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  1. English: I logged in the other day and found myself pretty lost around the map, it is HUGE. The mods are fine and the server seems stable, but I wonder, is there any sort of forums for the community, a place to gather the players? I've always wanted to see a spanish community server for PZ and this seems the perfect server for it. I guess english speakers are allowed, yeah? Or you shoot them on sight? lmao It'd be nice to see some more activity. Spanish: Me metí al server el otro día y me perdí un montón, el mapa es gigante. Los mods están bien y el servidor parece ser estable, pero me pregunto, hay algún foro para la comunidad donde juntar a los jugadores? Siempre he querido ver un server para la comunidad hispana de PZ y este parece el servidor perfecto para ello. Supongo que los jugadores angloparlantes se les permite entrar, o les disparan apenas los ven? lmao sería bueno ver más actividad en el server
  2. I'll be joining you to see what's up. All looking good so far.
  3. Vichiox

    New Dawn Heavy RP New lore

    I just logged in my TIS account after being told that you're here talking shit about me. I, VCarrasola, wasn't banned for "harassing people in PMs" - in fact, I'd like to see evidence of that. I was banned because of the post I wrote and because you got mad, Atria. So don't make up BULLSHIT about me or what happened, because my only mistake is explained in my post and from then I left AGN alone, I haven't done anything to you, so don't spread misinformation to cover yourselves. I've been relatively nice through all my time in the community, and If I am being blunt it's because I had to face so much abuse from players and mainly admins, but I kept quiet until I left. I tried to be nice with you, nothing I've ever said was directed to you, just to other members of the admin team and players. But I feel like you felt touched and took it personal, even though it wasn't. You banned me purely because of that. So, please. Don't you dare to discredit my words, my opinion, for it is as relevant as yours or even more, since God knows who the hell you are and why are you an admin.
  4. Vichiox

    Hydrocraft Mod

    I have problems with the size of items when they're on the ground. Anyone with the same problem, any fix?
  5. With the new admins, things have changed. To anyone who played New Dawn before and was disgusted by some of the problems of it: things have changed. And I tell you this because I hated all of that too. Keep up with the good work!
  6. Vichiox

    Since There is No Sleep in Multiplayer...

    You can't pick sleep related perk on multiplayer
  7. Vichiox

    More accurate and detailed trait descriptions

    Oh yeah, cat eyes, sorry. Pacifist is good to get free points, I always use it at pvp
  8. Vichiox

    More accurate and detailed trait descriptions

    Night Owl let you see better at nightl but it's the same than deactivate shaders lol
  9. Vichiox

    Human meat

    I'm a roleplay player and please just give us this shit. You aren't eating somebody infected if he was tied to your bedroom's chair and you would obviously eat him fresh, but jesus christ, stop and give us this.
  10. Vichiox

    First Aid Skill

    Ever fell from the top floor of your fence around your safehouse? Three times? No, just once. I learned from my mistakes, buildings aren't safe.
  11. Vichiox

    First Aid Skill

    Remember in a RP doctor level 1, it was fking awesome<3 A fracture would heal in nothing, maybe 3 days. Normal wounds wouldn't even exist and the gunshot pain wasn't a problem anymore. But doctors are pretty much useless in singleplayer, just in MP - PvP MP are useful. Docs are not too useful in PvE servers I think.
  12. Vichiox

    No NPC mentions policy

    We will find a way to molest you without NPCs C: Not really.
  13. Vichiox

    Se bienvenido a Woodbury Servidor español [Whitelist]

    Yo me vengo corriendo si resulta estar estable jaja aunque no conecto mucho, pero hace falta un buen sv hispano!
  14. Vichiox

    Breaking Dead

    Did you ask me for permission to use stuff from the Hydrocraft mod? I don't remember if you did. However if I can use your stuff in the Hydrocraft mod then you have permission to use Hydrocraft stuff. Seems only fair. "The Hydrocraft family is thinking of giving up all of its interest in the mods about dragons, settling out here. Now Cyrrent will sell us his share of the mod so that it can be completely owned by the family."
  15. Vichiox

    Some realism inconsistencies

    Apply cold water to burned area.