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  1. Looking for Artists for Hydrocraft Mod!

    Another Idea ... something high end equip. Homebuild X Ray Generator from old TV this need some research wich parts and knowledge was needed to build something like this. I think textures are the lesser problem ^^
  2. Looking for Artists for Hydrocraft Mod!

    Just as suggestion. Selfmade Liqueur like or
  3. Textures on demand

    Some Parts for a Fumigation Tent. Tentparts.rar Bonus parts for "Pet Sematary" and Swamp Pet Sematary.rar Tiles.rar
  4. Looking for Artists for Hydrocraft Mod!

    Napalm Jar with Detonator MK 1,2,3 Edit: When i make the Detonators i use a sheet whith ready Textures so i only must cut out the right Detonator and place it over the Bomb. If you want to build your own MK 1,2,3 Stuff ... here is the sheet @Hydro and just a question. In the Folder with the Textures i have send you was a Folder "LabMats" in this Folder was "Chemicals" and here some Textures for different Chemicals. Can you add this stuff? I only find Bottles with Sodium Hydroxide and adding these Chemicals woulkd be realy cool.
  5. Looking for Artists for Hydrocraft Mod!

  6. Looking for Artists for Hydrocraft Mod!

    Home and Hobby Magazine (Pottery) Sabre
  7. Looking for Artists for Hydrocraft Mod!

    Selfmade pottery wheel (Planks, Nails, Electromotor, Steel/Ironrod, Switch and/or Potentiometer, Cable, Wodden Plate, Leatherstripe or Belt, Ball bearing )
  8. Looking for Artists for Hydrocraft Mod!

    Since there was a Gnomestick i think about this wonderfull 3 barrel Shotgun from Night Breakers ^^ and there is another usage for the Bike
  9. Hydrocraft Mod

    when i played pre vehicle i think spawning rate was much "better". Some containers contain absolutly no HC content (other in the same Building do).
  10. Hydrocraft Mod

    You can find different Boxes in the Storage Area. One kind of Box is the Gardening Eqipment. The chance to get a sheer is much higher here.
  11. Hydrocraft Mod

    Only blond which is need to make HMTD.
  12. Hydrocraft Mod

    Now with cars it make sense to replace the HC Car Battery in the Battery Array Recipe with vanilla Car Battery. recipe Prepare Boiled Mussel { SkillRequired:Cooking=1, destroy WaterPot, HCMussel, Salt;1, Result:HCMusselpot, Time:25.0, Category:Cooking, OnCreate:recipe_HCMusselshell, OnGiveXP:HCCooking_OnGiveXP, } --Seafood Stuff function recipe_hcmusselshell(items, result, player) local inv = player:getInventory(); inv:AddItem("Hydrocraft.HCMusselshell"); end Dont know if this is relevant for the Recipe.
  13. Looking for Artists for Hydrocraft Mod!

    Just a suggestion Fishfarm from IBC And new (untested) Texture for Mining Machine
  14. Hydrocraft Mod

  15. Looking for Artists for Hydrocraft Mod!

    2 Sportsmagazines (Runners Mag & On the Beach) 1 Spiffbomb actually a Bomb with Motionsensor in a Spiffo Toy (funny when playing Spiffohunt ^^)