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Purple Hat sent me a bunch of new drug art and code. So you don't have to do that stuff. I just have been waiting for him to finish it.


Thanks for everything else though.



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Its cool. i just felt like drawing up some drug shit lol.

speaking of code I should know enough about lua to be able to make code injection snippets if you want me to work on

integrating any of that crap i made.

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Posted (edited)
38 minutes ago, IanSchot said:


Its cool. i just felt like drawing up some drug shit lol.

speaking of code I should know enough about lua to be able to make code injection snippets if you want me to work on

integrating any of that crap i made.

Any help with code would be great! Just make sure it matches the format I already use in Hydrocraft. Such as ...




Note for next update i already have the board games, card games and PC games, as well as the Hand Cultivator, Post Digger, Leaf Rake, Looper and Electrical tape.


So if you wanted to help with some of the food items it would need to be something like this ...


item HCHamburgerbun
        HungerChange			=	-15,
        Weight					=	0.2,
        Type					=	Food,
        DaysTotallyRotten		=	5,
        DaysFresh 				= 	3,
        UnhappyChange			=	-10,
		BoredomChange			=	-10,
        DisplayName				=	Hamburger Bun,
        Icon					=	HCHamburgerbun,
		FoodType    			=   NoExplicit,
        Carbohydrates 			= 	24,
        Proteins 				= 	4,
        Lipids 					= 	2,
        Calories 				= 	120,

As you can see i take an existing similar food and then alter it. Then I look up the nutrition of the item online and fill in the bottom. If you have any questions on how to make items let me know.


Once made you can either post it here or put it in like notepad and make it an attachment. I will then look it over and then add it to the appropriate files.


EDIT: Note you do not have to do food items. I was just showing an example of a food item.

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Got some art done for jello upon doing this i wonder how the jello is going to work cooking-wise.


Item_HCJellopacketblueberry.png.47b0563fcf1575b7ee5ff5d6c7554cba.pngPacket -> item_HCJelloblueberryprep.png.325f4ff2a5ec6627f8977cd7bb08ae69.pngJello Preparation -> item_HCJelloblueberry1hot.png.94cf045ace94770039022e354c7fda0c.pngHot Variant -> TimeTracker?! -> item_HCJelloblueberry1cold.png.e06c6ca0fd310c9d0ed6da1dd559e6cd.png Cold Variant -> Remove Action ->

->item_HCJelloblueberry1.png.0f89f3b691618642c945f2b5ce0d5ef8.pngitem_HCJellomold1.png.895ea77b7fd7ef12bed20d8eca651750.pngFormed Jello (With Mold) ->item_HCJelloblueberrycubes.png.85721322be3da528b5fba099f16dc384.pngJello Cubes -> item_HCJelloblueberrybowl.png.7f3acbc72ebc6f72c391136e25cb9418.pngJello Bowl (With whipped cream....)

Similar process with the pudding but i made them need to be put into bowls.

I still need to make the dried up/rotten sprites and all that jazz.


I got pretty much all the art for the jello covered in the meantime.


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Posted (edited)

This should cover the initial development of jello, other than integrating it into time tracker for the cooling phase.

Anything you want me to cover directly?

Because i was trying to figure out where to start because i don't know what you are working on exactly and i don't wanna step on your work, lol.




Edited by IanSchot

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Here is stuff from the other pages that still need art



- Straw Rice Bag

- Rice Ball (White and Brown)

- Rice with Egg (White and Brown)

- Rice with Meat (White and Brown)

- Curry Rice (White and Brown)

- Bento Box (White and Brown)

- Dried Rice Cake

- Starch Syrup

- Bagel

- Cream Cheese

- Bagel with Cream Cheese

- Haggis

- Box of Crackers

- Steak Cut Fries

- Curly Fries

- Waffle Fries

- Shoestring Fries

- Cajun Fries

- Sweet Potato Fries

- Zucchini Fries

- Chili Cheese Fries

- Poutine

- Hot Wings

- Clam Chowder

- Pea Soup

- Jumbo

- Pulled Pork Burger

- Feta Cheese

- Candy Cane

- Blue Berry Muffin

- Chocolate Muffin

- BBQ Ribs

- Gumdrops

- Baked Sweet Potato

- Fried Tomato

- Smoothies and Shakes


Yard Tools

- Lawn Spreaders

- Push Lawn Mover

- Tiller

- Yard Truck



- Indigo

- Rose Madder Root

- Weld Herb

- Larkspur


Clocks and Calendars

- Cuckoo Clock

- Grandfather Clock

- Digital Alarm Clock

- Monthly Calendar

- Daily Calendar



- Bone Chest

- Cider Press

- Finery Forge

- Tricycle

- Tool and Weapons Molds (Sword, Axe, Knife, Pickaxe, Hammer, etc)

- Sluice (Large Item)

- Smoke Detector

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Posted (edited)

Another Idea ... something high end equip.


Homebuild X Ray Generator from old TV




this need some research wich parts and knowledge was needed to build something like this. I think textures are the lesser problem ^^



Edited by Cyrrent Eiledoll

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Posted (edited)

New eye dropper art






Made the two missing 6 soda six packs




New Pack of hotdogs (I"m honestly surprised this isnt in the vanilla game yet

even though there is art in the files...)



Based on the Organized Storage mod I decided to make our own art since

the mod creator never got in touch after many attempts, figured we can do our own.


Regular band-aids box -9 pack- 



Bandages box -9 pack-



Bag of cotton balls -20 pack-



Alcohol Pads Box -9 Pack-



Large Jug of Disinfectant -4 bottles worth-



50 Count Pill bottles for Vanilla Pills - can find these rarely but can combine 5 FULL vanilla

pill bottles to make them. (yeah the anti depressants, pain pills, and beta blocker art sucks

Im getting tired lol, ill redo them at a later time when i get a label idea for them)





Wooden Toy Wagon 2x art (craft-able maybe?)




Edited by Man_In_The_Purple_Hat
more art

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Posted (edited)

New money art to look more like the bills in the 90's, Unfortunately most 1963 to 1990's bills kinda look similar, And because I tried to make the bills look like there real counter parts its a bit hard to tell the difference between them, but if you look closely there is diffrences. Also re did the "golden" 1 dollar coin to a Susan B 1$ coin because the gold dollars didn't exists in 93.








Item_HCDollar.png.3bf8d618711ce8218926f4d834cc8f3a.pngSusan B 1$




Finished The stacks of money. each stack in real life would have 100 of each bill in it, but i think for sake of keeping things not so OP we could have 10 bills per stack? (unless we can  make them extremely rare or only spawn in banks? or in manila packages you find in filing cabinets, maybe a mailbox spawn? or even rarely spawn in duraluminium suitcases? if so we can leave them at 100 bills per stack if done right.)









Edited by Man_In_The_Purple_Hat

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Hi! It's been a long time since i popped in and i barely have time to make anything, but i managed to create two of the items in the food list:


Item_HCHaggis.png.353d2a1d439e7bd936f3ac2958df4967.png Item_HCHaggis.png (Haggis, done from scratch).


ITem_HCPeasoup.png.0a7d9e6b08e2bd92e310f607817a5adb.pngItem_HCPeasoup.png (Pea Soup, changed soup colour in a bowl of normal soup. Let me know if you also need a canned pea soup.


Sorry for only delivering so little, times have been unpredictable

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22 hours ago, TurtleShroom said:

Is there anything that is still needed for the Mod? I'd be honored to help contribute.

The list of required art is like 3 replies up : )

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