small Animals Slings for medium and everything above good for larger Animals. For Javelins you can use a Atlatl as base Weapon and the Javelins as Ammo Maybe you find one of this Sportjavelins In addition to this a Bola to catch Animals allive All you need is some code to get back the Javelins and Darts when you kill an Animal. But i think Hydrocraft Mod already has such a function for Bows and Crossbows There is a looonge range of primitive hunting Weapons with some range and every native Tribe have its own methods for hunting with longe range primitve Weapons. Like i say all you need is knowledge about the Weapon and practice when you want to use them. In indonesia some People hunt with a selfmade Airrifle make from a Bicyclepump, Pipe, old Bottle, some Rubberhose and a Valve. They shoot with Ballbearing Balls and kill small Animals in this way. All this Weapons are nearly without any noise and cann kill an Animal. And all theese Weapons are easy to made for thoose who know how.
  12. Blowpipe, Crossbow, Bow. I think a simple mod can solve this problem. Just make rangeweapons without noise ^^ For example This is from a mod I'm working on right now.
  13. Yes i think "heat" is the variable for the watersource. You can try to make a special "flat frying Stone" item FryingStone { IsWaterSource = FALSE, Weight = 1, CanStoreWater = FALSE, Type = Drainable, UseWhileEquipped = FALSE, UseDelta = 1, DisplayName = frying Stone, ReplaceOnDeplete = FryingStone, ReplaceOnUseOn = WaterSource-FryingStone, Icon = FryingStone, IsCookable = TRUE, } and if you want to make the Egg only on Campfires recipe Fry Egg on Stone { destroy FryingStone, Egg, NearItem:Campfire, CanBeDoneFromFloor:true, Result:FryingEggOnStone, Heat:-0.22, Time:60.0, }
  14. A step away from what you can do in your safehouse 6. Scavenge in Houses. Search for Cables inside the Wall or search for Saltpeter and all the stuff inside a house you cant dismantle yet. Point 1 -5 sounds very usefull to me.
  15. Robinzed Crusboid AKA Naked Zedviver After your yacht has sunk, you will be washed, literally naked, to a unknown coast. You have nothing but slowly and surely you realize ... you are not alone. After a few days you discover that you are on a peninsula but the only bridge to the mainland is destroyed and besieged by zombie hordes. Every par day something is washed up on the coast. Sometimes useful sometimes useless. Survive long enough to build a new bridge and find your way through the horde on your way to the safe mainland. But maybe your real struggle to survive begins now. Edit: Something like this Primitive Technology
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