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  1. Kazyni

    Hydrocraft Mod

    Let me start by saying that I may be misunderstanding this as I have yet to try it out. So I'm sorry if I'm wrong. I think the IWBUMS has fixed our "over 50 wt dropped bag" problem. You still can't pick up the bag itself but I think it will now work as a container when near. Allowing you to empty it until you can pick it back up. Can anyone confirm or deny? I don't wanna be spreading lies and giving out false hope.
  2. (yes Döner Kebab is the most lovin Fast Food here ... typical wrapped in Aluminumfoil) Item_CurryWurst.pngItem_CurryWurstSliced.pngItem_DönerKebab.png I was lucky enough to visit Germany a few years ago & I became painfully addicted to those darn Döner Kebabs. Those things are so good & I can't get them where I live.
  3. Kazyni

    Hydrocraft Mod

    Think I found a few small bugs. When crafting the water pump it left the water tower. Meaning I now have a water pump and a water tower. After smelting garden hoses, when picking up the ingots, they seem to disappear. It felt a lot like the sync issue, like with dried foods and such, so I re-logged. Sure enough the garden hoses where all back, but if I smelt them again the problem persists. Therefore vicious cycle of wasted ingot molds. Shoes seem to smelt up fine and I can pick up those rubber ingots so I don't think the problem is with the ingots but the garden hoses themselves if that helps. I am not sure if it happens in solo yet but I will check later. Just wanna help anyway I can. Wish I could do more. Absolutely love this mod. I really don't think I could play PZ without it anymore. You Hydro are a God among men. Is that too much? It kinda feels like too much... sorry, I made it all weird. We're having a nice moment and I go off making everyone uncomfortable. You're cool man. You're really cool. Thanks for the awesome mod dude. You need to forage to get both straw and poops.
  4. Kazyni

    Hydrocraft Mod

    You must forage for straw. Not sure what level you need to be but I think its low.
  5. Kazyni

    Hydrocraft Mod

    Hola friends, been lurking for a while now, finally had to comment. Hmm, they re-appeared hours later in the campfire, I think after it went out and despite having been moved to my inventory. I also had one batch of cookies turn into 4 batches in a similar process so maybe there's an issue with the baking trays themselves? This appears to be a sync issue of sorts. I play a multiplayer server just me and my hubby and this will happen with the dried fruits and cooked berries (that's all I've made so far so all I can confirm) If I relog they show up just fine in the oven/campfire. I also play a solo sandbox game when he's not around and do not seem to have the problem then. The cookie dupe appears to be something different. I think Hydro said he fixed it in an update recently. I'm still on v2.9 though so not sure.
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